Chapter 980 – Blacklist

Compared to the natural treasures, Ji Mo Wu Chang was more worried about giving Ji Mo Ya a good explanation.

Before he could think about how to give Ji Mo Ya an answer, Ji Mo Ya fainted.

After sending his spirit energy to inspect Ji Mo Ya’s condition, Ji Mo Wu Chang nearly cursed out. A God Chosen who has awoken an ancient bloodline had somehow made his body weak from loss of blood and his mind in a severely fatigued state. 

What sort of ghost did the Ji Mo Clan encounter for them to experience such lousy luck lately! 

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If Ji Mo Ya really died, the Ji Mo Clan’s good fortunes accumulated till now would be for naught.

With an anxious heart, he nearly emptied his medicinal herb stores and fed everything to Ji Mo Ya so that the latter could quickly wake up.

Ji Mo Wu Chang started to feel anger towards Madam Ru, that woman from the Mu Rong Clan really fails to see the bigger picture of things.

Did she really think that no one in the clan saw what she was scheming? A mere married woman dared to control the future of the Ji Mo Clan.

So be it that she had failed to control Ji Mo Ya, now she even killed Ji Mo Ya’s child and gave him such a significant setback.

No wonder the saying, marry your daughter to your enemies, she would naturally avenge you by turning that family into chaos!

This describes Mu Rong Ru accurately, her single actions had harmed two Ji Mo Clan members of different generations.

Ji Mo Wu Chang angrily changed his command, the previous order of inviting her back was given with the intent of leaving her some face.

Now the command was to capture and escort Madam Ru back upon sight; if she dares to resist, they could do whatever needed to drag her again as long as she did not die.

When Ji Mo Ya woke up, Ji Mo Wu Chang quickly went over and inspected Ji Mo Ya’s body without getting his permission. After sleeping for several days, Ji Mo Ya’s body has mostly recovered. Moreover, with the Inner Devil removed, Ji Mo Ya was basically well except for being slightly thin.

Seeing that Ji Mo Ya had mostly recovered, Ji Mo Wu Chang finally felt relieved. If he continues to worry about Ji Mo Ya, his body might last less than the few years he thought he had left. What would happen to the Ji Mo Clan at that time?

Ji Mo Ya waited patiently for Ji Mo Wu Chang to leave before summoning Mo Si to ask about the progress of the search.

Mo Si was about to cry. They have been worrying about their Young Master’s health over the past few days while doing their best to search for Young Madam’s whereabouts.

Now that the truth was out, that Young Madam was not tainted by Demon Man, she was pure!

She even mysteriously disappeared after giving birth. No one knew her current situation. Looking at the Young Master’s feelings for the Young Madam, if something terrible happens to her, the Young Master would likely breakdown!

That was why they placed considerable effort into the search.

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Yet, they were unable to obtain a single clue after searching every possible location that the Young Madam might be, it felt as though Young Madam had vanished into thin air.

Now that the Young Master had woken up and asked about the Young Madam, they were ashamed to give their report.

Ji Mo Ya immediately understood when he saw Mo Si’s expression of guilt.

Although he was worried, his mind was still working clearly now and he started to analyze. 

The Clan Patriarch had already informed the Ji Mo Clan about the incident, his mother was the mastermind behind everything.

She harmed the bloodline of the Ji Mo Clan and cannot be allowed to run away scot-free.

The Ji Mo Clan had been treating her with respect and honor because of Ji Mo Ya and his deceased father. 

Yet she was still unsatisfied and was greedy for more. Even to the point of making a move on her own grandchild to satisfy her greed!

This has crossed the bottom line of the Ji Mo Clan, it has been announced within the family that Madam Ru would no longer enjoy any benefits of the clan and had been blacklisted. Once caught, she would be punished immediately.

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