Chapter 244 – Blood Corpse Rot Fiend

The Necromancer’s eyes revealed a trace of ease when he saw Light Envoy Wu Xi leaving, but this was not noticed by the Radiant Pope and the other Vice-Leader.

“Today will be the day of your death!”

The Necromancer unleashed his Undead Energy as he shouted with a crazed expression. A grey six-pointed star formation appeared above his head, before flying upwards.

Horrifying energy slowly emitted from the formation before an Undead Creature fell from it.

Early Rank 4 Undead Creature

Blood Corpse Rot Fiend

Its body of five meters tall and ten meters long was covered in rotting blood and flesh; it has a head that looked like a rotting Triceratops and its body was shaped similarly to one as well. On the end of its tall was a ball of rotting flesh.


The Blood Corpse Rot Fiend unleashed a roar, along with it cry was a rotting stench that caused the Radiant Pope duo to frown. The Blood Corpse Rot Fiend was an Elite Undead Creature; plus its nature of not fearing death made it possible for it to kill a Mid Rank 4 creature.

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Grey scales covered the Wang Family Head’s entire body as he unleashed his ability at the same time as well. A grey tail grew out of the back of his body but what made him terrifying was that the head of the Wang Family Head had disappeared, turning him into a headless metahuman.

The clothes that the Wang Family Head wore was also torn into shreds, revealing his face on his abdomen.

The energy emitted by the Wang Family Head reached Early Rank 4.

Both the Blood Corpse Rot Fiend and the Wang Family Head charged towards the Radiant Pope and Vice-Leader at the same time.

The Radiant Pope’s ability was undoubted, especially his Light Attribute, it had actually reached Captain-Tier. The Light Energy emitted by him caused the Blood Corpse Rot Fiend to pause in its tracks for a moment.

The Vice-Leader was also a Radiant Envoy, but he possessed the Slash of the Light Attribute, giving him a high destructive power during battle.

The Wang Family Head arrived in front of the Vice-Leader but was suddenly surprised by the sudden explosive power of the Light Slash Energy. Light Energy inherently restrained Undead Energy, the Slash trait of Light made him even more terrifying to go against.

The Wang Family Head was regretting his decision, but it was already too late. The Light Slash Energy struck squarely on the Wang Family Head’s chest, the Wang Family Head’s left eye was crushed while the scales on his body shattered.

The Wang Family Head quickly retreated but injuries caused by the Light Slash could not be healed. The Light Energy was destroying his body from within.

Wang Family Head wanted to continue retreating, but the Vice-Leader followed him closely. Moreover, the Light Sword that the Vice-Leader created using his energy gave the Wang Family Head a sense of great danger.

“Stop moving back.”

The cold voice of the Necromancer caused the Wang Family Head to forcefully clash with the Vice-Leader.

Unfortunately, the repeated slashes of the Vice-Leader only caused the injuries on the Wang Family Head to become more and more severe. The Light Energy was preventing the Undead Energy inside him from healing his wounds, causing him to continually bleed; this caused the Wang Family Head’s condition to rapidly decline.

The Blood Corpse Rot Fiend was also in a similar situation, the Radiant Pope’s Light Attribute was not weaker than the Vice-Leader, each attack would cause that landed on the Blood Corpse Rot Fiend would cause it to pause momentarily.

The Radiant Pope landed a palm strike onto the Blood Corpse Rot Fiend’s body, causing several dozen glowing golden palm imprints to appear on its body.

Radiant Explosion

The Radiant Pope forcefully closed his palm into a fist, causing the golden handprints on the Blood Corpse Rot Fiend to explode.

Boom Boom


The Blood Corpse Rot Fiend roared painfully due to the assault of Light Energy. The Necromancer’s expression turned ugly; he underestimated the Radiant Pope, he did not expect the latter’s strength to be at this stage.

“Can it be that being captured last time was not an accident?” the Necromancer was thinking of retreating.

After the explosion, the state of the Blood Corpse Rot Fiend was not looking good, the rotting flesh that covered its body was blasted away. Except for its head and tail, the rest of its body was only left with a skeleton frame. An Undead Creature was tenacious; such injuries were still not enough to kill it, death only happens when their Soul Fire extinguishes.

“Don’t run.”

The Necromancer commanded the Wang Family Head who was escaping. However, the Wang Family Head had lost his ability to fight after the exchange with the Vice-Leader.

The Necromancer looked at Wang Family Head coldly.

“Since you want to run, then at least display some of your value!”

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The next moment, the Wang Family Head stopped running, the Vice-Leader used that moment to attack the Wang Family Head.

“No! Move away!”

The Radiant Pope shouted, but it was too late. The Light Sword had pierced through the chest of the Wang Family Head.

The Vice-Leader wanted to retreat after hearing the shout of the Radiant Pope, but something happened to the Wang Family Head’s body at that instant.

The headless neck of the Wang Family Head suddenly shot out a bundle of black liquid and bind the Vice-Leader onto the ground. After that, the Wang Family Head’s body started expanding and reached three times its previous size within three seconds. The Vice-Leader was unable to free himself from the black liquid and could only watch as the Wang Family Head expands.


The Wang Family Head suddenly exploded, the powerful blast would make it hard for even a Mid Rank 4 to resist. The violent explosion had also affected the battlefield happening on the other side; many members of the Wang Family and Radiant Church were affected by the aftershock, even if they did not die, they would at least be injured.

After the explosion, the Vice-Leader had vanished as well, not a single trace of him left. This was a massive loss for the Radiant Church.

Yang Tian trio, who was hiding in the shadows, were also affected. Fortunately, everyone’s attention was at the site of the explosion, so no one noticed the three of them.

“That explosion is terrifying.” Huo Pao could not help but comment.

Huo Pao could not even handle the aftershock of the explosion, let alone the center of that explosion.

The Necromancer curled his lips into a cold smile.

“This trip can be considered fruitful.”

The Necromancer’s words caused the Radiant Pope’s expression to turn slightly ugly, the latter increased his attacking power and forced the Blood Corpse Rot Fiend to continually move back.

However, the Necromancer no longer planned to continue the fight and a grey six-pointed star appeared underneath the Blood Corpse Rot Fiend before it disappeared.

Along with it was the Necromancer, as for the Wang Family’s metahumans… they were not the Necromancer’s concern. However, when Wang Yi saw that the Necromancer had disappeared, he quickly shouted:

“Retreat, quickly retreat!”

After shouting, Wang Yi was the first to run.

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