Chapter 252 – Summoner Bai Fan

The man in white was wondering what Mental-type skill Yang Tian was using and how was his opponent able to sustain it for so long.

Although the man in white knew the situation was to his disadvantage, he was not a person who admitted defeat easily.

Two of the four Summoned Beasts were left, and they were having a hard time dealing with their four opponents.

“Since you are unwilling to admit defeat, then I will have to defeat all your summons.”

Yang Tian used Violent Corpse Worm Queen’s Mental Pierce, if the mental attack catches the man in white by surprise, Yang Tian will obtain victory.

As expected, the man in white was unable to react the moment he noticed Yang Tian had launched a mental attack.

Blastoise and Rapidmon suffered pain brought upon by Mental Pierce and exposed large openings. To prevent his Summoned Beasts from being hurt, the man in white quickly returned them into the Six-Pointed Star.

“You are very strong.”

The man in white’s face was pale. Injuries received by the Summoned Beasts would feedback to the Summoner.

“I will do what I promised.”

The man in white lost, but he still acted on his promise.

Having the patrols of Water City to escort them would also reduce many troubles.

“I am Bai Fan, I will certainly look for you to fight in the future.” 

Although he lost, Bai Fan did not feel discouraged. He did summon his strongest Summoned Beast, that was why he did not believe he was weaker than Yang Tian, seeing it as a loss due to being careless.

“I am Yang Tian. I can only tell you that you will certainly lose if you fight with me”

Bai Fan might not have used all his power today, but Yang Tian did not reveal all his cards as well. The reason Yang Tian only used his Tamed Beasts to fight this time was to make Bai Fan accept his loss willingly. If Yang Tian were to use Venom, Bai Fan’s Summoned Beast would not be able to stop Yang Tian. Once the Summoner is caught, the fight will end, as well.

“Sure. I will make you regret.” Having said that, Bai Fan approached the patrols and the patrols nodded their head after a series of muttered conversation.

After Bai Fan gave the instructions, he headed back to Water City while all the other metahumans dispersed, leaving only a patrol team behind.

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“As per Sir Bai’s instructions, we will escort you out of Water City’s territory safely.”

The strong would also receive respect; these men have witnessed Yang Tian’s strength and how he had won against Bai Fan, causing the members of this patrol team to treat Yang Tian better.

“You have my thanks.”

Yang Tian indicated that he was ready to leave immediately; he got two puppets and Lina to follow him.

“Erm… don’t you need to rest for a moment?”

The leader of the patrol team was startled. The battle earlier was pretty intense, so the patrol team thought that Yang Tian would require some rest and did not expect him to choose to travel immediately.

“No need.” Yang Tian shook his head.


Since Yang Tian wanted to start, they had no reason to stop him as well since their mission was to only escort Yang Tian’s group.

“Let’s take this way.”

Yang Tian pointed at the coastline, this was the most direct path towards F City.

With the Water City’s patrol team with them, traveling within the Water City’s territory would be much more convenient. Other than occasionally encountering Mutated Marine Creatures, there would not be many problems.

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During the journey, the patrol team leader said: “Another fifty kilometers and we will reach the boundary of Fire City’s territory. The people from Fire City are all hot-tempered, be careful when you are there.”

“I heard rumors that Fire City and Water City are not in good terms, I believe you guys have had conflicts?”

“That’s right, the City Lords of the Five Element Cities are birth brothers, yet they are unable to get along and it is especially true for our Water City and Fire City. We even nearly got into a war some time ago, but it was stopped by the higher echelons of the clan behind the five brothers.”

The patrol team leader was apparently a chatterbox and told Yang Tian many things that happened between the Water City and Fire City. The City Lords of the Five Element Cities all came from a Martial Arts Clan, this fact Yang Tian already knew.

From the current situation, the five City Lords were still under the management of their clan family head, but in the latter part of the post-apocalyptic era, the five city lords will obtain the support of the Martial Sects and no longer listened to their clan family head. Moreover, the Martial Sects did not want the Martial Arts Clan to control the five City Lords as well and support the City Lords to leave their Martial Arts Clan.

“There is indeed a need to be careful about Fire City.”

Yang Tian has been on guard against Fire City since the beginning as he knew that Fire Attribute Metahumans were known for having a hot temper and getting into conflicts quickly.

After a day of traveling, Yang Tian’s group was now roughly twenty kilometers from Fire City. It was soon to be dark, and there was a need to be cautious of the sea during the night. That was why the group did not continue traveling and stopped to rest.

“We are mostly there, you guys should return to report.”

“It is best that we sent you all the way, if we return now, we will be undoubtedly be reprimanded by Sir Bai.” The patrol team leader said.

They held high regard towards Bai Fan and also knew that he was a man of his word. If they were to return now, it would mean that they had caused Bai Fan to break his promise. The punishment due to that would be painful.

“That Sir Bai of yours is pretty interesting.”

“Within the Five Element Cities, Sir Bai is known to have principles and also treated us very well.”

The men slightly grinned when they spoke about Bai Fan, there was also strong respect within their eyes.

It was hard to find people who would stick to their principles in the Post-Apocalyptic Era, Bai Fan was one of the rare few.

After chatting with the patrol team, Yang Tian’s group went to rest. Yang Tian had wanted to split the night guarding equally between the two parties but was shocked when the patrol team insisted on taking the tasks themselves.

Yang Tian would not feel strange if they were still in the Civilised Age, but it was now the Post-Apocalyptic Era, it was difficult to encounter such people.

Yang Tian decided to visit Water City should he get a chance to.

However, before Yang Tian could get much rest, a group of metahumans has surrounded them.

From their attires, they seem to be… pirates.

The sea was more dangerous than land in the Post-Apocalyptic Era, the ones who could still roam the sea were basically the navy of various countries and pirates were a rarity.

And pirates that could traverse the seas of the Post-Apocalyptic Era were undoubtedly from powerful organizations.

Yet Yang Tian could not see such strength in the pirates that surrounded them. They looked down and out, only pointing their blades at Yang Tian and the rest while ignoring the Tamed Beasts, they were so skinny from hunger that they were no different from a bag of bones.

“Take your food out!”

“Quickly hand me your food!”

Hunger had pushed them close to madness as their eyes were turning red.

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