Chapter 233 – Military?

When Niu Chen saw Wu Tian finally decided to leave, he sighed feeling relieved.

Tang Shan’s gaze landed on Wu Jin, Yang Tian had told him that Wu Jin was in the same situation as him.

That night, Tang Shan went to look for Wu Jin.

Tang Shan did not say much as the Violent Corpse Worms within their bodies had sensed each other, being their hosts, they naturally learned of their connection.

“Say, why do you think he allowed us to return?”

“Who knows? No matter what, we are fine now.”

The two exchanged a glance before grinning with hidden meaning.

Wu Tian brought his subordinates back to the Wu Estate on the second day as expected.

The Wu Family should have suffered the least casualties amongst the four great organizations but after facing Yang Tian, their losses have become piled up.

Within the Ji Family Base, Brother Powerless has successfully absorbed the energy crystals and was promoted to Early Rank 3.

Metal Attribute Metahuman, they can turn a portion of their body into metal and is classified as close combat-types. Upon reaching Early Rank 3, Brother Powerless could now turn his whole body metallic for a short time.

“How do you feel, Brother Powerless?”

“Very good. I feel powerful.”

Brother Powerless had approached Yang Tian about the Wu Family’s attack and Yang Tian gave some crude explanation. Brother Powerless had an understanding of what happened.

However, Brother Powerless’s face turned slightly dark and looked like he has something on his mind.

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“What is bothering you Brother Powerless?” Yang Tian asked.

“Actually, I am worried about the military.”

Military? A City was surrounded by a large forest that had an Insect King level fighting power within, the military should not be able to cross through the forest with their current strength.

“It is impossible for the military’s forces to enter A City.”

It was not that Yang Tian looked down on the military; it was just that with their current fighting power, it was still not enough to even threaten the Insect King.

“… … there are some military forces within A City actually.”

Brother Powerless was startled for a moment before he understood. The military was being referred to as the one that had always been in A City and not from outside A City.

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“Oh? There are still military forces within A City.”

This had indeed exceeded Yang Tian’s expectations.

During the earlier period, not all the military forces left A City after they extracted A City’s higher echelons, a small group of the military’s metahumans stayed behind. As the Four Great Families could hold their own, A City did not require the help of the military so they had remained hidden within A City.

The higher echelons of the Four Great Families all knew about this, but they would not expose the military as well. Brother Powerless only knew about the military because he had happened to come across the hiding place of the military and knew that the military forces were active within A City.

“They were initially in the Central District, but after the Central District was lost to the insects, they started appearing near the Liu Family’s territory and are hiding in the sewers. Now that the Liu Family is eradicated, they will likely appear to seize the Liu Family’s resources and territory.”

This was what Brother Powerless was worried about, it was unknown what was the real strength of the military but they were for sure not weak.

“True, that is highly probable.”

They would face random attacks of mutated beasts at all times if they remained in the sewers. Now that the Liu Family has been eradicated, it would be an excellent opportunity to occupy their territory.

Sewer mutated beasts basically had not appeared on the surface and there could be two possibilities; one is that the mutated beasts have an intelligent leader that knew about the humans’ fighting against the Insect Wave on the surface. If they head to the surface, they would be attacked by the insects which is why they remained hidden underground. The second possibility is that the mutated beasts underground are divided and are currently fighting amongst themselves. They will only surface after a Beast King has united them.

Yang Tian was more inclined towards the second possibility. There were several different species of creatures underground, the occurrence of a leader appearing in each individual species was very high.

However, no matter the possibility, it was undeniable that the underground was dangerous, the military would have to continuously face danger. The wise choice would be to head to the surface and now, that opportunity has presented itself.

“Increase patrols and improve our defenses. What do you think?” Brother Powerless asked.

“That is what we can do at the moment as well, let’s go with that first.”


They have no Rank 3 metahumans and even if the number of patrols was significantly increased, it was still very lacking.

Lina has been following Yang Tian for the past few days, the injuries of the tamed beasts were basically healed by her, thanks to her reliable healing powers as a Light Elf. However, the puppets were made from Undead Magic and Light Attribute restrains Undead Magic; even for Healing Spells, it would still cause significant harm to the seven puppets.

Last time, Lina tried to heal the Large Man puppet’s arm injury and caused the arm to nearly melt entirely instead. Fortunately, Yang Tian returned in time to avoid an irreversible situation. Later on, Lina no longer dared to use her Light Attribute on the puppets.

“Little Fish.”

“Master.” Little Fish puppet arrived in front of Yang Tian.

“Investigate the sewers and give me a report.”


Little Fish respectfully left and head down to the sewers immediately. The sewers were undoubtedly a dangerous place and require someone that could hide their presence; that was also why Yang Tian sent Little Fish for the task.

Little Fish’s ability was the Breathe Fish, a Low-Grade Beast-type. Those have weak fighting power but possessed a unique trait; the ability to hide their presence. As long as the opposite party was not a creature with high Mental Power or powerful Senses, she would be undetectable.

The military forces were a hidden threat and Yang Tian was sure that the conflict between him and the Wu Family has been noticed by the military. It was likely that the military would take action once they confirmed his level of power.

The military’s headquarters was at B City, but there were a few branch bases that possess fighting power comparable to the headquarters. Such as C City, W City….. They have all displayed significant fighting power during the post-apocalyptic era. Just the current C City alone was able to defeat both the zombie wave and insect wave. Compared to other places, C City could be said to be in a peaceful situation.

The military forces at current had no problems dealing with the occurring batch of invading creatures but moving on, hot weaponry would no longer be able to deal with the creatures.

As the invading creatures became stronger and more powerful, the hot weaponry used would become obsolete and Earth would welcome the era of cold weaponry…

However, hot weaponry was not wholly discarded as well. The discovery of Magic Energy Weapons would revive the use of hot weaponry during the late phase of the post-apocalyptic era; just that to reach that point would take some time.

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