Chapter 254 – Fire City

The pirates were indeed connected to the Rising Sun Country. The Rising Sun Country was located in an area with high earthquake frequencies, that was why its land did not expand as much when Earth expanded, only slightly larger than it already was.

Due to that, the Rising Sun Country was able to quickly mobilize its military to obtain complete control of the entire country.

However, Yang Tian knew that the Rising Sun Country only control a third of the country as the remaining two-thirds were occupied by zombies. However, two Zombies King were born within Rising Sun Country and split the land the zombies occupied into two, creating a situation of three different forces within the country.

“The three of you will bring them back to Water City.”

This was not the first time the patrol team had captured pirates, they would bring the captives back to Water City for handling.

After some time, the patrol team leader approached Yang Tian to ask:

“Sir, you seem to know about the capsule?”

The patrol team leader was curious as the capsule allowed the Rank 2 pirate leader to nearly reach High Rank 3 instantly. 

“They were developed after researching the bodies of zombies within Rising Sun Country, why? You want to eat one?”

Although Yang Tian dislikes the Rising Sun Country, he must admit that they had many strange geniuses. That capsule was developed after researching zombies and have a powerful side effect, but to metahumans in dire situations, it might be a life-saving option. Many people would not mind becoming a pile of crap if they could survive.

A trace of interest flashed through the patrol team leader’s eyes. The capsule could be considered a trump card, but only one was found.

Although he was interested, he quickly returned to normal.

“No, I am just curious.”


Yang Tian chuckled before sitting in lotus position on the ground.

When dawn arrived, the party continued on their journey. After walking for roughly three hours, they finally arrived at the borders of the Fire City.

“This is the Fire City, if people from Water City enter their territory, it would only cause you trouble instead of aiding you. We have to part ways here.”


The patrol team leader and his subordinates quickly moved away from the borders of the two cities.

The coastline and sea within lands of the Fire City were also higher than usual, heat could be felt being emitted from the sands along the shore, this was much more different than the Water City.

As expected of a Main City, not only could it change a metahuman’s Attribute, it could also affect its environment.

Yang Tian encountered Bai Fan when he was in Water City’s territory, that was why he could safely travel through its lands. However, the group met with many problems the moment they entered Fire City.

Yang Tian’s group encountered the patrols of the Fire City shortly after entering its territory.

The patrols did not even stop to question and attacked Yang Tian’s group immediately. Fortunately, only their team leader possessed a Beast Fire while the other metahumans only have ordinary fire. Despite all of them being Early Rank 3, the strength of a Fire Attribute metahuman is closely related to the heat of the flames they produced.

Yang Tian’s Bone Bugfire and his control of fire in Flame Energy Body form allowed him to crush Fire City’s patrol team; the flames they used became Yang Tian’s nourishment when it struck him.

“You guys should just roll over and die for possessing this level of strength!”

Yang Tian had turned the area into a sea of fire after turning into Flame Energy Body form and surrounded the entire patrol. Even the team leader with Beast Fire could do nothing about this as the temperature of Bone Bugfire was higher than his flames.

The emerald-colored sea of fire swallowed all of them. When the sea of fire disappeared, the pile of ashes left behind scattered into the air.

Their abilities have also been devoured by Yang Tian, pushing his Fire Ability to be on the verge of reaching High Rank 3.

“You need to promote your Martialist’s level first or else your body will not be able to handle your Fire Ability when it reached High Rank 3.” Violent Corpse Worm Queen reminded Yang Tian when it noticed his state.

Yang Tian knew this as well, the strength of the various attributes he has gotten after becoming a Null Elf was dependent on his level as a Martialist. However, he ate the Flame-Flame Fruit in A City and had used it to absorb Bone Bugfire, causing his Fire Ability to exceed his Martialist’s level. It was only thanks to Yang Tian’s powerful Mental Power that he remained safe so Yang Tian did not dare to casually devour other metahumans since.

The earlier situation happened because Flame Energy Body shook off Yang Tian’s control and swallowed the ten Fire Metahumans and the Beast Fire seed.

Bone Bugfire had thus reached a new level, reaching 400℃. However, Yang Tian must not allow the incident to repeat and swallow more Fire Abilities again until he becomes a Mid Rank 3 Martialist.

“I know.”

Yang Tian inspected his body and planned his next step of action as well.

“The Fire City likely has a powerful flame… maybe…” Yang Tian had a guess and made a decision.

Yang Tian brought Lina and the rest to the borders of Water City and Fire City again.

“Stay here and wait for me to return.”


Before Yang Tian left, he ordered the Tamed Beasts and puppets to take care of Lina and sets off alone.

Yang Tian entered the lands of Fire City again, his target this time was Fire City.

Yang Tian suppressed his energy to the lowest state, making it a challenge for even the sharpest eyes to detect him.

Fire City was one of the Twenty-Three Main Cities, its walls were covered in contraptions, so the best method to infiltrate was to enter the city was to wait for a returning patrol team and enter the city with them.

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However, the moment Yang Tian was near to Fire City, he saw a row of metahumans standing outside the city gates.

“Did something happen?”

Yang Tian stopped approaching and hid in the shadows to observe the situation.

Not long after Yang Tian started hiding, he saw several figures at the city gates. Moreover, the guards were treating them with great reverence, but from their energy and attire, these people did not seem to be people of Fire City.

“That is… the Ye Family?”

Yang Tian recognized them by their attire, they were from the Martial Arts Clan, the Ye Family.

“The Ye Family would not send people to the Five Element Cities casually, something must have happened.”

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