Chapter 1006 – A Dragon Is Taking Liberties On Me!

Ji Mo Ya’s eyes flashed, Baby Phoenix? No wonder the Dragon Spirit Treasure charged towards it uncontrollably.

It must have sensed the spirit treasure most suitable for itself, the attraction between the two made it lose control of itself.

Ji Mo Ya was first delighted. He did not expect Little Yan’s Pig Spirit Treasure to evolve into a Baby Phoenix, a natural match to his Dragon Spirit Treasure.

Did this mean that the two of them were a match made in heaven? Even their spirit treasures were perfect for each other, no one could split them apart.

But when he looked at the cold lonely gazes on Little Yan, he started feeling worried again. It was due to Bai Li Zi Xi’s Luan Spirit Treasure that made Little Yan misunderstood that he was a bastard that left her for a spirit treasure with better compatibility. Now if Dragon Spirit Treasure acted so uselessly and losing its reservedness the moment it saw the Baby Phoenix, what would Little Yan think?

He immediately ordered his Dragon Spirit Treasure to return, to stop going head over heels the moment it sees a beautiful chick.

How could the Dragon Spirit Treasure want to? Dammit, it has been a bachelor for several years and finally encounters a chick that was absolutely compatible with it, yet its owner so coldly commanded it to return?

Is he still human?

As a qualified master, isn’t his duty to help his spirit treasure locate a suitable mate? This is something that everyone will be happy about, right?

However, despite its unwillingness, the Dragon Spirit Treasure could not disobey its master and reluctantly used its tail to touch the Baby Fire Phoenix’s long tail feathers gently.

The Baby Fire Phoenix immediately swipe its claw to push the tail away.

And complained to Huan Qing Yan through their connection: “Master, a dragon is taking liberties of me!”

Huan Qing Yan emotionlessly glanced at the master of the Dragon Spirit Treasure, Ji Mo Ya, before turning to look at the Dragon Spirit Treasure and blandly said: “Towards a dragon with such immoral behaviors, just avoid it!”

The Fire Baby Phoenix moved away from the Dragon Spirit Treasure; the latter had naturally sensed the resistance and dislike from the Baby Phoenix. Feeling wronged, it returned to Ji Mo Ya’s wrist, to cry.

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Ji Mo Ya gave Huan Qing Yan an apologetic smile.

An indifferent Huan Qing Yan moved her eyes away, there was not a trace of emotion detected in her cold gaze.

Ji Mo Ya’s heart stopped for a moment, it looks like Little Yan had a strong complaint towards him?

Huan Qing Yan could not be bothered with what Ji Mo Ya was thinking.

The Baby Fire Phoenix had endured six lightning strikes so far, each lightning strike would cause its feathers to glow slightly brighter and make its body larger.

Its original palm size has expanded to the size of a baby after the strikes, while its three phoenix tail feathers became even more radiant.

This was not lightning strikes, they were literally free nourishment shots!

The Half-Sages also noticed this pattern.

“Our Little Yan’s spirit treasure is promoting! Hahaha, this is not a Lightning Tribulation, it is using lightning to refine its body! A special method used by Divine-Level Spirit Treasures…”

“Aiyo, it is true! This old man nearly had the wrong observation as well.”

The lightning continued…

Everyone watched with shocked eyes when they saw a lightning strike turned a ball into a palm-size phoenix, followed by Lightning Tribulation that turned the phoenix to the size of a teenager.

After nine bolts of lightning, the clouds in the sky dispersed. It was now midnight, several stars were shining brightly in the sky, the night wind have also scattered the remnant spirit energy in the air, making the air smell extremely refreshing.

The Baby Fire Phoenix was still gliding freely in the air.

It raised its golden head proudly as its shiny rainbow-colored wings beat, dragging its beautiful red tail feathers behind its body. Each time its wing moved, phoenix fire would be created; lighting up the night sky and illuminating the entire Bai Li Clan.

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With a long cry, several mortal birds started flying in the night sky and circled the Baby Phoenix, singing and expressing their praises and congratulations.

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