Chapter 1005 – Baby Phoenix!

The flying pig was crying out in pain.

It was also expected; as it was already charred by lightning, certainly it was going to be painful.

Huan Qing Yan was feeling extremely anxious; if she was asked who are the ones left that she can still trust in this world, it would undoubtedly be Piggy and Leafy.

The two spirit treasures have accompanied her, suffering many problems and trouble yet they never given up on her no matter how dire things became. 

Literally like her own flesh and blood, cannot be separated.

She dearly wished she could substitute for the flying pig when it cried out in pain.

And could only ask anxiously: “Anything I can help you with?”

She was able to help Ji Mo Ya when his Dragon Spirit was facing a Tribulation, so she wants to see if she could ease the pain of the flying pig as well.

The flying pig was heavily affected by the lightning strikes, it took a long time before it could send her a reply: This is the process of its promotion. The spirit energy filled with lightning will be absorbed and used to refine its body and change its quality. Only by doing so, will it be able to successfully perform a Nirvana rebirth.

Huan Qing Yan could do nothing to help it and should only watch, if she tried to do anything, it might cause its Nirvana to fail, and lose its chance at rebirth.

Fine, even if Huan Qing Yan was very worried, she could not do anything about it as well.

She swept her gaze through the observers and noticed that the gazes on her were myriad and constantly changing.

From the initial curiosity to the envy of wanting to be the God Chosen of the Chef Sage, to the crazed from witnessing her spirit treasure be struck by lightning.

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Even Bai Li Feng’s gaze; while looking at her and on top of feeling happy for her, there was also a trace of suspicion that this lass’s luck was too heaven-defying.

Huan Qing Yan was glad that she had the foresight to put on a veil in advance and avoided others from knowing what she looked like.

She acted calmly as though nothing happened and focused on observing the situation of the flying pig.

The flying pig’s hairs were standing from the electrocution, when would the lightning end?

It decided to do a hail mary and opened its mouth, sucking in as much spirit energy as it could into its belly.

As the flying pig sucked in the spirit energy, a layer of black covered its round body. The black layer was the charred flesh and blood created from the aftermath of each lightning strike, it hardened and formed a layer of armor on the flying pig’s body.

Now, even if anyone with good eyesight tried to look at it, they would be unable to identify what was the species of the floating black ball.

Huan Qing Yan’s heart tightened, the flying pig was no longer grunting. If not for the fact that their conscious was still connected, she would have assumed that the flying pig had died.

The ball expanded and shrunk; each time it expanded and shrunk it would absorb spirit energy while slowly becoming smaller.

The connection with the flying pig’s conscious had also become very thin, on the verge of not being sensed.

When the black ball shrunk to the size of a palm, it rapidly surged into the air. While flying upwards, a bolt of lightning the thickness of a thumb appeared and struck accurately onto the ball.

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The ball shattered instantly upon contact, revealing a red halo as well as a long clear cry that resounded through the sky.

Ji Mo Ya’s wrist turned hot before his Dragon Spirit Treasure charged out of his hand excitedly and headed straight for the red halo.

Only at that moment did everyone noticed that it was not a red halo but a small palm-size bird with three fiery red phoenix tail feathers; it was moving quickly in a circular motion, making it looked like a red halo.

That is a baby phoenix!

This sentence resounded in everyone’s mind instantly.

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