Chapter 981 – Break Off!

Madam Ru’s crimes would likely result in her spirit energy being sealed and be placed in confinement for the rest of her life.

Ji Mo Ya was not really satisfied with this result, he hates! He has never felt so much hate before!

His own mother took action of her own grandson for her selfish desires, completely losing her reason! 

From the moment she took action, their relationship as mother and son have been broken off!

It was unknown if his own child would be alive or not and Yan Lass was still missing, yet his mother was still running freely outside. Although she would not be free because she would eventually be captured back to be trialed.

He awaits the arrival of that day! Ji Mo Ya’s eyes turned dark. 

Madam Ru was already her last legs and not worthy of his attention anymore. The important one now was Little Yan.

Ever since Yan Lass discarded the Phoenix Feather Bell, Ji Mo Ya knew that she was determined to stay away from him and the Ji Mo Clan.

That was why Mo Si and the rest did not manage to locate her, this made him even more worried.

Who was the one that took Yan Lass away? Bai Chen Feng has been excluded as he was with Ji Mo Ya.

Where is Yan Lass hiding? Why did that person rescue Yan Lass? Is it merely a rescue? Or are there other intentions?

From what Ji Mo Ya understood about Huan Qing Yan, her status in Spirit Treasure Continent was considered common. Except for himself and Elder Snow in Surging Wave Academia, the only ones left were the opportunistic Bai Chen Feng, Nan Gong Bei Chen, and Shang Qiu Meng Qian.

If Yan Lass was free and was genuinely disappointed and sad towards him, would she contact them?

After learning from Mo Si had looked for Yan Lass at the places where she might appear to find no results, Ji Mo Ya can only shift his attention to Bai Chen Feng and the others.

Especially Shang Qiu Meng Qian and Nan Gong Bei Chen, additional surveillance must be placed on them.

Their backgrounds were powerful, making it easy for them to hide things from the Ink Guards if needed.

If they were really hiding something, Ji Mo Ya’s mouth curled up coldly, he would let them know that his reputation as the number one Young Master was not given for no reason.

Ji Mo Ya became spirited after these thoughts, he was unable to leave the clan because of Sage Cai’s instructions, so he could only order the Ink Guards to focus on investigating the Nan Gong Clan and Shang Qiu Clan.

Bai Chen Feng might be with him that day, but no one could guarantee that Little Yan did not look for him after that or that he would not go look for Little Yan after that day, so Bai Chen Feng must not be left out as well.

The Gnomes as well, just in case.

After confirming that he had covered every possibility, he gave the order to Mo Si and the rest and remained in the building.

Ji Mo Ya’s calm expression revealed a pained look as he held the Phoenix Feather Bell and slightly blanked out.

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Wu Xin Chamber.

A thin figure was leaning against the table next to a window, that person quietly watched the scene outside the window without moving for half a day.

The person was shockingly thin on a closer look, the clothes on her could not hide the collarbone that was extremely pronounced, looking as though a soft gust would be enough to send her flying into the air.

Just from her back, one would naturally guess that she was an astonishing beauty.

Yet the thick sorrow and melancholy coming from her made the entire room feel oppressive and hard to breathe in.

White smoke was coming out from the scent furnace within the room and filled the area with a faint fragrance of vegetables and fruits.

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Mixed within it was also a hint of medicinal herbs.

Two beautiful serving maids outside the room were whispering, “Sister Lingzhi, why is Young Lady quiet for the entire day? She only stared blankly out of the window, not drinking medicine or water. Is it okay to just watch her lose weight like this?”

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