Chapter 253 – Pirates

“Yo? This should be the third group of pirates?” the patrol team leader said.

This was not the first time the patrol team had encountered pirates, the dangers of the sea had exponentially increased after the apocalypse, making it hard for the pirates to survive and forced them to return to land.

“Did you not hear this daddy? Take out your food!”

The pirates were a mix of foreigners and people from the Celestial Empire. Yang Tian and the rest were unable to understand what they were saying.

“You dare to call yourself my dad?”

Without the need for Yang Tian to act, the two dozen pirates were instantly captured by the patrol team, but they only tie them up and did not take their lives.

“Try being arrogant now.”

The patrol team leader stepped on the pirate’s head, but the pirate was still asking for food.

Lina had some bread with her and gave it to them when she saw their pitiful state. When the bounded pirates saw food, they pounced at that piece of bread like madmen without caring about the injuries they had.

Yang Tian felt that there was no need to waste food, but he could not bear to lecture Lina. However, Yang Tian still felt a small heartache at the loss.

The patrol team captain gave Lina a thumbs up and said: “Sister, you are really heroic.”

Indeed, throwing bread in the post-apocalyptic era was a very heroic thing.

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The pirates were still fighting over the bread, they did not know if it has been eaten and only kept pushing each other to check. After some time, all of them became tired.

They laid on the ground weakly; it looked like some pirates ate the bread as it was gone.

“Is that their boat?”

An old tattered boat was on the shore, its tattered look was not from the damage of time but from being attacked. 

The patrol team leader brought some of his men to inspect the boat and came back with five chests after a few minutes.

The pirate leader started to attack the patrol team when he saw the chests but he was sent flying by the patrol team leader with a kick.

“Looks like there is some good stuff. Heh heh.”

The patrol team leader chuckled and quickly acted.

The first chest was opened, it was filled with gold. Unfortunately, gold has become pretty useless in the post-apocalyptic era, but it was still valuable as an ornamental due to its shiny qualities.

“Che, I thought it would be something better.”

The patrol team leader said disdainfully but quickly went to open the next treasure chest. The second chest was roughly the same as the first, just that it was jewelry instead.

Yang Tian found a beautiful diamond ring in the second chest and put the ring on Lina’s middle finger.

The culture in Lina’s world was similar to Earth, so she knew what it meant to wear a ring. When Yang Tian put the ring on her, she did not reject it.

The blushing Lina quickly kept her left hand where the ring was.

Yang Tian did not know why he did that as well, but he felt a small delight in his heart when he saw that Lina did not reject his act.

The patrol team leader by this time had already opened the third and fourth chests, they were the same as the previous chests, filled with jewelry and precious metals.

By the time the patrol team leader was at the fifth chest, his hopes were already meager.


There were no jewelry or precious metals this time, just a small wooden box. When the pirate leader saw the wooden box, he became even more agitated.

The patrol team leader thought these items must be valuable and opened the small box.

A capsule

The patrol team leader was curious, but he did not dare to eat it without knowing what it was. Looking at the reaction of the pirate leader, this capsule must be precious; the team leader started wondering what its effects were.

The pirate team leader used the moment when the patrol team leader was focusing his attention on the capsule and not paying attention to suddenly stand up and bit on the capsule.

Before the patrol team leader could react, the capsule has entered the pirate’s stomach.

Yang Tian stopped the pirate leader from charging towards the patrol team leader.

The patrol team leader might not know what that capsule was, but Yang Tian recognized it. It was a mutant capsule created by researchers from the Rising Sun Country and it was said that it could enhance the ability of the person who consumed it. However, there was also a substantial side effect, the person would become extremely ugly and lose the resemblance to a human.

This pirate leader did not dare to eat that capsule because of its side effects, but now that he had been captured, he believed that the capsule was the only method available to solve his situation.

After swallowing the capsule, the Rank 2 pirate leader promoted to all the way to High Rank 3 before stabilizing at Mid Rank 3.

The pirate leader was now the same level as the patrol team leader.


The pirate leader released a haughty laugh, the violent surge in power gave the pirate leader unprecedented confidence, thinking that he possessed the power to win the patrol team leader.

“Go and die!”

The pirate leader charged towards Yang Tian and the patrol team leader; however when the pirate team leader did not see the panic that he imagined appearing on the two, he felt that something was wrong.


Brain-Eating Terror Hog struck the pirate leader from the side, its large tusks piercing through the body of the latter. The pirate leader looked at Brain-Eating Terror Hog in shock.

The pirate leader suddenly asked himself, ‘What creature is this, why did I not noticed it earlier?’

The patrol team leader also attacked with a hand chop, aiming at the head of the pirate leader.


The pirate leader was instantly killed from the attack as blood flowed out of his head slowly. At the same time, the dead pirate leader also started developing the side effect of the capsule.

His body started rotting before a foul stench permeated the air. Brain-Eating Terror Hog quickly tossed him away, not wanting to touch the filth.

Soon, the pirate leader turned into a pile of rotting meat that was emitting a powerful stench.

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“What happened to his body?”

“It is that capsule. If I am not wrong, that capsule is made by the Rising Sun Country.”

“What? Rising Sun Country? Then he deserves this.”

The patrol team leader did not have good impressions of the Rising Sun Country and could even be said to dislike it. He looked at the pile of rotting flesh in disdain.

The patrol team leader tossed the rotting meat to the rest of the pirates. Seeing that these pirates were related to the Rising Sun Country, the patrol team leader believed that none of them to be decent people.

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