Chapter 1008 – This Face Slapping

“All of you quiet down, no matter who she was before, her current status is shockingly high. Not only is she Chef Sage’s God Chosen, but she also has the Ancient Divine Phoenix as her spirit treasure, a direct descendant of the Bai Li Clan and a Mystic Spirit Master, any one of those is enough to leave us in the dust…”


Ji Mo Ya was unable to control his expression anymore and revealed a shocked and excited look, he was about to lift his leg and approach.

When he saw Huan Qing Yan’s icy cold gaze swept past him emotionlessly, it was as though she was looking at a stranger.

It immediately froze his excitement, Ji Mo Ya did not dare to speak or take the step forward. He only watched blankly as Huan Qing Yan pricked her finger a drop of blood dripped onto the Life Token.

The worry and fear he has been suppressing in his heart started surfacing.

This was Little Yan, so familiar yet so terrifyingly distant.

Her round goose-egg shaped face was now lean and sharp due to her weight loss, her seductive willow leaves-like brows were still the same but possessed a cold aloofness. Her skin was like snow, her lips like cherry; while her waist was slender, the loose dress she was wearing made her looked extremely skinny.

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Her eyes that had always possessed a spirited wittiness were now like millennia ice; cold and without any traces of fire.

Ji Mo Ya was feeling a strong sense of grief as it felt as though his heart was sliced by knives.

He suddenly felt a profound comprehension that his choice of hiding the truth from Little Yan and his intimate act with Bai Li Zi Xi was a very wretched decision.

Just seeing Little Yan treating him like he was no one made him felt great heartache, to the point of finding it difficult to breathe. How did Little Yan endure such heart-wrenching pain and she even went to visit him, smiling?

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He was such an asshole at that time!

The ceremony had reached its end at this moment, Ji Mo Ya no longer bothered about what Bai Li Ren was saying, he only looked at Huan Qing Yan absentmindedly.

That was Little Yan, the Little Yan that he has been pining and searching frantically for!

She was right in front, just a short distance away, yet it felt as though they were separated like the sky and the ground.

When Mo Si saw that it was Huan Qing Yan after she removed the veil, his first reaction was, the Young Madam is found! The Young Master can stop his bitter search; but before Mo Si could even be excited, he saw the cold gaze that Young Madam used on Young Master, it was as though she was looking at a stranger.

Mo Si’s heart instantly chilled, he knew that Young Madam must be hating Young Master.

Mo Si could see his Young Master’s pained expression and felt his heart clenched for the latter, he approached and softly said: “Young Master, it is great that Young Madam is safe and sound. We can always talk about the rest later.”

Ji Mo Ya was startled for a moment and his face returned to normal, acting as though nothing had happened.

If it were normal times, this small act of forgetting oneself could still be hidden. However, many people present had recognized Huan Qing Yan and knew about her relationship with Ji Mo Ya. 

They witnessed Huan Qing Yan becoming Bai Li Qing Yan, entering the Clan Book, becoming a God Chosen and of her spirit treasure turning into a Phoenix.

Everyone sighed emotionally, life’s unpredictable, recalling the saying: do not bully the youth just because he is poor now!

“I heard that the Ji Mo Clan was unwilling to accept the marriage between Young Master Ya and the current Phoenix Spirit Treasure Goddess in the past, saying that she was unworthy due to the lack of status and that their spirit treasures were not compatible, causing quite a commotion at that time! Now, she is worthy of any clan and can choose whoever she likes! This level of face-slapping is really awesome…”

“Agreed. Now they are of equal status and possess the only pair of Dragon and Phoenix spirit treasures. Except for each other, no one else is worthy!”

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