Chapter 249 – Magnet Shell

Magnet Shell is a Mutated Marine Creature specializing in Strength and Mental Power, the energy crystal they possessed both such attributes. This was a pretty good option for Yang Tian. However, Magnet Shells are group creatures, the appearance of one generally meant the presence of a group of them.

The sound came from the sea and was approaching Yang Tian’s group, it looks like the creatures were about to go ashore.

“Magnet Shells do not have fast speeds, I might be able to use this time to…”

Yang Tian developed a plan and quickly moved to another location, away from their camp, and started taking out large quantities of Rank 3 energy crystals from his ring. He used a unique method to distribute it at various locations.

After Yang Tian was done, five special magnetic fields appeared in front of him; the Magnet Shells would undoubtedly discover the magnetic field using their Mental Power, but that was also Yang Tian’s motive. With that, the Magnet Shell flock would head towards this direction and reduce the danger exposed to Lina and the rest.

“Will a Confusion Formation be useful?” Violent Corpse Worm Queen asked.

“It should be useless.”

The Magnet Shells would combine their Mental Power and break the Confusion Formation in a short time, but this would gather them in one location.

Rustle Rustle

Yang Tian immediately hid when he heard the sounds of movement, in less than a minute, the area outside the magnetic field was filled with Magnet Shells.

The Magnet Shells that arrived first did not attack immediately and instead waited for other Magnet Shells to arrive. This was also the first time after his reincarnation that Yang Tian saw so many High Rank 3 creatures gathered in one location. Just this force would prevent the Insects from venturing near the sea.

After they gathered, Yang Tian estimates that there were at least three hundred Magnet Shells.

The combined Mental Power of three hundred Magnet Shells made the five Confusion Formations dissolve and shatter like thin paper.

“F***.” Violent Corpse Worm Queen could not help but cursed.

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The five Rank 3 Confusion Formations were made using ten Peak Rank 3 and nearly a hundred High Rank 3 energy crystals but they were destroyed, just like that.

Here’s my chance.

Rock Spike

Rock Spikes surrounded the Magnet Shells and also exposed Yang Tian’s location. However, Yang Tian was not bothered about that as he gathered all his Mental Power to use the strongest Mental Disruption he could cast.

“Land me a hand.”

Yang Tian said to Violent Corpse Worm Queen. The arrow was already pulled, Violent Corpse Worm Queen cursed a word madman before circulating all its Mental Power and used Mental Pierce.

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The Magnet Shells could have used their combined Mental Power to crush the Mental Pierce used by Violent Corpse Worm, but they were in a mess due to the appearance of the rock spikes and were struck by Yang Tian’s Mental Disruption.

The Mental Power they gathered started colliding with each other, giving Violent Corpse Worm Queen an opportunity. A total of twenty sharp, Mental Power swords attacked the Magnet Shells.

Yang Tian’s face turned pale after the huge consumption of Mental Power and nearly collapsed onto the ground.

“This cannot continue, else you will overdraw.”

Violent Corpse Worm Queen shouted at Yang Tian; overdrawing Mental Power would not only damage the brain, but it would also injure the soul.

Yang Tian did not bother with Violent Corpse Worm Queen’s words and released Venom, after pushing his Dark Power to the max, he threw his left arm and wrapped the dizzy Magnet Shells in black liquid.

Dark Devour

Mental Power was drained from the Magnet Shells and replenished Yang Tian’s empty reserves. At the same time, Yang Tian also diverted a small portion to Violent Corpse Worm Queen so that it could continue using Mental Pierce.

It was fortunate that the Mental Power grade of Yang Tian and Violent Corpse Worm Queen was much higher than the Magnet Shells or else the outcome would not be as certain. Yang Tian also had great control over his Mental Power and was not wasting any.

Using this method, Yang Tian and Violent Corpse Worm spent more than two hours before the Magnet Shells were destroyed. They received continuous attacks from the Magnet Shells during this period but because of Venom, Yang Tian not only avoided severe injuries, he had also avoided the backlash of overusing his Mental Power.

Of the three hundred Magnet Shells, a hundred became the sacrifices of Dark Devour.

Yang Tian sat weakly on the ground and Violent Corpse Worm Queen was worse; it could not even engage in a conversation with Yang Tian. If Yang Tian had not detected its presence, he would have thought that it had turned into bug jerky.

“Recover the external injuries first.”

Yang Tian barely sat upright and circulated Lion Roar Inner Energy to heal his injuries, it was hard to avoid being utterly free from injuries even when he has Venom.

By the time Violent Corpse Worm Queen could communicate, Yang Tian had also woken up from his meditation.

“Luckily it succeeded.”

Violent Corpse Worm Queen spoke in a tone as though it had a new lease of life.

“Time to harvest.”

Yang Tian released Violent Corpse Worm Queen. There were currently two hundred Magnet Shells left, and the Mental Power energy crystals the Magnet Shells produced could be absorbed by them.

Yang Tian could absorb both the Strength and Mental Power Attributes as he was also a Martialist. While Violent Corpse Worm Queen could only absorb Mental Power from the energy crystals.

In the end, Yang Tian absorbed one hundred and ten Magnet Shells. Yang Tian’s Mental Power rose from Mid Rank 3 to High Rank 3. However, what surprised Yang Tian was Violent Corpse Worm Queen rise from Early Rank 3 all the way to High Rank 3.

The Mental Power of metahumans would develop differently when they reached Rank 4 and various branches would appear. As Summoners and Beast Tamers were the most common Mental Power-types, the Mental Power branch they focused on would be inclined to defensive aspects and it was the cases for Yang Tian as well.

Different from other metahumans, Beast Tamers and Summoners would be affected by the types of energy crystals they absorbed before reaching Rank 4. This would determine which branch their Mental Power would develop at Rank 4.

The Magnet Shells’ energy crystals that Yang Tian absorbed belonged to a Semi-Offensive Mental Power-type. The Mental Power of Magnet Shells contained offensive elements and although the offensive elements were not strong, it would still strengthen Mental attacks. However, Yang Tian only started absorbing them as a Rank 3 so the offensive traits would not occur.

Yang Tian focused on defensive and counterattack in his previous life, that was why the Mental Power branch he developed was Control-Type, Yang Tian planned to do the same in this life as well.

“Time to return.”

Violent Corpse Worm Queen quickly entered Yang Tian’s body after he stood up. The sun should rise in three hours.

After Yang Tian returned to camp and till sunrise, he was basically maintaining an alert state throughout.

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