Chapter 232 – Success


Blood gushed out from his five orifices, the Fire Dragon Claw attack created large scale burns on his back, it was apparent that the metahuman could no longer fight.

After losing a High Rank 3 metahuman, the fight against T-Rex became much harder for the remaining two, especially when Wu Jin was not putting in much effort into the fight. Yang Tian had commanded T-Rex beforehand to only put up an act when facing against Wu Jin, thus transferring all the fighting pressure to the remaining metahuman.

“Lin San, let’s retreat if we cannot continue!” Wu Jin tried to entice Lin San.

“How can we do that?” Lin San replied with a hesitant tone, it was evident that the idea of retreating was on his mind as well.

“Why can’t we? It has already been so long. Had I been the one sent out, I would have made several repeated journeys by now.”

Lin San thought about it and also agreed, it has been over half an hour, how could the mission still be incomplete?

“Lin San, maybe the Family Head deliberately do this since we were from the Yi Family before…”

Wu Jin’s reminder caused Lin San to feel that the situation was getting fishy. There was no High Rank 3s in the Wu Family, there was no reason why for the Wu Family Head to do this, but the current situation so far made it hard for Lin San not to suspect that something was up.

“Take Lee Xi, we will return first.”


Lin San covered the retreat as Wu Jin carried the injured Lee Xi back to the Wu Family Head’s location. Lin San felt that T-Rex’s attack has become weaker suddenly; since Wu Jin and Lee Xi has left, he had no reason to remain any longer as well.

“Why did you guys return?” Wu Tian questioned.

“Family Head, we cannot endure for that long.”

“That’s right, Family Head. Lee Xi is also injured, we should have gotten the food by now! Let us retreat, if this drags on any longer, there would only be more casualties.”

Wu Jin’s words were also what Wu Tian had been thinking, why was there was no news after so long?

“Is he really not coming back?’

Wu Tian’s anxious expression caused Lin San’s expression to change instantly.

“Did a problem occur?”

“I am also thinking about the same thing.”

This was the worst possible outcome; they have suffered significant casualties, yet they still did not acquire the food.

“Do you guys remember the seven followers that he has?”

“The seven of them were severely injured by Yang Tian and tortured in prison because of him, yet they were willing to listen to Yang Tian now.”

Had it been any one of them, they would have instead chosen to commit suicide than to suffer such insults.

“The seven of them are not here, something must have happened! Let’s retreat, or else our losses will become heavier.”

Yang Tian did not stop their retreat, other than T-Rex, the remaining three tamed beasts were injured from the battle. Although they have killed over a dozen metahumans, an accident might happen by continuing on. Moreover, Yang Tian has achieved his objective.

After returning to the base camp, the seven puppets brought the Shadow Assassin to Yang Tian.

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Brother Powerless was not inside the Base Camp, Yang Tian had given him four Early Rank 3 energy crystals and one Mid Rank 3 crystal. It should be enough for Brother Powerless to reach Early Rank 3 and stabilize his power.

“Do you know why I did not kill you?”

“I do not know.”

The Shadow Assassin was not a stubborn person, anyone would strive to survive in the post-apocalyptic era. Moreover, he had heard of Yang Tian’s methods and dare not display a stubborn attitude towards Yang Tian.

“Because you still have a bit of value, you should know that I will never keep useless trash!”

“Sir, please speak your mind, I will do it as long as it is within my ability.” The Shadow Assassin immediately replied.


A blue flash shot out from Yang Tian and entered the Shadow Assassin.

The Shadow Assassin rolled painfully on the ground, but the rewards also surprised him. The physique of Assassin-types was generally weak, as they focus on burst attacks. However, the Water Attribute Violent Corpse Worm focuses on endurance, although his burst power did not increase, his physique has been significantly boosted, increasing his sustainability in fights. 

“Thank you, Sir!”

Shadow Assassin kneeled in front of Yang Tian to express his gratitude.

“Take this food back to complete your mission. As for what story to spin, there should be no need for me to teach you, right!”

Food reaching the height of a person appeared in front of the Shadow Assassin, this quantity was obviously insignificant as compared to what was inside the Liu Family’s warehouse, but it was enough to hand in for his mission.

“This subordinate understands.”

“I forgot to tell you. Don’t think about running away, power is not the only thing I planted inside your body. Wu Jin’s situation is similar to yours, chat with each other when you return to the Wu Family.”


The Shadow Assassin gave his acknowledgment before taking his leave. He was feeling perturbed during the return journey; he does not know what Yang Tian had done to his body but he decided to listen to the latter’s order for the sake of his life.

As for the story, he had prepared it long ago.

Before reaching the Wu Family’s camp, he created self-inflicted injuries to look severely injured.

“This is… quickly inform the Family Head!”

The metahuman on sentry duty quickly got something to inform the Wu Family Head when they saw the ‘severely injured’ Shadow Assassin. Wu Tian immediately appeared beside the Shadow Assassin when he was told.

“Tang Shan, what happened to you?”

“Family Head, I finally found you. I got ambushed and nearly died there. I did not manage to successfully steal all the food, only a small portion of it.

Tang Shan took out the food from the storage bracelet and placed it in front of Wu Tian. There was indeed some food, but not much.

“Let’s go in first, then we talk!”

Wu Tian got two metahumans to support Tang Shan back into their camp and he does not know what to say as well when he looked at the heavily injured Tang Shan.

Hearing that Tang Shan had returned, Lin San and Wu Jin approached.

“After wasting so many people, that’s all the food you got?” Lin San cursed.

The metahumans that appeared behind them were also covered in various levels of injuries. This operation could be considered an utter failure. Not only did they acquire little food, but many of the men have also died.

“Tang San, how did you return?” Lin San asked.

“I used Shadow Walk.”

Shadow Walk allows the user to teleport within a hundred-meter radius, but it consumes a large amount of energy. Tang San’s answer seemed acceptable, but Lin San still felt something was not right.

“Family Head, let us return back first.”

“That’s right, we have been out here for so many days. The Young Lady might be managing the Wu Estate, but who knows if any problems had appeared during the time we were gone.”

They have lost the ability to steal food from Yang Tian; rather than continuing the stalemate, it would be better to just return to the Wu Estate.

“Okay. Everyone rest for a night. We will return tomorrow.” Wu Tian said.

Currently, Wu Jin and Tang Shan were spies. However, their orders were to remain inside the Wu Estate and not to assassinate anyone. They were free to do anything they like for now.

Yang Tian planned to use the Violent Corpse Worm’s ability to incite desires to make both Wu Jin and Tang Shan stir up internal strife within the Wu Estate.

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