Chapter 984 – Let You Handle!

Seeing that Huan Qing Yan’s mind finally cleared up and filled with a fighting spirit, Crazy Sage was delighted and decided to dote on the lass a bit more: “Lass, Ji Mo Ya’s mother held a special status within the Ji Mo Clan because of her husband and son. Plus, she also has the support of the Mu Rong Clan; you might need to wait several years before you can seek her for revenge. How about this, this Sage is free now, I can help you capture that old woman and imprison her a few dozen years.”

Huan Qing Yan had initially wanted to reject the offer but she pondered some; she knew that she was far from reaching King Spirit Master to become strong enough to beat down Madam Ru and to suppress the Mu Rong Clan along the way.

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Other than the fact that she was a lost bloodline wondering outside, the Bai Li Clan must have some agenda for bringing her back and treating her so well.

After experiencing being betrayed by Ji Mo Ya for his own interest and the matter regarding her child, why worry about making use of or betraying others?”

One has to admit that Crazy Sage’s words have struck Huan Qing Yan at her sorest spot and greatly shaken her mind. The impact it has on Huan Qing Yan was powerful.

Now, she would consider using others for mutual benefits, no longer doing it on her preference and likes.

If her strength was not enough, why not rely on the Bai Li Clan and avenge the baby first? Let Madam Ru enjoy a carefree life for a few decades?


Huan Qing Yan nodded after making up her mind and she forced herself to displayed a touched smile: “Thank you, Lord Sage, Qing Yan is very grateful! Qing Yan will repay this favor in the future!”

Crazy Sage was initially feeling frustrated about having to listen to Bai Li Ren’s nagging, bothering him with small matters. When Huan Qing Yan agreed to let Crazy Sage capture Madam Ru, Crazy Sage was delighted.

He patted his chest and guaranteed, “Rest assured, Lass. This Sage will certainly bring that woman back and let you deal with her! Take care of your body, once you complete the ancestor acknowledgment ceremony, this Sage will teach you personally!”

After he spoke, he quickly left.

See the departing figure of Crazy Sage, Huan Qing Yan’s eyes slowly turned resolute, she clutched her chest and swore softly: “Baby, rest assured, mummy will avenge you!”


Bai Li Jia Bao felt as if within a short time, the Bai Li Clan had experienced a significant change that was making her feel out of place.

Who within the Bai Li Clan had not supported Bai Li Zi Xi? Even Grandpa Patriarch and the Elders would side with her.

She was a descendant of the main branch whose talent was not weaker than Bai Li Zi Xi; her status was not lower than hers as well, yet she would always be pushed down by Bai Li Zi Xi.

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She would accept it if Bai Li Zi Xi were really worth the support and attention.

Yet Bai Li Jia Bao and many females of the main branch felt that Bai Li Zi Xi was not a decent person.

Maybe it was because of the innate sensitivity of girls but Bai Li Zi Xi’s constant display of magnanimous and gentle side had made the girls felt that Bai Li Zi Xi was just putting up a show.

Let alone the fact that Bai Li Zi Xi has been flirting with the male cousins within the clan.

The girls have reminded their male cousins, but they never listened and thought that the girls were just jealous of Bai Li Zi Xi or felt that Bai Li Zi Xi was only a child and did not treat the reminders seriously.

Bai Li Jia Bao and her sisters had been suppressed by Bai Li Zi Xi for their entire lives.

They did not expect that Ji Mo Ya and Wine Sage would work together and force Bai Li Zi Xi to reveal her true self, it was truly satisfying and delightful!

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