Chapter 241 – Three Head Skeleton Snake

Mutated Beast, Skeleton Snake. The strongest Skeleton Snake has three heads.

Skeleton Snakes are ranked in the top hundred of the Earth Beast Rankings, ranking at 98th place.

There is also a distinct method of determining how powerful a Skeleton Snake is, by the number of heads it has. One head meant that the Skeleton Snake is Rank 1, if it has six heads, it is a Rank 6 Skeleton Snake.

This species is given the 98th place in the rankings for a good reason as well. Every promotion to a new rank meant that the new head grown will possess a different attribute. When the Skeleton Snake reached Legendary Rank at nine heads, it also means that it will possess nine different attributes. However, Yang Tian has yet to encounter a Legendary Rank Skeleton Snake before.

Unlike Yang Tian’s situation, each head of the Skeleton Snake is seen as an individual that can wield its respective attribute to its maximum potential.

Yang Tian was currently facing a Rank 3 Skeleton Snake with dozens of Mutated Cobras following behind it. The Cobra-type mutated snakes were undoubtedly hegemons of their species, but they still fall short when compared to a Skeleton Snake.


The Skeleton Snake and Mutated Cobras were constantly flicking their tongues, their ability to sense warm bodies within this sewer environment proved a much better detector than vision.

Yang Tian and Huo Pao were currently submerged within the filthy water of the sewage while the Three-Headed Yin Insect possessed a much lower body temperature by nature, allowing it to remain undetected without needing to hide.

The Skeleton Snake stopped about the water surface where Yang Tian and Huo Pao was located for a short moment, before moving away.

This Skeleton Snake was at least a Mid Rank 3, its three heads could be treated as three separate Mid Rank 3 fighting power. The fighting power of Yang Tian’s group could naturally defeat it, but the commotion caused by the battle would undoubtedly catch on as well.

The mutated beasts they encountered previously they dealt with instantly and with minimal commotion, but it would be different for the Skeleton Snake due to its high fighting power.

If it were an ordinary Mid Rank 3 mutated beast, Yang Tian would be able to kill it instantly, but he could not do the same against a Skeleton Snake. The fighting power of a Skeleton Snake could not be gauged using the usual standards of its relative rank.

It has only been a while and they had already encountered a creature like a Skeleton Snake; this has indeed caused confliction in Yang Tian.

Yang Tian and group emerged from the water after assessing that the Skeleton Snake has left.

“Not good.”

Yang Tian’s Mental Examine discovered that the Three-Headed Skeleton Snake had turned around and was moving at such a high speed that Yang Tian’s Mental Examine had been unable to detect it.


Yang Tian shouted before dashing towards a specific direction, Huo Pao and Three-Headed Yin Insect followed closely behind him.

“Why are we running?”

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Huo Pao was still confused about this situation.

“The three of us might die in its hands.”

Yang Tian had fought against a Skeleton Snake before and understood its capabilities, an Early Rank 4 creature might be killed by it.

“It is that strong?” Huo Pao was obviously finding it hard to believe.

But Yang Tian did not speak anymore. This was also his first time being hunted by a creature weaker than him after his reincarnation but he decided to run to ensure safety.

Huo Pao condensed a spear using Burst Flame Fire, he wanted to see if the Three Head Skeleton Snake was really that strong and threw the fire spear at it.

Huo Pao watched with shocked eyes as the fire spear was swallowed by one of the heads, the Three Head Skeleton Snake acted as though it had eaten a stimulant and moved at an even higher speed.

“Over here.”

Yang Tian used Mental Examine and found an exit, it was ten meters high.

Yang Tian entered Venom mode and scale up the wall as though he was walking, using only two seconds to reach the exit, which he punched the manhole cover away.

Upon reaching outside, Yang Tian shot his arms and pulled Huo Pao and Three-Headed Yin Insect out before placing the manhole cover back and sealed the exit again.

“To think that it is only the first layer of the sewers, and we have encountered something like a Three Head Skeleton Snake.” Yang Tian sighed and commented.

Generally, a powerful creature like the Three Head Skeleton Snake would only appear in the third or fourth layer. They could only blame their luck for encountering one in the first layer.

“Where is this place?” Huo Pao checked the surroundings before asking.

“This? It seems to be the Radiant Church?”

Yang Tian sensed the energy of Light and reckoned it was likely the Radiant Church because no other place in A City would possess so much Light Energy.

“Look over there.”

“It is indeed the Radiant Church.”

A very eye-catching Radiant Church was located in the direction where Huo Pao pointed. However, there was still a distance between their current location and the Radiant Church.

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Yang Tian used Mental Examine and discovered at least ten church followers within the range of his skill. These followers were initially ordinary people who after being brainwashed by the Radiant Pope and were bestowed the Light Attribute to become Rank 1 metahumans. However, they were only tasked with mundane matters of the Radiant Church as the critical tasks were beyond their reach.

They were currently performing their daily mission, preaching their religion to the residents nearby.

Yang Tian took out three black robes from his ring to cover the three of them. Three-Headed Yin Insect was walking upright after Yang Tian gave the command. Without detail observation, it would be hard to detect that underneath the black robe was actually a giant insect.

“Let’s go.”

Yang Tian walked in the lead with the two following behind.

The people on the streets only glanced at them for a moment before pulling back their gazes. After the apocalypse, there were many strange people in unusual attires and people wearing black robes were considered normal.

“Please wait.”

A Radiant Church follower stood in front of Yang Tian. Light Attribute metahumans would emit a pleasant feeling; that was why they rarely encounter rejections.

“What is it?” Yang Tian cold voice startled the follower. The follower’s interactions with people were usually very amiable. It was rare for him to hear such a tone of voice.

“We are spreading our faith, I wonder if you are interested in listening? If you join our Radiant Church, you will obtain our blessings and obtain a form of protection in this post-apocalyptic world.”

The follower went straight to the point and spoke enticingly. Being able to obtain protection in the post-apocalyptic era was a very alluring condition. A pity he encountered Yang Tian.

Yang Tian was very clear about the tricks used by the Radiant Church; each follower would often have a type of low-rank magic energy equipment that would flash a green light when they encounter a high-rank metahuman.

And the follower in front of Yang Tian held that magic energy equipment, it was this equipment that directed the follower to appear in front of them.

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