Chapter 979 – Punished By Clan Law!

Ji Mo Ya could not bear to look anymore as he half-kneeled and bowed, “Thank you, Ancestral Uncle!”

Sage Cai waved his hand and removed the barrier, he turned to look at the child before saying, “Stay in the clan for the next few days and wait for my summons, I am afraid there are more things for you to do.”

Ji Mo Ya naturally would not reject and nod in acknowledgment.

When Ji Mo Wu Chang saw Ji Mo Ya came out, his expression changed and was about to say something before looking at the servants in his surroundings. Ji Mo Wu Chang calmed himself and wave his hand to indicate the servants to leave the premise.

Before he said worriedly, “Did Sage Cai punish you?”

If not, why would this kid emit his unique blood fragrance the moment he stepped out of the house? Although it was faint and nearly undetectable, it was still hard to hide it from someone with Ji Mo Wu Chang’s cultivation.

Moreover, Ji Mo Ya’s face was pale and his steps were weak; anyone could see from a glance that something happened to his body.

Did Sage Cai beat up Ji Mo Ya till he vomited blood because the former was dissatisfied that the latter did not protect his bloodline well?

Impossible, Lord Sage Cai might display an aloof attitude towards Ji Mo Ya, but he dotes on Ji Mo Ya the most. Did this incident trigger Lord Sage Cai?

Even Ji Mo Ya was beaten to the point of vomiting blood, Ji Mo Wu Chang wonders if he would be able to endure the beating with just his remaining lifespan when Sage Cai shifts his attention to him.

Ji Mo Ya shook his head before nodding again.

The topic was obviously avoided, before he asked, “Will Clan Patriarch give me an explanation for this incident?”

Ji Mo Wu Chang’s concerned face froze before he smiled bitterly, “Rest assured and return to rest first. We will certainly give you an explanation for this matter! I have already sent the command to search for Madam Ru and to capture her back to be punished by our clan laws!”

Sigh, he has to provide an explanation no matter what as well. Sage Cai had left seclusion because of this matter, Sage Cai would not let it slide if the clan deals with this incident casually. 

Moreover, this incident had exposed a hidden threat towards the Ji Mo Clan.

How could a Ji Mo Clan member harm her own flesh and blood and even caused the life of her descendant? Such evil methods would only hurt the roots of the clan!

Ji Mo Wu Chang’s displayed a solemn expression as he made a decision in his heart.

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If this matter was not handled properly, Ji Mo Ya’s child would become a weight that affects the morale of the entire clan.

That was why Ji Mo Wu Chang agreed to Ji Mo Ya’s request without hesitation.

Seeing that the Clan Patriarch has agreed, Ji Mo Ya did not stay and excused himself.

The moment he left the courtyard, he contacted the Ink Guards, “Have you discovered the whereabouts of Young Madam?”

Mo Si appeared with a guilty expression, “Young Master, not yet. We focused all our attention on the thousand-year banquet and the Saintess, that was why…”

Ji Mo Ya nearly vomited blood, he waved his hand to indicate the Ink Guards to continue searching.

He had lost a fifth of his blood, plus his mind and body were fatigued from the process of forcing out Bai Li Zi Xi’s real identity. Ji Mo Ya could no longer hang on and collapsed.

By the time Ji Mo Ya woke up again, three days had passed.

Over these three days, his collapsed caused the entire Ji Mo Clan to be in chaos.

Unlike Ji Mo Ya and Sage Cai who did not give up on the baby, the Clan Patriarch Ji Mo Wu Chang was more logical and has given up hope on the baby long ago.

Many natural treasures were still delivered as it was the duty of the Clan Patriarch and the responsibility of the Ji Mo Clan’s members. Moreover, they hoped that by giving these natural treasures to the baby, Ji Mo Ya’s resentment and indignation towards the clan would be slightly reduced.

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