Chapter 982 – Where’s Yan Lass?

“How would I know, the Ancestor told us to take care of Young Lady, yet Young Lady did not have the will to live, how would her body get better!”

“Ai~ our Young Lady had a tough life as well. Not becoming crazy after experiencing that sort of incident is already very fortunate…”

“Sshhh… are you tired of living! The Ancestor had instructed that no one is to gossip or talk about that incident, else we will be sent to the punishment hall to be punished!”

“My dear sister, I am wrong. I am just feeling sad for the Young Lady, she is at an age where she should enjoy her youth, yet her heart is like a dried lifeless well. I feel heartache just looking at her current state!”

“Ai!” both maids sighed at the same time before looking at the figure inside the building again.

With their Young Lady’s cultivation, she would naturally hear them, yet she had no reaction. Even the rug on her lap did not have an additional crease.

The two of them exchanged a glance wryly, they did not know what to do.

At that moment, a voice came from behind them, “Is Yan Lass better?”

The two maids jumped in shock before turning around and look, they relaxed and bowed, “Greetings Lord Sage!”

It was Bai Li Feng.

He waved his hand to indicate them to rise, “Where is Yan Lass?”

Lingzi replied, “Young Lady is the same today, she only sat beside the window blankly, not crying nor laughing.”

Bai Li Feng entered the room, he felt angry when he saw Huan Qing Yan’s half-dead attitude of losing all hopes of life.

He always had a bad temper and lacked patience.

Yet he felt pain for the lass and also a tinge of guilt, that was why he was exceptionally tolerant towards her. Now a month has passed, the injuries on the lass were mostly healed, yet she failed to live up to expectations, he felt both pain and anger when looking at her half-dead attitude.

As a member of the Bai Li Clan, how could she be unable to handle setbacks?

For an old man like him, love and relationships were like the clouds, getting so affected by such matters was being irresponsible to the bloodline inside you.

If the lass were allowed to wither like this, she would eventually become a cripple.

Crazy Sage approached Huan Qing Yan, grabbed the rug on her legs, and threw it onto the floor with a solemn expression.

Huan Qing Yan was startled by the sudden change and turned to look. She saw that it was Crazy Sage before looking at the rug that had just been thrown onto the floor and the shocked maids standing behind Crazy Sage.

She indifferently turned her head and treated as though nothing has happened.

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With his temper, how would Crazy Sage allow someone to ignore him? He angrily slapped the table and scolded, “Look at your half-dead state. Did this Sage went to rescue you so that you can become like this?”

Huan Qing Yan pretended not to hear.

Crazy Sage silently reminded himself, ‘This is a darling of my Bai Li Clan, I cannot beat her, she would die if I beat her! I must endure! Endure!’

Only after reciting it a hundred times did he finally barely manage to suppress his temper and entered a ‘patiently persuade’ mode, “Yan Lass, you are still young. You have returned to the clan and had awoken the ancient bloodline too, you even have excellent talent as well. Your achievements in the future will not be lower than this Sage, why do you allow yourself to be dejected for a stinky brat from the Ji Mo Clan?”

Huan Qing Yan’s lifeless eyes suddenly moved after hearing the words, Ji Mo, before revealing a pained expression.

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When Crazy Sage saw that there was finally a reaction, he immediately added, “Yan Lass, the reason you are now in this state is that you are not powerful enough! If you are powerful enough to the point that even the Ji Mo Clan have reservations towards you, Ji Mo Ya’s old mum would not have dared to touch you, you would also not have become a discarded chess piece! Understand?”

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