Chapter 247 – Fury

There were several blinking spots on the radar, this was how he discovered Yang Tian’s group.

“Yes, Captain.”

Yang Tian was unaware that he had been discovered, but the lesson earlier thought him to be cautious of the Cheetah Squadron’s actions.

Yang Tian also slightly reduce the range of his Mental Examine, he had expanded a third of his Mental Power when he used Mental Disruption on the Purple Wing Sickle Bug to ensure its effectiveness. He could not continue using the current range of Mental Examine else he would not have any reserves to handle any sudden problems which may occur.

After running for another three hours, the vice-captain was killed by an insect due to interference of his leg injury; the Cheetah Squadron was left with the captain, Huo Pao, and five Mid Rank 3 metahumans. As for Yang Tian’s side, he had lost five of the seven puppets, only Little Fish and Big Man were left. Dark Crimson Fire Wolf was also severely injured, half of its body was gone, it laid incapacitated on the back of the Brain-Eating Terror Hog. Fortunately, it has yet to die.

However, the severe injuries of Dark Crimson Fire Wolf had created a backlash on its master, Yang Tian. He received a powerful blow to his soul the moment Dark Crimson Fire Wolf got its deadly injury, causing dark blood to flow down from Yang Tian’s nose.

Yang Tian noticed that the Ice Plain Wolf Beast Fire was still beating inside Dark Crimson Fire Wolf’s heart, healing its severe injuries would not be easy, especially in their current situation, it was lucky just being able to survive.

Dark Crimson Fire Wolf was carried by Brain-Eating Terror Hog; it knew its companion’s situation and did its best to move without shaking too much, reducing the stress on Dark Crimson Fire Wolf.

Yang Tian gave Dark Crimson Fire Wolf a meaningful glance, if they really encounter a problematic situation, he would not hesitate to sacrifice it if needed. Yang Tian could still endure the backlash of a dead Dark Crimson Fire Wolf.

“We are reaching.”

The Cheetah Squadron had reached the borders of A City’s territory, they would soon arrive at their destination.

The Cheetah Squadron vanished from Yang Tian’s vision as they went underground to leave A City, but Yang Tian’s group could not do the same and could only jump out of A City instead.

T-Rex turned back to its original size as Yang Tian leaped onto T-Rex’s head while carrying Lina and the injured Dark Crimson Fire Wolf, the remaining two puppets also jumped onto T-Rex’s head as well.

T-Rex gathered power on its legs and leaped over the vast walls of A City. The outer circle of A City was still surrounded by a forest, but the back of it seemed to be under fierce attacks. Yang Tian could see thick smoke rising behind the forest.

All the energy signatures that could threaten Yang Tian within the forest have all gathered at that point, giving Yang Tian an opportunity.

Yang Tian no longer needed the Cheetah Squadron now, the current state of the forest made it the best timing for him to make an escape.

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The area of the woods that Yang Tian was heading to should be the safest location within the forest.

T-Rex shrank to human height again and charged towards the area pointed out by Yang Tian.

Faster, faster. Yang Tian said in his heart. They must break out of the forest during the period of safe passage, only by leaving the forest would they be safe.

“It’s you.” Yang Tian heard Huo Pao’s voice.

Yang Tian encountered the Cheetah Squadron along the way, he did not expect to meet them again.

Yet when Yang Tian thought about it, this area of the forest was the safest, it was likely arranged by the military so that they could escape safely. Yang Tian noticed several magic energy equipments on Xiao Gui’s hand, allowing it to clear Yang Tian’s doubts.

Xiao Gui possessed a communication-type equipment.

“Enough rubbish. There is still a distance to travel.”

Yang Tian had no mood to talk to Huo Pao and the trees around them were not common as well; they were Spirit Guard Trees that could block the powers of Mental-Type users, thus obstructing Yang Tian’s Mental Examine.

“That is for you guys. Our people have already arrived.” Xiao Gui replied confidently.

In front of them were three armored vehicles, everyone within the vehicles were High Rank 3 metahumans, and there were twelve of them in total.

When the twelve saw Huo Pao, they immediately approached them. However, Yang Tian’s group also attracted their attention.

“You guys…”

They wanted to block Yang Tian but was stopped by Huo Pao. They did not know Yang Tian’s fighting power, but Huo Pao was clear about it. Despite Yang Tian’s situation looking poor, he would be able to unleash a power that could endanger all of them if they pushed him too far.

The best option now was to ignore Yang Tian and his group.

Yang Tian moved away from the military just like that; there were several insect corpses near those armored vehicles looking like there were not many insects left within the forest and any left would likely be cleaned up as well.

“Hold on.”

A voice came from the armored vehicle, but Yang Tian ignored that person and continued moving.

The voice within the armored vehicle was obviously startled for a moment before his angry voice was heard.


A boorish figure leaped out of the armored vehicle and blocked Yang Tian’s group.

“You can leave, but the chick stays.”

The boorish man tried to take Lina who was behind Yang Tian, but he overestimated himself.

“You must be tired of living.”

Yang Tian was only using his own strength when running and did not use Venom, but the metahuman in front of him has successfully angered Yang Tian; Venom instantly covered Yang Tian’s body.

A black hand gripped onto the man’s wrist, preventing that man from moving a single inch.

Yang Tian’s current strength has certainly exceeded an average Peak Rank 3, and the man was only a Peak Rank 3, his power could not compete with Yang Tian.

“Let… go.” The man said with difficulty.

However, Yang Tian only applied more strength, causing the arm of the man to turn dark red.

When Huo Pao saw that the situation was getting out of hand, he immediately went up to reconcile the situation while silently cursing the big man for causing trouble.

“Can you give me some…”

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Huo Pao stopped speaking when he saw the cold glare from Yang Tian.


The arm of the big man was crushed by Yang Tian, the clear sound of bone breaking was distinctly heard. The man wanted to shout out in pain but was knocked unconscious by Yang Tian with a punch.

A Peak Rank 3 metahuman was dealt with just like that? Huo Pao could not help but be shocked, when did Yang Tian become so powerful?

Yang Tian’s current situation was indeed not normal, he had ignited some of his blood to obtain a temporary boost in power for the sake of dealing with the man quickly.

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