Chapter 251 – Blastoise

A man-in-white appeared after some time. The patrols tacitly opened a path for the man-in-white when he appeared.

The man-in-white walked towards Yang Tian, one could see from the expressions of the patrols that his position within Water City was very high.

“You are the one from last night?”

“That’s right.”

Yang Tian detected a person with strong Mental Power approaching him before he left yesterday, but Yang Tian had decided to leave immediately to avoid trouble.

“Oh? That’s interesting. Can I ask the reason for your presence in Water City?”

“I am only passing through the land.”

The man-in-white noticed the four Tamed Beasts behind Yang Tian, his eyes instantly lit up.

“Are you a Beast Tamer?”

“So what if I am?”

A glint flashed through the man in white’s eyes, the gaze he revealed towards Yang Tian was one filled with the intent to battle.

“Let’s have a battle. If you win, I will get me men to escort you safely out of Water City’s territory. How about it?”

Yang Tian was instantly interested when he heard the man in white’s offer and asked:

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 “You can make the decision?”

“Although I am not the City Lord, I can make this decision.”

“Okay, let’s battle.”

The man-in-white did not add anything such as a price for losing, but to Yang Tian, this was an agreement to his advantage. However, Yang Tian did not underestimate the other party too because the man-in-white had seen that Yang Tian was a Beast Master who has four Tamed Beast and yet he still dared to issue a challenge. This shows that the man-in-white had confidence in his strength as well.

The metahumans that had surrounded them started backing away to provide space for the two men to fight.

Beast Tamers relied on their Tamed Beasts to battle, so all four beasts remained on the field.

“Let me show you my Summoned Beast!”

Four Six-Pointed Stars appeared underneath the man’s feet before they spread out in front of the man-in-white.

Power energies were coming out of the Six-Pointed Stars before four strange creatures stood in front of the man-in-white, facing each of Yang Tian’s Tamed Beast.

The first Summoned Beast was a Peak Rank 3 creature, Blastoise from <Pokemon> World. The two large cannons that were protruding out of its shell as its main method of attacking.

The second Summoned Beast was a Mid Rank 3 Creature, Garurumon from <Digimon> World. It looked like a white wolf with blue patterns on its fur and it has high agility.

The remaining two Summoned Beasts were Rapidmon from <Digimon> World as well; both were High Rank 3 creatures. Like Garurumon, they looked agile as well but felt much more threatening.

“So you are a Summoner, no wonder you wanted a battle.”

The Summoned Beasts of Summoners cannot permanently exist like Tamed Beasts, the duration that the Summoned Beast could remain on Earth is dependant on their Summoner’s Mental Power. However, there is no limit to the number of Summoned Beasts a Summoner can call while the number of Tamed Beasts a Beast Tamer can have is determined by the size of their Mental Power.

The man-in-white could summon more than four Summoned Beasts, but the four he summoned should be the strongest ones he possessed. Moreover, it was likely he could only maintain up to four beasts at a time.


T-Rex unleashed a roar and the battle began. Battles between Tamed Beasts and Summoned Beasts were closely related to the capabilities of the Beast Tamer and Summoner.

During the battle, the two of them need to observe the situation of their beasts and give a suitable response.

The moment the battle began, Yang Tian ordered Three-Headed Yin Insect to hide and provide support from the shadows. While the four Summoned Beasts attacked at the same time.

The three Tamed Beasts instantly felt enormous pressure, but the Yin Energy of the Three-Headed Yin Insect would always provide support at critical moments and eased the pressure of the other three. The four Summoned Beasts were nearly caught by the Yin Energy attacks several times and that forced them to set aside some of their focus on guard against the Three-Headed Yin Insect.

The man-in-white cast a skill after assessing the situation.

Mass Zeal

This skill would not increase the attributes of a Summoned Beast by much, but it would cause them to be in a constant state of excitement to increase the strength of the skills they used by 10%.

Yang Tian could sense a pulse of Mental Energy coming out from the man-in-white; after checking the state of the Summoned Beast, he reckoned the man-in-white had used a Mental-Type skill.

Mental Disruption

Yang Tian used Mental Disruption on the Summoned Beasts, although the skill only lasted for a moment, it caused Blastoise’s Hydro Cannon to struck one of the Rapidmon.

Three-Headed Yin Insect also used the opening to hit the Rapidmon with its most potent Yin Energy attack; the Yin Energy was much effective than before as the Rapidmon was covered in water.


One of the Rapidmons was frozen. Despite being only a Mid Rank 3 creature, even a Peak Rank 3 would find the Three-Headed Yin Insect’s Yin Energy hard to handle.


A powerful collision again between Garurumon and Dark Crimson Fire Wolf. The two creatures had established an individual battle, Yang Tian and the man-in-white did not disturb them and let them be as well. During the last collision, Dark Crimson Fire Wolf held a minor advantage.


Garurumon used its strongest skill. Its rank might be the same as Dark Crimson Fire Wolf, but it noticed though the collision earlier that there was a gap between them.

Dark Teleport

Dark Crimson Fire Wolf did not choose to face against Garurumon’s Foxfire head-on and used Dark Teleport to evade the attack.

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Garurumon watched in shock as Dark Crimson Fire Wolf vanished from its sights, but Dark Crimson Fire Wolf soon appeared; behind Garurumon.


Flamethrower was enhanced with Ice Plain Wolf’s Beast Fire and had reached a level that could severely injure Garurumon.


Garurumon was struck by the attack, causing a large area of its back to be burnt. Moreover, the Ice Plain Wolf Beast Fire was also burning its internal organs.

The man-in-white experienced a backlash the moment Garurmon was injured, faint traces of blood fell from his nose as he immediately placed Garurumon back into the Six-Pointed Star.

After Garurumon was gone, Dark Crimson Fire Wolf joined another battle.

T-Rex and Brain-Eating Terror Hog had been taking the burden of fighting three opponents while Three-Headed Yin Insect would continue to ambush the Summoned Beasts.

The man-in-white did his best to control the remaining three Summoned Beasts, but he was still on the losing end when pitted against Yang Tian’s Mental Examine.

The man-in-white looked at Yang Tian meaningfully, he had noticed that Yang Tian has been continuously releasing Mental Energy pulses since the start of the battle.

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