Chapter 240 – Plunder Skeletal Dragon

Wang Yi was still not familiar with this new power, which was why he was unable to display a high fighting ability in the battle earlier. However, after seeing this miraculous scene, he no longer doubted his ability.

Wang Yi went to the Necromancer’s place.

“Why are you here?”

“Master, I wish to understand more about my ability.”

Wang Yi was only left with humbleness when standing in front of the Necromancer.

“It slipped my mind, I will let you know more about it to you now.”

The Necromancer gathered a bundle of grey light on his hand and sent it into Wang Yi’s head.

“Okay, you can leave now! You are not allowed to disturb me unless I summoned for you, else I will cripple you.”


Wang Yi slowly moved back, the words that the Necromancer spoke felt like a chant that kept repeating within Wang Yi’s mind.

The grey light from the Necromancer turned into a series of information within Wang Yi’s mind.

“What a… mysterious ability.”

Wang Yi displayed a shocked expression. Limb Regeneration, Limb Explosion, Undead Attachment.

Wang Yi had experienced Limb Regeneration already. If he knew that the fist he left behind could be used with Limb Explosion during the previous battle, he would have blast Wang Zhong to kingdom come. The might of Limb Explosion depends on Wang Yi’s rank; he was now Mid Rank 3, which means the explosion would be equivalent to a full-powered attack of a Mid Rank 3, close to a High Rank 3 attack.

As for Undead Attachment, it allows Wang Yi to attach an Undead’s Soul Fire to his body; the Necromancer had bestowed three Soul Fires to Wang Yi: Skeleton Knight, Plunder Skeletal Dragon, Three-headed Hound. Wang Yi could also hunt Undead and obtain more Soul Fires, but his capabilities were obviously lacking, else the Necromancer would not have only bestowed three Soul Fires.

Taking Yang Tian’s T-Rex for example, it was a Half Undead Creature that also possessed a Soul Fire. If Wang Yi could kill it, he would be able to obtain its Soul Fire.

Wang Yi’s confidence significantly increased now, he went to search for Wang Zhong.

Wang Zhong was still at a loss about the earlier incident but was startled when he saw Wang Yi appearing in front of him again.

“You are fine?”

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“I am here to make you not fine.”

Wang Yi was not here to be polite and his tone was also very different from before.

Undead Attachment, Plunder Skeletal Dragon.

The Plunder Skeletal Dragon was the strongest of the three Soul Fires that Wang Yi had; Wang Yi’s body started turning brown due to the effects of Undead Attachment and his defense sharply increased. Two black horns appeared on Wang Yi’s forehead as well.

“Let’s go!”

Wang Zhong had turned into Icesoul Bird battle form and used Ice Shield again.


Wang Yi’s right fist struck Wang Zhong’s Ice Shield again, the same scene but a completely different outcome.

Wang Zhong was pushed back by the force while a faint crack appeared on the Ice Shield. Wang Zhong was shocked, it has only been a short while, and Wang Yi had become so powerful?


Wang Yi attacked with both his hands and repeatedly dealt powerful blows on the Ice Shield, each strike created more cracks on the Ice Shield, and it was soon entirely covered in cracks.


Wang Yi’s strength suddenly exploded as he struck the Ice Shield with his right fist again. The cracked Ice Shield could no longer handle the attack.


Ice Shield shattered into ice shards while Wang Yi’s right fist continues to charge forward, aiming, at the Icesoul Bird’s wings.

Wang Zhong was the one to suffer this time. The Ice Shield was his most excellent defense method, yet he was unable to find an opportunity to launch a counterattack when Wang Yi’s attacks were raining down on him. Now that the Ice Shield has shattered, he could only perform a forced counter.

Frost Pierce

The tips of Wang Zhong’s wings joined together and created a giant icicle on its tip, it was aimed at Wang Yi’s right fist.

However, Wang Yi did not avoid the attack.

Wang Zhong watched with shock as the icicle on his wingtips was shattered by the fist.



Elder Tang arrived on the scene. He had not expected the two brothers to start fighting again, but what surprised him the most was that Wang Yi’s right hand was fine.

And if Wang Zhong were to take Wang Yi’s powerful attack, Wang Zhong would for sure suffer. That was why Elder Tang tried to stop them.

Tang Shan was a Frost Mage and lacked the speed to stop them; but fortunately, there were ice shards near Wang Zhong, it allowed Tang Shan to be able to do something to protect him from Wang Yi.

Condense Frost

The ice around Wang Zhong immediately gathered and formed a giant barrier that did not look any weaker than Ice Shield.


Wang Yi was unable to break through with one attack and was forced to step back.

Tang Shan stood between them, Wang Zhong was sitting on the ground from the fright and only managed to stand up with Tang Shan’s help.

“Big Young Master, I know Young Master Zhong might have offended you, but you two are still brothers. If there is anything, please wait till Old Master comes out.”

“Okay, I will give you some face Elder Tang.”

Wang Yi knew that he could not continue attacking now that Tang Shan has appeared, so he might as well give the latter some face.

If the back of Wang Yi previously was described as desolate, then at this point, it held confidence. Wang Yi’s power strength has proven his position.

“Let’s return!”

Wang Zhong and Elder Tang left.

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The internal affairs of the Wang Family could be said to be pretty chaotic because of Wang Yi and Wang Zhong’s incident. The metahumans within the family have basically split into two factions; Wang Yi faction and Wang Zhong Faction,

Currently, Yang Tian was within A City’s sewers with Three-Headed Yin Insect, along with them was Huo Pao as well.

Yang Tian learned from Huo Pao that there was a Spirit Tree within the sewers. From Huo Pao’s description, Yang Tian could roughly guess what the Spirit Tree was.

“If it is true, then it is pretty good stuff.” Yang Tian thought.

However, Yang Tian and Huo Pao had fought six attacks from mutated beasts ever since they entered the sewers. Fortunately, their opponents were not very powerful and Three-Headed Yin Insect had performed exceptionally well within the sewers, so they remained relatively unscathed so far.

The narrow sewers and water source allowed Yin Energy to maximize its effectiveness.

“Do you still want to go? It has only been a short while and we have faced six attacks.”

“Yes, we must go.”

Yang Tian’s resolute tone silenced Huo Pao.

Huo Pao was regretful about telling Yang Tian about it, but it was too late for regrets.

“Crap, we need to hide this time.”

A group of mutated snakes was heading towards Yang Tian’s group, the cold shine of their fangs caused the group to feel a chill running through their bodies.

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