Chapter 234 – Cheetah Squadron

Yang Tian locked his brows, a severely injured Little Fish had unexpectedly returned after only leaving for a short while.

She had been attacked by mutated beasts. It seemed as if her ability to hide her presence had not been effective.

Yang Tian had no choice but to use several Mid Rank 3 energy crystals to heal her. The option of getting the puppet to investigate the sewers was obviously no longer possible.


Wu Tian and his men arrived at the boundary of the Liu Family’s territory when he was stopped by a group of people.

“Who are you?”

Wu Tian was on high alert. Three Peak Rank 3 metahumans were within the group that stopped them while the rest were all High Rank 3s.

When did A City have such a powerful force? They were no weaker than the Wang Family and could even be said to be stronger.

“We are from the military.”

They did not hide their identities. 

Wu Tian felt great shock internally when he heard that they were from the military; he displayed a calm expression, but his hands were shaking.

The military is still in A City? Wu Tian thought to himself.

“Why are you looking for me?”

“We want the Liu Family’s territory, but someone acted before us, we need some information from you.”

“His power is not weak, your group may not be enough to obtain an advantage.”

“That is why we want to talk to you. It will not take up much of your time, please follow us.”

One of them made a gesture to invite Wu Tian; he did not want to give them a reason to start the hostilities and their powerful strength made it hard for him to think otherwise.


Wu Tian followed the three Peak Rank 3s to a sheltered area, while four High Rank 3s blocked the Wu Family metahumans from taking another step forward.

After their discussion, Wu Tian was full of smiles when he came out with the three Peak Rank 3s; it was as though something delightful has happened.

“Then, I thank everyone.”

“No need for that.”

The people from the military clasped their fist at Wu Tian and left.

The curious Lin San and Wu Jin went to ask.

“Family Head, what did they tell you?”

“Giving me a big pie so that I will leap into the pit with them, let us wait till they really defeated Yang Tian!” Wu Tian’s smiling face turned solemn as replied.

However, what Wu Tian did not notice was that the military heaved a sigh of relief after they left as well.

“Lucky we have this treasure, else we will not be able to scare him.”

One of the Peak Rank 3 metahumans took out a pearl from his chest, his Peak Rank 3 energy immediately dropped to Mid Rank 3.

Another one was the same as well, there was also a pearl on his chest.

They were not as strong should anyone look at their current strength now. One Peak Rank 3 metahuman, four High Rank 3s, and two Mid Rank 3s.

“We know enough now, do you think our strength is enough to take down the Liu Family’s base?”

“It is doable, not difficult.”

“Based on what Wu Tian had told us, the strongest amongst them is the guy called Yang Tian, a Peak Rank 3. Captain should be able to handle them, there were also two High Rank 3 creatures and a human, six Mid Rank 3 humans, and two Mid Rank 3 creatures. The rest were all Rank 2 or Rank 1 metahumans, their overall power was not powerful at all.”

“Now that you explained as such, we indeed can take that place down. Old Zhao, go and inform the rest that we are attacking them tonight.”

Wu Tian had not lied to them; just that the four tamed beasts’ strength could not be simply measured by their rank. The lowest tier amongst them was Elite tier, and the highest was the T-Rex at Captain-Class Commander tier, allowing it to fight against three High Rank 3s without any problems. The coordination between the seven puppets also increased their fighting power.

If they attacked based on Wu Tian’s information, they would only suffer losses.

Yang Tian has been using the Examine skill within the base several times and was unable to detect any metahumans, but this time, he discovered a great haul.

A Peak Rank 3 metahuman, six High Rank 3s, and seventeen Mid Rank 3s. Their numbers were not high, but they have quality.

“They finally came.”

Yang Tian sent a Mental Power pulse, the tamed beasts and puppets quickly appeared in front of the base and blocked the path of advance of the military forces.

“We have been discovered?”

The Peak Rank 3 metahuman was startled.

Since they were discovered, they decided to stop hiding and they came out from the shadows.

“Why? Trying to use the cover of the night to attack?”

A voice came from within the base, Yang Tian’s figure slowly entered their vision.

Yang Tian entered Venom form, giving him a fighting power that exceeded a Peak Rank 3.

The Peak Rank 3 metahuman immediately released his ability after sensing the dangerous aura coming from Yang Tian.

Burst Flame Warrior

Burst Flame Fire was a form of Earth Fire that commonly appears within volcanos and Earth Fires were usually stronger than Beast Fires. However, some powerful Beast Fires would be stronger than Earth Fires.

He possessed the Flame Ability and obtained the Burst Flame Fire on top of that, pushing his fighting power to exceed an ordinary Peak Rank 3, making him much stronger than Wu Family Head.

His Burst Flames have reached temperatures of 450℃ and were much stronger than Yang Tian’s Bone Bugfire.

The abilities of the other six High Rank 3 metahumans were not bad as well, they were all Mid-Grade Beasts. One of them was even a flying beast-type.

A huge battle commenced.

“I am the captain of the Cheetah Squadron of the military, Huo Pao. These are my teammates.” The Peak Rank 3 called Huo Pao could sense pressure from Yang Tian and guessed that the latter was no weaker than him. That was why Huo Pao announced his background, hoping that Yang Tian would restrain himself.

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However, he was not familiar with Yang Tian’s character, how would he know that his words were useless to Yang Tian?

“Is there a point to announce who you are at this point in time?”


T-Rex released a roar to clarify their situation.

Huo Pao could sense some threat from that roar; it was not strong, but it certainly exists. This was enough to know that the T-Rex was not an easy opponent.

Moreover, the roar had caused the Mid Rank 3s to enter a state of dizziness for a second. This was what shocked Huo Pao.


Huo Pao ordered, all the metahumans charged, towards the tamed beasts and puppets. Huo Pao himself faced against Yang Tian. The latter was giving him enormous pressure. He had only sensed such pressure from a handful of metahumans back in headquarters and Yang Tian was the first person who was making him feel like this outside of the military.

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