Chapter 1007 – Phoenix Spirit Treasure!

“Hundred Birds Greeting The Phoenix!” someone shouted excitedly.

It was the Hundred Birds Greeting The Phoenix of legends!

Huan Qing Yan was finding it hard to believe, how come a pig can turn into a phoenix after a promotion?

This, this…

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Is impossible!

That was a pig!

She rubbed her eyes for a moment, it was truly an extremely awesome looking Baby Fire Phoenix!

The greatest obstruction between Ji Mo Ya and her was that their spirit treasures were not compatible. She had fantasized in the past about how good it could be if their spirit treasures were compatible and now that the two of them were no longer possible, her spirit treasure suddenly evolved into a Phoenix Spirit Treasure.

She could only sigh at how ironic it was.

Huan Qing Yan returned her emotions to normal. Since the line has been clearly drawn, she did not want to think about it anymore.

Piggy had become a Mystic Spirit Treasure and she became a Mystic Spirit Master as well!

Mystic Spirit Master, very good.

Compared to before, she now felt an indescribable power. She, Bai Li Qing Yan, was now a Mystic Spirit Master as well!

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From today onwards, she would be the new Huan Qing Yan.

At that moment, when the Phoenix Spirit Treasure appeared, shocks and exclamations appeared like a tsunami…

“Phoenix Spirit Treasure!”

“It’s actually the Phoenix Spirit Treasure! The heavens! Did my eyes play tricks on me? Is that really a Phoenix Spirit Treasure that I am seeing?”

“F***! My Crow Spirit Treasure flew out as well; it is greeting the Phoenix Spirit Treasure… that is really a Phoenix Spirit Treasure. Sobs, that lady is undoubtedly my goddess! The goddess will lead us Bird-Type Spirit Masters to the peak of our life!”

These were just the reactions of ordinary observers.

The Half-Sages looked at each other, Phoenix Spirit Treasure?

It really is the Phoenix Spirit Treasure!

Ji Mo Cai was startled, he was an astute man and this was the first time he nearly lost his bearing. The Phoenix Spirit Treasure! 

The Phoenix Spirit Treasure that Brat Ya has been waiting for many years!

Coming to the Bai Li Clan this time was undoubtedly worth it!

After the birds circled around the Baby Phoenix a few times, the latter released a cry, and they slowly dispersed.

The Baby Phoenix circled the air twice before diving into Huan Qing Yan’s wrist. The sky instantly darkened and that woke everyone up.

Everyone felt their hearts beating rapidly, their visit to the Bai Li Clan this time had allowed them to witness something that might not even happen once in several centuries, this trip was worth it!

The Bai Li Clan was the most delighted, who doesn’t like a clan member that could raise their fame!

They must hold onto her well.

Remembering that the ceremony has not ended because the Clan Book was not recorded, the Clan Patriarch quickly took out the Clan Book and announced: “You are the direct clan member of the Bai Li Clan that we lost outside. You have exceptional talent and was selected by the Chef Sage as his inheritor, this will now be recorded in the Bai Li Clan Book.”

After he spoke, he placed the name Bai Li Qing Yan into the Clan Book and said: “Qing Yan, come. Drip a drop of blood on this Life Token, every clan member would place their respective Life Tokens in the ancestral hall. If you encounter dangers when outside the clan, your Life Token will alert us about it.”

This is something that every new Bai Li Clan member will have the moment they are born, the Life Tokens of core members of the family would be placed in the ancestral hall while the ordinary or branch members will be placed in the Life Room. These Life Tokens will be constantly monitored by someone.

Huan Qing Yan had no issues with that, she slowly raised her hand and took off the veil she had been wearing, revealing the face of a nation-toppling beauty.

Everyone was shocked.

“That lady looks very familiar, I believe I have seen her somewhere…”

“Indeed, she looks like the woman who ran away from Young Master Ya? Didn’t she die from difficult childbirth?”

“Pui! Your eyes must have some problems, that is a different person, okay! Look at that beautiful goddess, she’s the Phoenix Goddess! How could she have given birth to a child before…”

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