Chapter 263 – North City

Yang Tian’s Fire Ability has reached Captain-Class, but his rank was still at Peak Rank 3. However, Yang Tian possessed the qualifications to become Rank 4 ever since he obtaining Flaming Heart Earthfire.

For Fire Metahumans to reached Rank 4, the heat of their flames needs to be 1000℃ or higher; this prerequisite would vary based on the physique of each individual and can be lower or higher, but most of them would be this number.

Just from this, one may think that Fire Metahumans can easily promote, but this was not true. Fire Metahumans were one of the riskiest jobs to promote. How many Peak Rank 3s could possess a physique that could handle 1000℃?

Therefore, the Fire Metahumans that could reach Rank 4 or higher were all very powerful.

On top of that, Yang Tian had another prerequisite before his Fire Ability can reach Rank 4. He needs to become a Rank 4 Martialist before his Fire Ability could promote.

When a Martialist reached Rank 4, they have two paths that they could pursue. An Internal Arts Martialist or External Arts Martialist.

The difference was apparent; one focuses on Inner Energy Techniques while the other focuses on strengthening their Physique. Before Rank 4, a Martialist requires to develop both, like how Yang Tian was unable to reach High Rank 3 through tempering his Physique until his Lion Roar Art has reached High Rank 3 as well. Both aspects were intertwined.

For an Inner Arts Martialist or Qigong Martialist, they excelled in controlling their Qi and had a wide variety of skills. Most Martialists would also choose to train in Inner Energy when they reached Rank 4.

For External Arts Martialist, they focused on training their bodies. Their attacking style is generally simple, but they have shocking destructive power. However, Martialist who choose External Arts are rare and few. Many people find that the effort invested and returns gained are not balanced.

However, Yang Tian had decided to become an External Arts Martialist. Yang Tian’s thoughts were simple; on top of being a Martialist, he was also a Beast Tamer. A Beast Tamer feared close combat the most, but after becoming an External Arts Martialist, would he ever need to worry about close combat?

The road of an External Arts Martialist is known to be very tough and filled with hardships, but it was also dependent upon each individual.

“There are still people within the Factory District.”

Yang Tian used Mental Examine and discovered that several people were hiding within the rooms of a factory. They should be the owners of this district but were imprisoned.

Blazing Fire King and his subordinates have been eliminated by Yang Tian; in a way, Yang Tian had helped those prisoners.

Yang Tian continued his journey and no longer encountered any troubles along the way. After circling around F City, Yang Tian soon saw the road leading to Sky Halberd Domain. 

T-Rex no longer maintained its small size and went back to its huge form.

The road from F City to Sky Halberd Domain did not require much time. As the group got closer to Sky Halberd Domain, the more active the King’s Spirit within Yang Tian’s mind became.

Far away, within Sky Halberd Manor, the Summoned Beasts have also detected Yang Tian’s return and ran towards North City.

Yang Tian was now at North City, T-Rex was a striking target, allowing North City Lord to recognize it without fail. However, after he opened the city gates, he did not see Yang Tian.

If not for T-Rex and Dark Crimson Fire Wolf still present, the North City Lord would not have recognized Yang Tian. After becoming a Null Elf, Yang Tian’s face and body had experienced a great change. Yang Tian’s original looks could be said to be extremely ordinary, but the current Yang Tian was now filled with a domineering and masculine air.

“Domain Lord, is that really you?”

North City Lord was still finding it hard to believe as the change in appearance was simply too great, even the energy he was emitting was extremely different from before.

In the past, Yang Tian would emit cold dark energy, but now, other than being masculine, there was also an amiable feeling due to Yang Tian’s Light Energy.

“Of course it is me.”

Yang Tian retracted his Light Energy and pushed out his Dark Energy, the oppression from Dark Energy was immediately recognized by the North City Lord.

“Domain Lord, pardon this subordinate’s presumptions.”

After confirming Yang Tian’s identity, the North City Lord immediately knelt in front of him; this was mainly because of the psychological trauma that Yang Tian’s Dark Energy gave them in the past.

“Let talk after we return to the city!”

The North City had become magnificent when the construction works were completed, it was several times larger than its past as a base.


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The metahumans of North City were all shocked when they heard how the North City Lord addressed Yang Tian, these people had never met the mysterious Domain Lord before and did not expect to meet him in the flesh today.

Yang Tian had already entered North City with the North City Lord by the time the metahumans of North City reacted. The Tamed Beasts and Puppets have also entered with him.

North City Lord had also constructed a huge palace within North City; although it was not as magnanimous as the main palace, it was still impressive. The Tamed Beasts and Puppets waited outside the palace, only Lina entered the palace with Yang Tian. The seat of honor within the palace was given to Yang Tian, while the North City Lord sat at the seat nearest to Yang Tian.

“Tell me what has happened during the period I was not around.”

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North City Lord started summarizing the events transpired during Yang Tian’s absence.

“After the great earthquake, the Nine Camps followed Lord Wang Yu’s orders and focus on the healing and recovery of the injured. However, the Insects started to attack Sky Halberd Domain after a few days, it was fortunate that most of the injured have somewhat recovered at that time while Lord Wang Yu had also sent several squads of creatures to support us. That allowed the Nine Camps to endure the attacks.”

“Because Domain Lord was not in Sky Halberd Domain at that time, the powerful creatures were left to Lord Xu Dafu and Lord Lie Xing to handle, they managed to kill those creatures after working together and suffering various degrees of injuries.”

“It was fortunate that the insects that attacked Sky Halberd Domain were much lesser than other places, everyone was relatively safe with them fighting to protect us and gave us the time to construct the cities. As we have fewer fights, it naturally attracted willing people to join us. We accepted all the people that came and gave them enough food, this led to additional manpower to construct the cities.”

Yang Tian frowned slightly after hearing this, such large scale recruitment could have easily lead to troubles. However, looking at the completed Nine Cities, Yang Tian believes that Wang Yu and the rest had found a solution.

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