Chapter 256 – Flaming Heart Earthfire

Yang Tian used his Inner Energy to protect his heart before the hammer he created using Mental Power started hammering his body again. Yang Tian was looking as though the hammering was not painful as the Mental Hammer he was wielding was striking his body carefully; it was as if he was creating a perfect artwork and could not afford any forms of carelessness.

Bang Bang Bang

The striking rhythm constantly increased, but a moment of distraction might cause his body to collapse.

Yang Tian has a clear understanding of the importance of taking things one step at a time, but Yang Tian was confident of his ability or else he would not have attempted it in the first place.

Suddenly, a bundle of orange flames appeared near Yang Tian.

Flaming Heart Earthfire, a violent flame that reached 1200℃.

It was much stronger when compared to the Huo Pao’s Burst Fire Flame. Based on the temperature layout of the cave, the Flaming Heart Earthfire should be located deeper, but it was attracted by the sounds of forging.

Yang Tian noticed the Flaming Heart Earthfire.

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Seeing the Flaming Heart Earthfire, Yang Tian instantly thought that his situation was not good, but the Flaming Heart Earthfire did not seem to have any intention of attacking Yang Tian.

“What… you want to follow me?”

The Flaming Heart Earthfire had developed a mild awareness; it was that awareness that communicated its intention to Yang Tian. The general story was that it had developed an awareness not long ago and wanted to follow Yang Tian to take a look at the outside world.

Yang Tian heaved a sigh of relief, it was fortunate that its awareness was only recently born. If it were an Earthfire with high intelligence, it would have attacked Yang Tian the moment it appeared.

It was Yang Tian’s fortune to have encountered a Flaming Heart Earthfire that had recently developed an awareness.


Yang Tian gave his reply, causing the Flaming Heart Earthfire to become extremely excited upon receiving it. It instantly dived into Yang Tian’s body, but how could Yang Tian’s current physique be able to handle the heat of the Flaming Heart Earthfire?

Yang Tian gathered his Mental Power in preparation to purge the Flaming Heart Earthfire out of his body but immediately stopped himself. The Flaming Heart Earthfire was dispersing a faint Life Energy, sending a wave of comfort throughout Yang Tian’s body.

This is Fire Life Energy.

Absorbing the Fire Life Energy would greatly increase the Fire Attribute; moreover, the metahuman would also have a unique advantage when taming different types of fire.

Flaming Heart Earthfire was transferring Fire Life Energy to Yang Tian to improve his Fire Resistance, allowing it to reach a level where it could accommodate the Flaming Heart Earthfire.

Yang Tian would certainly not let this opportunity be wasted; with Fire Life Energy and Flaming Heart Earthfire, Yang Tian would be able to increase the speed of forging his body. This time around, the hammering was much more intense. 

“You are really not treating your body like yours.” Violent Corpse Worm Queen grumbled.

Yang Tian’s method of ranking up was so inhumane that it had exceeded the level that Violent Corpse Worm Queen was able to accept.

Yang Tian was cruel towards his enemies, but he was even more cruel to himself, only by using this method would he be able to grow quickly.

Flaming Heart Earthfire seems to know what Yang Tian was planning and continues to maintain the temperature at 1200℃.

Bang Bang

Sounds of hammering continuously rang with no signs of stopping.

One could only imagine how difficult it was to reach High Rank 3 just after reaching Mid Rank 3.

The forging process went on for one whole day, Yang Tian was on the verge of reaching High Rank 3, but he was lacking something that prevented him from reaching that final step.

“Is it Inner Energy?”

Yang Tian suddenly remembered that his Lion Roar could only reach Mid Rank 3, simply tempering his body would not allow him to reach High Rank 3, his Inner Energy needs to be able to support that level as well.

Yang Tian stopped forging but he did not have any intention to leave yet. He took out all the energy crystals he had in his ring and started converting them into pure energy while circulating Lion Roar Art to transform the energy into Inner Energy. 

Large quantities of energy flowed into Yang Tian, pushing Lion Roar Art to High Rank 3.

“Here goes.”

Yang Tian used the momentum and continued Mental Forging.

The process was smoother this time, Yang Tian only used an hour before he reached High Rank 3. His Wind and Earth Attributes also reached High Rank 3, while his Fire Attribute reached Peak Rank 3. Moreover, Flaming Heart Earthfire elevated his Fire Attribute to Captain-Class.

The fire seed of Bone Bugfire had been devoured by Flaming Heart Fire; therefore, the flames that Yang Tian produced from now on would be Flaming Heart Earthfire.

Yang Tian experienced a great increase in strength this time, he took out a fresh set of clothes from his ring and left the cave.

He wants to find Lina first, but Yang Tian did not see Lina when he arrived at the borders between Water City and Fire City. Moreover, there were no signs of battle in the vicinity, this meant that she left on her own will.

Yang Tian frowned; he knows that the Tamed Beasts and puppets would not move away casually due to his commands.

“This mark is left behind by Lina.”

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Yang Tian discovered traces of Light Energy left behind by Lina, this was something only Yang Tian could have detected.

Following the direction pointed by the Light Energy, Yang Tian eventually arrived at a mountain within the Water City’s territory.

Within the forest of the mountain, Yang Tian found Lina and the rest. They were not injured, so they should not have gotten into a conflict.

“A patrol team from the Fire City appeared, so we went to hide.”

When Lina saw Yang Tian, she immediately explained, fearing that Yang Tian would get angry.

“It’s fine.”

Yang Tian did not intend to hold anyone responsible all along and comforted Lina before approaching Dark Crimson Fire Wolf. Yang Tian had discovered a second Earthfire when he was in the cave, but this Earthfire was weaker than Flaming Heart Earthfire, reaching only 550℃, but it was much stronger than the Ice Plain Wolf’s Beast Fire.

Crimson Earthfire

Dark Crimson Fire Wolf immediately became spirited when it saw the Crimson Earth fire. Yang Tian tossed the Crimson Earthfire towards Dark Crimson Fire Wolf, and the latter immediately swallowed the fire.

The surface temperature of Dark Crimson Fire Wolf started to rise, the first step of synchronizing with Crimson Earthfire was to control it to devour the previous flame inside the body.

Seeing that there was no immediate danger in their surroundings, Yang Tian decided to wait for Dark Crimson Fire Wolf to finish the synchronizing; with Yang Tian nearby, Dark Crimson Fire Wolf would not encounter any accidents as well.

Dark Crimson Fire Wolf took three hours, during the process, its dark blue fur was starting to turn to dark red. The simplest method to determine if the process was a success was by checking for changes to the fur of Dark Crimson Fire Wolf and the process was undoubtedly a success.

When Dark Crimson Fire Wolf opened its eyes, the energy it emitted had increased as well.

High Rank 3

A great improvement, the Crimson Earthfire was highly beneficial to Dark Crimson Fire Wolf.

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