Chapter 255 – Consecutive Promotion

The Ye Family Martial Arts Clan was the family where the city lords of the Five Element Cities came from. For the Ye Family to sent people to visit the Fire City can only mean that something serious has happened.

Yang Tian was suddenly curious about what happened; he changed his mind on how he wanted to enter the Fire City and decided to follow the metahumans from the Ye Family instead.

He used Mental Examine to listen in on their conversation.

The Ye Family’s metahuman did not discover that they were being followed, one of them who wore a depressed expression said:

“Do you think Ye Xiu Huo would listen to the Family Head’s orders? It seemed like Ye Xiu Huo wanted to take the cave for himself…”

“Shut it, do you think this is something we can discuss?”

An elderly man suddenly chided, Mental Power was mixed within his voice and instantly stopped the rest from talking. Yang Tian did not expect that the elderly man to have this trick up his sleeves, the shout caused some distortion to Mental Examine and exposed the skill.


The elderly man instantly noticed something was wrong.

Yang Tian silently cursed his luck and immediately activated Venom to leave this area quickly. The elderly man noticed a black figure disappearing, but was unable to catch it.

“Never mind, he has escaped.” The elderly man stopped his subordinates from pursuing

“Third Elder, he might be someone sent by Ye Xiu Huo…”

“Let’s return first.”

The elderly man’s expression changed; what his subordinates said might be true.

By this time, Yang Tian had traveled a long distance and knew that the Ye Family’s men would not be able to catch up to him. Amongst the Ye Family’s metahumans, only that elderly man felt dangerous; someone that Yang Tian would not be able to win against currently.

There was a reason why the Martial Clans and Martial Sects in the post-apocalyptic world were much stronger than other organizations.

However, Yang Tian also obtained a piece of crucial information, a cave. Yang Tian spent the rest of his time searching the Fire City’s territory based on this clue.

Yang Tian discovered a cave located on the mountain behind Fire City.

“Is this the cave that the Ye Family’s metahumans were referring to?”

As Yang Tian approached the cave, he detected high temperatures coming from it. Yang Tian had only walked for ten-meters and the temperature had reached 420℃; higher than his Bone Bugfire. This has exceeded Yang Tian’s scope of endurance, he had no choice but to exit the cave.

Only ten-meters and it was 420℃; since the Ye Family had intended to visit the cave, it meant that the Fire City Lord has a method of entering it.

“However, this cave can be used to forge my body.”

Yang Tian could venture deeper and use the powerful heat to temper his body, this would improve his Martialist rank. Just that the process of this method of promotion was going to be one filled with pain.

Yang Tian had experienced all sorts of pain during his pursuit for power, mere heat would not force Yang Tian to retreat. Yang Tian first sat on the ground and adjust his state to optimal condition.

After Yang Tian was ready, he charged into the cave without hesitation. The temperature would greatly increase with every meter traveled. This time, Yang Tian stopped 15 meters away from the cave entrance, the temperature at this point was 680℃.

Yang Tian’s clothes have turned into cinders due to the high heat. He sat in the lotus position at this spot.

This was not the first time Yang Tian had used flames to forged a body. His mental power transformed into a hammer again, he first started on forging the exterior part of his body before he forged inside his body and lastly, the crucial parts of the body.

Bang Bang

The sounds of hammering rang from Yang Tian’s body, Yang Tian uttered an uncontrollable groan each time the hammer struck. However, there were no signs of Yang Tian giving up.

“I have to suffer along with you when you forge.”

Violent Corpse Worm Queen grumbled inside Yang Tian’s body, it was also affected by the temperature, but it was unable to leave Yang Tian as well because it would turn into ashes the moment it left his body. At least the temperature inside Yang Tian will not reach such terrifying levels.

“This is also beneficial to you.”

Violent Corpse Worm Queen did not speak again because Yang Tian spoke the truth, flame forging could also improve its rank.

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An hour later, Yang Tian’s Martialist rank was on the verge of reaching Mid Rank 3, but he was also covered in a mix of blood and filth purged from his body at this point. Whenever a Martialist wanted to reach higher ranks but encounters a bottleneck, they would need to forge their bodies and purge the blood clots and filth within themselves.

Yang Tian controlled Lion Roar Inner Energy to firmly protect his weaker blood vessels while his hammer continuously hammered his body. This hammer made from Mental Power could also improve Yang Tian’s body by causing it to develop a higher resistance against Mental Power. If Yang Tian were to receive a Mental Attack in the future, he would be able to resist longer.


Yang Tian vomited a mouthful of blood and also achieved another breakthrough at the same time; reaching Mid Rank 3 Martialist. Under the forging of fire and mental power, Yang Tian’s physique was guaranteed to be good, plus he also obtained an increase in Fire and Mental Power Resistance.

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Along with Yang Tian’s improvement in Fire Resistance, 680℃ was no longer his limit.

“You still want to proceed?” Violent Corpse Worm Queen asked.

“Since we are already here, might as well take a look.”

However, Violent Corpse Worm Queen could detect from Yang Tian’s tone that he did not plan to just take a look, he was planning to continue forging his body. This made Violent Corpse Worm Queen feel slightly terrified.

This time, Yang Tian reached the 25 meters point, the temperature was now a terrifying 1000℃. This was also what Yang Tian had expected; with a resolute gaze, he once again sat down.

“Are you mad? You had just promoted and should rest or else your body will not be able to handle the stress.”

Forging a newly promoted body without getting used to the body first might lead to dire consequences.

“No! You are unaware. It is precisely because the body has yet to stabilize at Mid Rank 3 that made it very malleable.”

“But this is too quick, forging your body this way is not something humans like you can handle.” Violent Corpse Worm Queen’s tone was anxious.

It was true that some of the other races had done the same before, but humans were creatures with weak bodies and cannot do the same.

“You are underestimating me.”

Yang Tian ignored Violent Corpse Worm Queen and started using Mental Forging again. In his previous life, Yang Tian was also a person with high forging skills, just that Yang Tian hid his skill; therefore, not many people knew about it. However, would someone who mastered Mental Forging be an ordinary Smith?

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