Chapter 262 – Goodbye

“Rank 3 Swift Rune”

Looks like Guan Ren Zuo came prepared and had brought along these Swift Runes with him.

The group quickly used the Swift Runes that will boost their speed by 30% and ran towards the edge of F City without looking back.

Yang Tian used Flame Energy Body and escaped via the air. However, Yang Tian did not stop even after leaving the Undead Juggernaut’s attack range as the latter was still a Peak Rank.


There were still several metahumans that fell under the axe of the Undead Juggernaut. Every time the Undead Juggernaut wields its axe, it meant another metahuman will die.

Rumble Rumble

Yang Tian heard sounds of rumbling and knew immediately that something big was brewing.

“Dammit, it is using a big move!”

Undead Juggernaut Sion turned into a giant energy wave, anything that it passed through would turn into flattened ground. Yang Tian used Mental Examine and discovered a four-meter wide ditch, this ditch was constantly extending as Sion charged.

Fortunately, the Undead Juggernaut aimed its attack towards the direction with the most humans and did not pay attention to Yang Tian in the air. Yang Tian used this opportunity to quickly return to the edge of F City.

Yang Tian was the first to return, he took Lina and immediately left. Since they cannot go through F City, they would just go around it to return to Sky Halberd Domain.

“We are leaving without telling them?”

“These guys are not good people anyway.”

Using a Fire Stone as payment to deal with the Undead Juggernaut was simply too little.

Yang Tian’s group increased their speed.

Lina did not continue speaking when she saw that. Even when Yang Tian returned to Sky Halberd Domain, he must also keep a constant watch over its surroundings; the early descend of the Undead Juggernaut was making Yang Tian feel unease.

No wonder the Insect Wave in F City completely retreated, it was highly likely due to the appearance of the Undead Juggernaut.

Other than the Benevolence Land, F City also belong to Qin Land, yet he did not see any traces of zombies around. This meant that the Qin Land had also moved away to avoid the Undead Juggernaut.

Yang Tian traveled with great caution as he moved along the edge of F City, now that the Undead Juggernaut has appeared, it was hard to say what else might be hiding around the F City as well.


Yang Tian suddenly called for a stop; in front of them was a factory district. However, the main reason Yang Tian stopped was that his Mental Examine detected several metahumans hiding within the district.

There were over fifty people, most of them were Rank 2 while a handful of them were Rank 3. They were all hiding within the factory district, but seem to have detected Yang Tian’s group and were preparing for battle. However, they did not know that everything they have already been revealed to Yang Tian.

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“There is even someone familiar.”

Yang Tian’s Mental Examine saw a familiar figure, Blazing Fire King. He was the leader of this group of metahumans and was currently preparing himself for a fight.

Blazing Fire King was now a Peak Rank 3 metahuman. Ever since he was chased out of F City by Sky Hegemon Blade Sage, he has been active around F City. When Sky Hegemon Blade Sage was severely injured after the Undead Juggernaut descended, Blazing Fire King saw it as an opportunity and has been checking up on F City’s current situation.

Blazing Fire King was about to head out to deal with Guan Ren Zuo when he learned that the latter was located on the edge of F City. Unfortunately, his luck was bad and encountered Yang Tian.

The moment Yang Tian’s group entered the Factory District, Blazing Fire King and his men had secretly surrounded Yang Tian’s group. As T-Rex was the size of a human, it did not attract their attention.

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“Today is your lucky day, leave your food, and you can scram.”

Blazing Fire King’s voice appeared behind, when Yang Tian head the familiar voice, he slowly turned around.

Blazing Fire King was extremely shocked, he did not expect to encounter Yang Tian, the former nearly lost control of his emotions on the spot.

I am now a Peak Rank 3 metahuman, I could undoubtedly defeat him. Blazing Fire King continuously consoled in his mind.

“Is that so? I think all of you can die.”

Yang Tian entered Flame Energy Body state and 1200℃ of heat shot out, the temperature was three to four times more terrifying than the fire wielded by Blazing Fire King. Even though both of them were Peak Rank 3, the difference in their flames was very distinct.

The Tamed Beasts and puppets immediately attacked, the combined power of the six was not something their opponents could handle and turned into a one-sided massacre.

Yang Tian faced Blazing Fire King without mercy. Blazing Fire King saw that his flames were devoured by Flaming Heart Earthfire the moment it came into contact with the latter. This made Blazing Fire King felt a strong sense of helplessness.

No matter how Blazing Fire King attacked, there were no distinct effects.

However, it was still enough to cause some trouble to Yang Tian, this was also because Blazing Fire King’s fire was Captain-Class, if it were only Elite-Tier, it would have been destroyed by Yang Tian’s Flaming Heart Earthfire.

Cross Fire

Yang Tian did not want to waste too much time on Blazing Fire King and used Cross Fire immediately.

With his forefingers crossed, the cross-shape flame charged towards Blazing Fire King.

Flame Shield

A shield made of fire appeared in front of the Blazing Fire King to block Cross Fire.

The Flame Shield only managed to block Cross Fire for a few seconds before it was incinerated. The fast speed of Cross Fire gave little time for Blazing Fire King to react as well.


Cross Fire exploded the moment it came into contact with Blazing Fire King, at the same time, a black liquid shot into the blast and wrapped around Blazing Fire King.

Yang Tian had released Venom and started using Dark Devour. Blazing Fire King’s flames were Captain-Class, while Yang Tian’s was still Elite-Tier. Yang Tian’s flames would be able to reach Captain-Class after he devours Blazing Fire King.

Only it was only a difference of one tier, the difference between was vast. Blazing Fire King’s flames that only reached 350℃ was able to defend against the Flaming Heart Earthfire which was at 1200℃. This outcome had explained many things.


Blazing Fire King’s body started to shrink within the black liquid, while Yang Tian’s condition became better and better. Flaming Heart Earthfire also came out of Yang Tian’s body as its temperature slowly increased. 

1250℃… 1300℃…

By the time Yang Tian opened his eyes. Flaming Heart Earthfire had reached 1450℃, a 250℃ increase.

“This is Captain-Class? As expected, it is very strong.”

Not only did the temperature increased, Yang Tian’s flame control and suppression had also improved.

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