Chapter 243 – Radiant Envoy

Someone within the Wang Family has deserted the human faction and joined the Abyss. Moreover, the person can mobilize the entire Wang Family, that person was highly likely to be the Wang Family Head.

The Radiant Church has also reacted against the aggressive assault of the Wang Family. A large number of Radiant Followers and several Protectors appeared.

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A High Rank 3 metahuman was leading the Radiant Church forces, he looked at the Wang Family and shouted. This person was the Vice-Leader of the Radiant Church. 

“Foreign races are currently attacking us, instead of fighting against these invaders and protecting the humans, the Wang Family came to fight with my Radiant Church instead?”

“You have no say in what our Wang Family does.”

On the Wang Family’s side, someone stood out and shouted back as well; Yang Tian was familiar with that person, Wang Yi, who he had personally castrated some time ago.

Yang Tian immediately detected the Undead Energy coming from Wang Yi and knew that the latter has joined the Abyss; had Yang Tian knew that this would happen, he would have killed that guy instead.

“Becoming the Servant of a Necromancer?”

Most Necromancers favor Specter Corpse as servants, especially ones transformed from metahumans. With Wang Yi’s current state, he could no longer be called a human; referring to him as a Specter Corpse was more suitable.

As Yang Tian had tamed a Lich in his previous life, he was very familiar with the various quirks of Undead Mages, especially the abilities and weaknesses of a Specter Corpse.

The energy emitted from Wang Yi was causing the people from the Radiant Church to feel discomfort, the Vice-Leader could not help but comment:

“You will be judged for that energy in your body.”

He immediately ignored the previous topic and focus his attention on Wang Yi instead. The Vice-Leader had come into contact with Undead Energy before and knew what it meant when this type of energy was being emitted by a human.

“Stop the useless chatter, your Radiant Church will not be able to escape today.”

Wang Yi waved his hand and the metahumans under him all charged towards the Radiant Church forces. Moreover, he also used Undead Attachment and the Undead Energy released by him became thicker.

The Skeleton Knight was attached, causing Wang Yi’s figure to expand as a layer of bone covered his body; one would think that they were looking at a walking skeleton without taking a closer look. Under the Necromancer’s guidance, Wang Yi had also prepared a suitable weapon this time; a knight’s long spear.

Wang Yi had lost all traces of being a human in this form, he gripped the long spear and leaped towards the Radiant Church’s Vice-Leader.

The Vice-Leader’s ability was not the Radiant Believer, but the Radiant Envoy. Radiant Envoys possess the power of purification and can display fighting strength that significantly surpasses their rank when facing against undead or dark creatures, even creatures that are a full rank higher than them will not be a problem.

Taint Retreat

A blinding golden light shot out from the Radiant Enovy’s body, enveloping the entire battlefield. Everyone, be it the Wang Family or Radiant Church, felt a comfortable feeling as they were showered in the golden light. Even the Light Energy within Yang Tian’s right arm was stirring under the shower of the golden light.

Wang Yi was the nearest to the Radiant Envoy and noticed that a sizzling sound was starting to emit from his body, boils of various sizes began to appear on the skeleton that covered his body and his grey skin, looking as though they would explode at any time.

“What are you doing, I feel… terrible.”

Wang Yi kept retreating, but the boils on his body continue to expand and densely covered his entire body.

Under Taint Retreat, the regenerating abilities of a Specter Corpse are useless, the Specter Corpse will turn into a pool of bloody water within moments.

“Sa… Save me!”

Wang Yi anxiously shouted in a particular direction.

A grey light wrapped Wang Yi’s body and stopped Wang Yi’s body from continuing to expand. A shadow appeared on the battlefield.

“So it’s him.”

Yang Tian recognized that Necromancer; he removed the left arm of that Necromancer back in the manor. About this Necromancer, Yang Tian was sure that he had become a slave of the Abyss. To escape from Yang Tian, that Necromancer had no choice and had relied on the power of the Abyss; ultimately becoming a member of the Abyss faction.

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Next to the Necromancer was the Wang Family Head as well; like Wang Yi, the Wang Family Head has become a slave of the Abyss too. However, what surprised Yang Tian was that he has reached Early Rank 4.

“He must have absorbed the blood of an Undead Creature to promote.”

Yang Tian made an assessment.

When the Necromancer and Wang Family Head appeared, they caused the Vice-Leader of the Radiant Church to immediately stop Taint Retreat. Casting Taint Retreat was very demanding on the castor’s energy and from the looks of it, the skill was not effective against the Necromancer and Wang Family Head.

It was, in fact, not true. It was because the Necromancer possessed a treasure that creates a 2-meter radius barrier around him. The barrier blocks all other energy from entering, that was why the shine of Taint Retreat had no effect.

However, the treasure has a restriction as well, it could only block magic attacks under Rank 4 and could not defend against physical attacks.

The danger that the Radiant Envoy sensed from the Necromancer and Wang Family Head was at least several times higher than what he had sensed from Wang Yi. The Undead Energy coming from them also explained many things.

The forehead of the Radiant Envoy started to sweat under the gaze of the Necromancer.

“Wu Xi, step back! I will handle it.”

Two figures came out from the Radiant Church and appeared in front of the Radiant Envoy, Wu Xi.

It was the Radiant Pope and the other Vice-Leader of the Radiant Church. They both possessed Rank 4 fighting power.

Yang Tian discovered that he had underestimated the Radiant Church again when he saw that there were two Rank 4 metahumans. Had the Radiant Church decided to make a move against the other three forces earlier on, it is highly likely that the Radiant Church would have A City under its rule.

The purification ability of the Radiant Envoy Wu Xi was already very powerful, Yang Tian wonders what’s the ability of the other Vice-Leader.

“I did not expect that you dared to come here while I am in seclusion to recover my injuries.”

The Radiant Pope said with some regret. He had underestimated the Necromancer’s power, he did not expect the cross to fail at trapping him.

“You think too highly of yourself.”

The Necromancer’s tone was filled with disdain. The only reason he was caught by the trap set by the Radiant Pope was due to him being overconfident, but he would not give the Radiant Pope such an opportunity again.

Two Corpse Demons appeared on the battlefield; under the aid of the Corpse Demons, the Radiant Church’s forces were in dire straits as casualties piled up.

“Wu Xi, go and help them.”


The Radiant Envoy quickly replied, the Followers and Protectors were the foundation of the Radiant Church, they cannot lose them just like that.

The participation of the Radiant Envoy instantly stopped more casualties happening on the side of Radiant Church’s forces.

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