Chapter 983 – Deep-Rooted Hatred!

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Relationship, benefits, status; in this world, these are all an illusion! People will not dare to trifle with you only when you possessed enough strength, and then everything will be yours! If you are weak, those things will all be taken away by others!

It was just that realistic!

Huan Qing Yan’s expression wavered for a moment, seemingly as though she was listening.

The Crazy Sage lightly sighed in relief, it looks like this Yan Lass can still be saved.

He added one final blow, “Don’t you want to avenge your child? Are you allowing him to just die so pitifully? He was harmed and killed by his own grandmother? Are you actually waiting for that Ji Mo Brat to avenge your child for you?”

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An attack straight to her heart!

Color was finally restoring into Huan Qing Yan’s eyes. It was a deep-rooted hatred!

“Lord Sage, I want to take revenge! He was just born yet killed by Madam Ru! He died such a miserable death, yet it is unknown where his body is! I hate! Hate Ji Mo Ya, hate Madam Ru! But the one I hated the most is myself. Had I not been so reliant on Ji Mo Ya and made myself stronger, I would not have been treated as such!”

Due to the rapid collapse of the cave, Leafy was unable to safely deliver the baby out of the mountain, no matter how fast it traveled. When the severely injured Leafy sensed that the baby had died and noticed that Huan Qing Yan has fainted, Leafy could only properly bury the baby and return inside Huan Qing Yan.

“Lord Sage, you are right! If I am powerful enough to that point that even Ji Mo Ya is not my match, would Madam Ru dare to look down on me? Would the Ji Mo Clan arrange Bai Li Zi Xi to marry Ji Mo Ya despite knowing that he wants to marry me? Would Ji Mo Ya have chosen Bai Li Zi Xi for the sake of his interests, discarding me?

If I am powerful enough, would Bai Li Zi Xi be able to successfully lay a trap and caused the baby’s father to misunderstood that the baby is a bastard? Everything was simply because I was too weak! So weak that others had looked down on me and bullied me! I had allowed them to trample on me just like how one stepped on mud!”

Huan Qing Yan was initially planning to continue spending her days aimlessly, but Crazy Sage’s words reminded her that her baby must be avenged! She has let down her baby; she was neither able to protect him well nor have a proper funeral for him!

And the foe is still alive; because of her status and strength, she might even be able to continue living a good life!

Huan Qing Yan was not willing to resign herself to that! She wants to become stronger as well, so strong that she can crush everything!

So strong those who had looked down on her and insulted her would regret and have to look up to her!

Huan Qing Yan got spirited.

The scar on her tummy was still there, it would constantly remind her of her painful past.

Crazy Sage finally felt assured, but he suddenly hesitant when the lass talked about Bai Li Zi Xi.

It was also because the Bai Li Clan had failed to verify Bai Li Zi Xi’s bloodline that resulted in them raising an outsider who harmed a member of their own.

Huan Qing Yan was in a depressed state over the past few days and had not thought of Bai Li Zi Xi. Now that she was clear-headed, it was only a matter of time before she asked about Bai Li Zi Xi; she was still unaware that Bai Li Zi Xi did not have the Bai Li Bloodline and was being locked up by the Holy Court.

Yan Lass currently did not have a deep relationship with the Bai Li Clan; there were too many implications here, this child might distance herself from the Bai Li Clan with just a wrong word.

An old man would not want to be frustrated about such matters, he would just let Bai Li Ren explain it since Bai Li Ren is the Clan Patriarch!

Crazy Sage made that his decision just like that.

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