Chapter 250 – Water City

The remaining two puppets have recovered after using energy crystals, while the injuries on the Three-Headed Yin Insect and T-Rex had stabilized. There were still three more hours for them to rest before setting off at daybreak.

“Lina, what happened to you?”

“Brother Luffy and the rest have died, only Sister Little Fish and Brother Big Muscle survived.”

Lina’s eyes were watering, she had spent a long time with the Novelty Hunters and was very close to them.

“Lina, how did you first meet them?” Yang Tian asked.

Yang Tian suddenly wanted to understand more about Lina, while Lina did not reject his curiosity.

“Actually, our world is very much like yours…”

Lina’s world also encountered a sudden Apocalypse like Earth. At that time, Lina was running away from a Rank 1 insect and escaped deep into the forest where she saw a flower bud. 

“I took a nap next to that flower bud and discovered that it had vanished after I woke up. The surrounding area strangely did not have any monsters, but I did not dare to wander about the forest until I encounter Sister Little Fish and the rest. After conversing with them, I found out that I had slept for fifty years. At that time, Sister Little Fish and the rest did not believe me and I also found it unbelievable.”

Lina looked at Yang Tian, worried that the latter would not believe her.

“I believe you.”

“You are lying. Sister Little Fish and the rest said that anyone will be suspicious if they heard what I said.”

However, Yang Tian did know something about that ‘flower bud’, and he got a better understanding of Lina’s identity as a Light Elf after hearing her story. Lina was still a pure Light Elf, but she was also a human.

“I am ignoring you.”

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Lina turned her head away to ignore Yang Tian, thinking that Yang Tian was deceiving her.

Yang Tian was speechless when he saw Lina’s actions.

However, even if Lina stopped, Yang Tian still has ways to learn more. The Puppet, Little Fish, still has her memories, Yang Tian called her over to learn the rest of the story.

The Novelty Hunters had not believed Lina but they acknowledged her healing powers; that was how Lina became one of them and started completing missions together.

One of the members, Luffy, had also fallen in love with Lina as time went by, but she did not accept him. However, Luffy did not give up.

Until the later part, they came to Earth after taking the mission to capture the Dark Elves and suffered misfortune the moment they met Yang Tian.

After confirming the information, Yang Tian confirmed his understanding of Lina.

“That flower bud is the treasure of the Elf Race.”


The next day, the group departed the moment there was light.

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They reached the coastal region of Z City after passing through the forest, which was also the territory of the Wu Land. However, there were no zombies of the Wu Land in this coastal region; not even a trace of Zombie Energy.

The coastal area of Z City was not very big, other than occasionally encountering Mutated Marine Creatures, there were no other dangers. Fortunately, the mutated beasts in this region were also not very powerful, else it would have been troublesome for Yang Tian’s group.

Next, they arrived at one of the Twenty-Three Main Cities of the Celestial Empire, Water City.

The Water City is connected to four other cities that were also Twenty-Three Main Cities of the Celestial Empire; these five were Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth. Yang Tian was not familiar with the masters of the five cities.

Yang Tian did not interact with the five cities much in his previous life; Yang Tian had not offended them, and they did not offend Yang Tian as well. They also did not participate in any activities to capture Yang Tian.

The masters of the five main cities were very apprehensive towards Yang Tian, while Yang Tian was also apprehensive towards them as well.

“We need to be careful from here onwards.”

They must pass through the territory of the Water City, but it should be fine if they do not offend anyone from Water City.

Traveling through the coastal region of Z City took the entire day, by the time the group arrived in the territory of Water City, Yang Tian chose a location near its boundary to rest for the night.

As one of the Twenty-Three Main Cities, the metahumans within Water City all possessed Water Attribute. Even if a person did not naturally awaken a Water-Attribute, their ability would be transformed into a Water-type after staying in Water City for seven days and the only way to avoid this change was for your meta-ability to be powerful enough to resist the change.

The abilities of Water Attribute Metahumans were myriad, this was even more so for the metahumans of Water City.

During the night, Yang Tian silently entered the Water City’s territory and saw several soldiers from the city patrolling their coastal region.

Ten Early Rank 3 metahumans.

The strength of Water City was considered pretty good, to be able to deploy Early Rank 3s for night patrols. Yang Tian continued to observe and noticed that all the patrols were Early Rank 3s.

Yang Tian was not discovered as he sneaked to the vicinity of Water City. Yang Tian used Mental Examine to check the people guarding the walls and noticed that they were more powerful than the patrollers, at Mid Rank 3.

“I need to be prudent tomorrow.” Yang Tian silently thought.

With just the forces that he had witnessed so far, the Water City would have no problems stopping Yang Tian’s group if they wanted.

However, the pulse of Mental Power created when Yang Tian used Mental Examine had attracted the attention of someone within Water City.

By the time the person arrived at the city gates, Yang Tian had already left.

“Sir, it is late, did something happen for you to come out at this time?”

“Did you discover anything unusual earlier?”

“No, did something really happen?”

“Hard to say, be on alert tonight.”


The next day, Yang Tian’s group had just started moving when they were stopped by Water City patrols. Yang Tian had expected this outcome and did not prevent them from sending a signal.

Soon, a large group of metahumans surrounded Yang Tian’s group.

“Your superior did not come out?”

“We are more than enough to take care of you guys.”

“Looks like I will need to teach all of you a lesson before your superior comes out?”

Yang Tian quickly released Venom and revealed his Peak Rank 3 energy while Brain-Eating Terror Hog released a roar that announced its identity as a Peak Rank 3 creature as well, allowing the soldiers to know who they were about to face.

“You… you” only now, did the soldier discovered their situation and quickly gave an order to a metahuman nearby: “Quickly return and report this.”

Yang Tian allowed the metahuman to return as it was his motive, as well.

The remaining metahumans did not dare to attack after witnessing the terrifying power emitted by Yang Tian and Brain-Eating Terror Hog. They maintained a safe distance from Yang Tian’s group but continued to surround them. 

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