Chapter 989 – Brightly Colored Decorations

Elder Snow opened it to read and instantly laughed out loud: “So that’s why. This saves me much effort, this Sage shall head over to participate as well!”


Five days later.

The celebration officially started.

Decorations covered the entire Bai Li Estate. The servants were all with happy expressions as they moved about energetically. 

The hall where the ceremony took place was stately decorated. This was the place where the first Sage of the Bai Li Clan, the Chef Sage, made his ascension.

After the Chef Sage ascended, the Bai Li Clan constructed a hall at this location and housed the statue of the Chef Sage within. It was said that the Chef Sage would convey his will through this statue when he wanted to pass instructions.

As time went by, this statue contained a trace of Chef Sage’s energy and became a divine item.

This hall would generally be closed and was only opened for celebrations like the Chef Sage’s hundred-year birthday celebration or during significant joyous events.

The patriarch and elders of the Bai Li Clan would personally clean and maintain this place; to the Bai Li Clan, this place was equivalent to a god’s hall.

This vast hall was described as a hall but it was as large as a palace.

The front and back palace were connected, the middle connecting area was empty with only a large screen acting as a divider.

The back palace was where the VIPs were placed; it hosted the guests from academies, empires, and other clans.

The front palace was much more extensive. It held the subordinate clans and families under the Bai Li Clan.

People come and go in this place filled with brightly colored decorations.

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Nearly comparable to the thousand-year birthday banquet that happened just a few months ago.

Many of the guests who had participated in the thousand-year birthday banquet started gossiping.

“Tsk tsk, the Bai Li Clan had really spent a huge one this time. I heard that the Chef Sage will be invited to give his blessings, we will be having a rare event today. I wonder if I, Old Zhu, will have the fortune of getting the Chef Sage’s blessings!”

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“You should not have too many expectations, it is said that Chef Sage has not appeared for many years. I heard the Heaven Sage Dew will be gifted after the celebrations, I am satisfied if I can obtain just one drop!”

“Che, look at your ugly mug and wishful thinking! How any Heaven Sage Dew is there? Look at the number of people present, do you think you will get your turn? Dream on!”

“What has that got to do with my looks? This daddy looks great! Pui…”

“You dare to spit at me? This lady will fight it out with you…”


The front palace instantly turned chaotic and caused quite a commotion, startling the guests at the back palace.

The Bai Li Clan member, who was in charge of receiving guests, instantly felt embarrassed and angry.

Dammit, today is our Bai Li Clan’s celebrations, yet you bastards are fighting in front of this daddy? Very good!

With a wave of his hand, several hidden guards that were positioned at various corners instantly appeared.

The front palace became peaceful again as the hidden guards dragged away several individuals with swollen pig heads.

The commotion was naturally picked up by the guests in the back palace but everyone present was cultured individuals and acted as though they did not notice and continued what they were doing.

Ji Mo Ya was seated at the front seating area as he blandly raised a teacup and wordlessly drank from it. The light gentle smile on his face seems to be never-changing, but anyone with good observation would sense that Young Master Ya was different from before.

The handsome Young Master could be said to be a warm beautiful jade in the past; now, he was a piece of cold jade.

The cold energy he was emitting just by sitting there would force people to distance themselves away from him.

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