Chapter 242 – Radiant Follower

As a Radiant Follower, if they could bring a high-rank metahuman into the Radiant Church, they would obtain the blessing of the Radiant Pope.

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They were initially just ordinary people and gained a power equivalent to a Rank 1 metahuman due to the grace of the Radiant Pope; however, they were unable to absorb energy crystals to become stronger like normal metahumans. They could only grow stronger through the blessings of the Radiant Pope, this was also the main reason why they were working so diligently.

“No need.” Yang Tian added an authoritative power in his voice, causing the Radiant Follower to stop speaking.

After Yang Tian and group left, the Radiant Follower quickly took out the magic energy equipment.

The magic energy equipment has a communication function on top of being able to detect and roughly estimate the fighting power a life form.

The Radiant Follower activates the communication function.

“Lord Protector, three Rank 3 metahumans appeared on the west zone.”

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“Noted, you have done well.”


Yang Tian and his group were heading towards the boundary of the Radiant Church’s territory when Huo Pao curiously asked:

“Is the Radiant Church really so powerful?”

“It is hard to determine as I have yet to witness the Radiant Church’s entire force, but the Radiant Pope is likely the strongest human within A City.”

The Radiant Church likely has a hidden force while the Radiant Pope was the only Rank 4 metahuman in A City and could be said to be the strongest person in it.

“If he is so powerful, the Radiant Pope could simply start spreading his faith throughout the entire city, why limit himself to just a quarter of the city?”

“Maybe he is apprehensive about something?”

Yang Tian was unable to thoroughly understand the Radiant Pope’s train of thoughts and could only make a rough guess.

Just as the three of them were about to leave the west zone, five powerful energy signatures locked onto the trio.

“We are being tracked.”

The three quickly entered into battle mode.

Five Radiant Believers. There is a significant difference between a Radiant Believer and a Radiant Follower, Radiant Believers are metahumans who awaken their abilities naturally, while Radiant Followers are the servants of the Radiant Pope.

All five of them were High Rank 3s and their Light Attributes were not weak as well, with the one leading this group reaching Elite-Tier.

“All visitors are guests, why not come and visit our church?”

The five Radiant Believers have surrounded Yang Tian’s group.

“Just you all? If you want to invite us, you should have gotten the Radiant Pope to come.”

“We are the Protectors of the Radiant Church, our positions are just below the two vice-leaders and Pope. Why can’t we invite you?”

The leader of the Radiant Believers said confidently, he was confident of his abilities and believed that the five of them were more than enough to take down Yang Tian’s group of three.

“You can always try.”

The one who spoke was Huo Pao, he could not take the arrogant attitudes of the five.

Blazing Spear Strike 

Five fire spears appeared around Huo Pao, each spear targeted a Radiant Believer. The high temperatures of Burst Flame Fire caused the Radiant Believers to feel uneasy.


The fire spears shot towards their targets.

The Radiant Believers all used the same skill to defend against the attack, a shield of light appeared in front of them.

The Light Shield used by the leader of the group was distinctly stronger than the other four, as well.

Sizzle Sizzle

When the fire spears touched the Light Shields, they started burning the Light Shields while the Light Shield dissipate the attack of the fire spears in return.

Other than the leader, the remaining four were starting to sweat buckets, it was unknown if it was because of the temperature or because defending was taking a toll on them.

“I can see that this is all that you people amount to?”

Huo Pao was after all a Peak Rank 3 metahuman; combined with the destructive power and high temperature of Burst Flame Fire, it made it hard for the Radiant Believers to handle.

The only one who successfully defended against the attack was the leader of the Radiant Believers, but shortly after he blocked the attack, Three-Headed Yin Insect’s Yin Energy attack appeared in front of him.


He was unable to block the attack in time and quickly turned into ice due to the Yin Energy. The ice formed from Yin Energy would not melt easily under high temperatures.

Only now did the remaining Radiant Believers noticed the power of the three people in front of them; the magic energy equipment could only detect that they were Rank 3 but not in detail. They thought that the five of them were more than enough, but the truth was far from that.

Yang Tian leaped and landed in front of the frozen Radiant believer, he punched through the ice with his right hand, straight into his heart and started absorbing the Light Energy within his body. The Radiant Believer eventually broke into pieces along with the ice.


The remaining Radiant Believers were shocked, but their endings were not much different, just that they were locked in a standstill by the spears made from Burst Flame Fire.

Yang Tian jumped behind them and punch through each of their hearts with his right fist, devouring all of the Light Energy inside of them.

“As expected, the difference is still big.”

The grade of Yang Tian’s Light Attribute was too high, the Light Energy of the five Radiant Believers was insignificant.

The five of them fell onto the ground powerlessly; they were still alive but no different from cripples now even if they woke up. Unfortunately, Yang Tian had no plans to let them wake up.

He crushed their throats and turned them into corpses.

“Let us leave.”


This was not a good place to stay. The Radiant Believers mentioned two vice-leaders earlier; for them to reach the position of vice-leader likely meant that they have Peak Rank 3 fighting power.

After leaving the west zone, they would only need to pass through this area, and they would leave the territory of the Radiant Church.

Just as Yang Tian thought that he could leave the Radiant Church’s lands, he noticed that the region had been surrounded and the ones surrounding the Radiant Church were metahumans from the Wang Family.

“What is happening?”

Yang Tian could not determine what the Wang Family was playing at but from the three of them could only first retreat, or else, they might enter into conflict with the Wang Family.

However, Yang Tian detected familiar energy at the back of the Wang Family forces, the energy of the Necromancer.

There is a Necromancer behind the Wang Family? No wonder they attacked the Radiant Church.

Although Yang Tian did not have any good impression of the Radiant Church, the Radiant Church was still a faction under the human race. While Necromancers were mostly slaves of the Abyss World.

“There are also several other Undead Energies.”

Yang Tian could detect two other Undead Energy signatures amongst the Wang Family’s forces, they were not pure Undead, but humans tainted with Undead Energy after submitting to the Abyss World.

Yang Tian was very familiar with this type of energy and was sure of his discovery.

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