Chapter 991 – Acknowledging The Ancestor And Returning To The Clan

The guests were all waiting with bated breath.

Then what they saw was a row of people strolling on the crimson carpet and entering the hall.

At the very front leading, was Lord Crazy Sage, he was wearing a black robe that gave him a solemn look.

Behind him was the Bai Li Clan Patriarch, Bai Li Ren, he was entirely in red instead.

Following behind him were the elders of the Bai Li Clan, they were formal and carrying various items for sacrificial purposes.

The hall that was silent instantly went into a commotion when they saw the most senior members of the Bai Li Clan appearing.

From the looks of it, Lord Crazy Sage would be leading the ceremony while the Clan Patriarch and elders would support the process. This lineup fully displayed the sincerity of the Bai Li Clan for this occasion.

Lord Crazy Sage slowly entered the back palace and swept his gaze through the area, his gaze paused on Ji Mo Ya for a moment before it moved away.

Ji Mo Ya felt a chill on his back. The gaze that Crazy Sage gave him earlier was filled with enormous pressure.

Ji Mo Ya wondered if he was just overthinking because he felt that the Crazy Sage has something against him.

However, Ji Mo Ya did not have time to think much about it as the ancestor worshipping ceremony soon begun. 

The statue of Chef Sage was located behind the back palace, it was unknown what the Crazy Sage did as walls of the back palace suddenly shrunk underground, the hall instantly brightens with natural light.

The screen that divided the front and back palace was also removed, allowing for an unobstructed vision for people in the front palace.

Everyone saw the pavilion that housed the statue of the Chef Sage behind the palace, the statue was the size of a real person and looked incredibly life-like, the features and details down to the hair strands were extremely distinct, even the clothes on it looked real as well.

It was unknown what the statue’s material was; to be able to give such a life-like impression, especially those eyes that looked like a deep pool. A person with low cultivation would feel waves of powerful pressure coming from it if they looked at it for a couple of seconds.

Crazy Sage went up to offer incense, planting three sticks of incense the size of arms into the censer before taking a scroll carried by an elder and started reciting. 

The general meaning was to thank the Chef Sage for allowing the Bai Li Clan to discover that someone impersonated as one of them and to seek the Chef Sage’s forgiveness as the clan reputation was tarnished because the impersonator had practiced the devil arts.

The members of the Bai Li Clan was very ashamed of not being able to detect this sooner, raising a danger in place of one their own and letting an elite of the Bai Li Clan to roam the outside world.

However, he also told the Chef Sage to feel assured, the Bai Li Clan would not fall just because of this setback and they would certainly restore their clan’s honor.

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He also addressed the late ancestors of the clan, telling them to rest assured. That the Bai Li Clan was still doing well before they submitted offerings filled with the flavor of home to the ancestors to enjoy.

After Crazy Sage finished his recital, the elders started placing down the offerings.

Countless dishes, delicacies, fruits, and pastries started flowing out without an end and were placed neatly in rows in front of the statue.

Based on typical situations, after offering the food to worship the ancestors, a closing speech would ensure before everyone would start an entire day of eating and drinking.

However, after placing the offerings, the guests did not see the Crazy Sage or anyone else start the closing speech.

On the contrary, Bai Li Ren walked up and announced: “I, Bai Li Ren, will like to represent the Bai Li Clan and thank everyone for attending this ceremony. I will like to use this opportunity to announce some good news. Some time ago, Lord Crazy Sage managed to locate and bring back the clan member that the Bai Li Clan had lost outside. I will like to use this excellent occasion to start the ceremony of acknowledging the ancestor and of returning to the clan, we hope that everyone will bear witness to this event!”

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