Chapter 248 – The Sea

The technique of obtaining a temporary burst of power by igniting their blood was known by every Martialist, but it was rarely used as the user would need to handle the side effects after igniting their blood.


With a kick, Yang Tian sent the boorish man flying away.

“Next time, I will take his life.”

Yang Tian looked at Huo Pao and said. The people around them were all from the military, they would not watch and allow Yang Tian to kill the man. Moreover, Yang Tian did not want to waste time dealing with them and miss the best time to escape.

Yang Tian got out of Venom mode and pulled Lina’s hand before running towards the outer region of the forest. After they left for a distance, the side effects of igniting his blood set upon Yang Tian’s body. A sense of weakness wrapped around Yang Tian, causing him to trip and nearly fell onto the ground.

Fortunately, Lina reacted in time and supported Yang Tian.

“What happened to you?”

Lina saw Yang Tian’s pale face and immediately used Sacred Light on Yang Tian. He felt the power surging through his body and he became much more vigorous than before.

However, Yang Tian remembered that Sacred Light could only heal external injuries, why was it having such an effect on him?

However, this was not the time to find out the reason; Yang Tian decided that it was not going to be too late to find out the details after leaving this place.

“I am fine now.”

Yang Tian’s group was more than halfway through the forest; they just a small journey left and they would finally leave A City.

Just as they were about to charge out of the woods, Yang Tian noticed that the trees in this region were no longer Spirit Guard Trees, but only common ones.

Yang Tian activated Mental Examine, their surrounding surfaced within Yang Tian’s mind.

Not only were the trees no longer Spirit Guard Trees, but the creatures in this area were also mutated beasts instead of insects. When Yang Tian’s group arrived in this area, some of these mutated beasts were following them, but fortunately, they were not strong and were quickly dealt with. 

After they finished off the group of mutated beasts, Yang Tian’s group finally broke out of the forest.

A vast sea entered Yang Tian’s vision, no one would have expected that the boundary of the forest was actually a stretch of sea. There were no more insect attacks around the sea, but the danger of the sea was undoubtedly no less than on land.

Even during the Post-Apocalyptic Era, no one had managed to explore the entire deep sea.

“No wonder there were no insects at the outer regions of the forest.”

This region was close to the sea, so it was not surprising that insects would not appear. However, how was he going to leave?

If he knew about this, he would have asked Huo Pao for details of the path of retreat.

Luckily the trees in this place were common ones, allowing Yang Tian to use Mental Examine. Even if he was unable to travel through the sea, he could still travel the edges of the forest.

“The borders of F City is also bordered by the sea, if I follow the coast, it is likely I will arrive back at F City.” Yang Tian started planning the route to return.

However, there was a long-distance between the coastlines of A City and F City. Along the way, he would need to pass through two Main Cities of the Celestial Empire’s Twenty-Three Main Cities, the Water City, and the Fire City. The two cities were of the same rank as Thirty-Six Paradise City and Sky Halbard King’s Manor. After that, the Dragon River.

Yang Tian remembered that the Dragon River was the gathering place of the Dragon Race on Earth, but Yang Tian only knew about this after he became a Legendary Beast Tamer, he did not know the situation of the Dragon River in the early days. Yang Tian was also unsure what dangers they might encounter if they pass through Dragon River.

This path was the most direct path to F City, the risks they might face was likely the lowest as well.

If they followed the coastline and head east, they would reach L City. The current L city should not a problem for Yang Tian’s group. They only have to be careful of certain mutated beasts.

Before they depart, the injuries on Dark Crimson Fire Wolf must be seen to. The puppets and other Tamed Beasts were also covered in wounds.

The Puppets were still okay, they could recover by using energy crystals. However, the Tamed Beasts would require time and Dark Crimson Fire Wolf’s injuries were the most difficult to deal with.

“Put it on the ground.”

Brain-Eating Terror Hog did as commanded.

Fortunately, Yang Tian brought some sap of the Nacre Vine with him when he left. The juice of the Nacre Vine was filled with Life Energy, it would be able to restore Dark Crimson Fire Wolf completely even in its dying state.

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Yang Tian slowly dripped the Nacre Vine Sap onto Dark Crimson Fire Wolf.

Soon, a small bottle of Nacre Vine Sap was emptied, and Dark Crimson Fire Wolf’s body started regenerating, its missing parts were growing visible speed.

“A bit more.”

Yang Tian discovered that the healing was still not enough, but he cannot leave it as it was else the wound would break apart. Yang Tian took out the Red Fruits and mutated carrots from his ring; although the two items were not very effective on Rank 3 creatures, it was better than nothing and Yang Tian would make up the quality with quantity.

Yang Tian crushed the Red Fruits and mutated carrots with his Mental Energy and turned them into tendrils of pure Life Energy before guiding them into Dark Crimson Fire Wolf.

Finally succeeded, Yang Tian heaved a heavy sigh of relief.

The external injuries of Dark Crimson Fire Wolf were completely healed. As for its internal injuries, Dark Crimson Fire Wolf should be able to heal itself in its current condition.

Dark Crimson Fire Wolf stood up and looked at Yang Tian with some mixed emotions within its eyes.

Gratitude, loyalty…

By this time, Three-Headed Yin Insect and T-Rex had also recovered from their injuries, while Brain-Eating Terror Hog’s body was glowing brightly, looking on the verge of promoting.

Brain-Eating Terror Hog would reach Peak Rank 3 this time and its body would shrink once again.

Yang Tian hoped that they would not encounter any problems.

Before this, Yang Tian had used ten Early Rank 3 energy crystals to set an Early Rank 3 disruption formation around the. This will disrupt all creatures below Rank 3 if they attack; if the formation were destroyed, it would mean that Rank 3 creatures would soon attack them.

Although Yang Tian planned to travel along the coastline, he would still ensure a certain distance for their safety so that they can avoid encountering any troublesome sea creatures.

The night would also require special attention as well.

Brain-Eating Terror Hog woke up and was now the size of a shepherd dog, its agility had significantly increased as well.

“Ying Ying”

Yang Tian heard a strange sound. It was not a sound made by Mutated Land Beasts, but a unique sound created by Mutated Marine Creature; a familiar sound to Yang Tian.

Magnet Shell

A High Rank 3 Mutated Marine Creature.

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