Chapter 990 – Strange Atmosphere

Except for the Hanging Cloud Empire, Nan Gong, Shang Qiu, Bai Li Clan; the Holy Court, academies, and other Great Clans had all sent a representative to greet Ji Mo Ya. He returned them short bland replies and stopped there.

Not far away, Shang Qiu Meng Qian was arrogantly seated with a half-smiling expression and would occasionally throw a glance at Ji Mo Ya, looking as though he was waiting for an excellent show to happen.

Nan Gong Bei Chen’s strength had significantly increased, while the status of the Nan Gong Clan had also been alleviated. He was given a seat just next to Shang Qiu Meng Qian now.

The smile on his face contained traces of mockery as he looked at Ji Mo Ya.

The moment when Bai Chen Feng arrived, his gaze that was filled with killing intent had never left Ji Mo Ya.

Mo Si, who was behind Ji Mo Ya, nearly went berserk when he noticed them, but Ji Mo Ya was still very calm about it.

Ji Mo Ya did feel frustrated, but he knew that one of the three undoubtedly knew the whereabouts of Yan Lass; plus he has to endure so that he fulfill the task given by Sage Cai.

The people seated in the VIP area were sharp individuals and had naturally noticed the strange atmosphere between the four men.

They could not help but silently wonder when had the Shang Qiu Clan, Nan Gong Clan, and Hanging Cloud Empire started working together? It looked like they were specifically targeting Young Master Ya?

This could be said to be a fresh discovery.

However, none of these four could be trifled with, they did not dare to test them as well.

That was why everyone silently took several steps away from the four, allowing the four to have more space to have a gazing battle royale.

At that moment, the VIP area became quiet and still while the area outside remained bustling with activity, creating a sharp contrast.

At that moment, the announcer shouted with trembling excitement: “Lord Plant Sage has arrived!”

“Lord Sage Cai has arrived!”

“Lord Snow Sage has arrived!”


The main hall instantly became quiet.

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Today was only the hundred-year celebration of the Bai Li Clan, why would it attract three Lord Sages attend?

Curious, everyone looked at the entrance of the hall.

As Bai Li Feng and Bai Li Ren need to prepare for the altar ceremony today, the Head Elder, Bai Li Xiu, came to receive the new guests while expressing his apologies for their absence.

The three sages had specially made a trip down after receiving the invitation sent by Bai Li Feng and were not bothered about such minor details.

As the sages entered the back palace with Bai Li Xiu, everyone stood up to express their respects to the three Lord Sages.

After the three half-Sages sat down, Ji Mo Ya slightly frowned and went to them to greet the sages while softly asking: “Why is Ancestral Uncle here?”

Sage Cai gave him a nod and pacified, “The Crazy Sage sent a personal invitation, so us old fellas came to give him face!”

Plant Sage and Elder Snow were considered close to Ji Mo Ya and were smiling at the latter.

When Ji Mo Ya saw Elder Snow, he immediately greeted him: “Congratulations Elder Snow, for achieving a full recovery, if Little Yan knew about it, she will certainly be happy!”

Elder Snow nodded and replied with a few pleasantries.

None of them noticed that Bai Li Feng froze for a moment when he heard Little Yan being called, but he instantly recovered and acted as usual.

The others came to greet the three half-Sages too; such was a rare opportunity and each of them was very excited.

This continued until the auspicious hour has arrived, the hour was marked by the sound of an ancient bell ringing from afar, coming from the top of the mountain.

The expressions of people who were familiar with the Bai Li Clan instantly changed; this was the bell of the Karmaless Temple located at the top of the mountain behind the Bai Li Clan. The bell would not ring casually, usually only once in a century.

A Buddhist sutra seems to be hidden within the bell ringing, allowing the people who listen to it to enter a state of peace.

After it rang nine times, the sounds of drums and ceremonial tunes were heard; the atmosphere turned vibrant, yet contained a hidden solemnity, the entire hall instantly quietened.

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