Chapter 426: Baiting and Leading

After Ye Jian finished listening to him, she started giggling. He really was a major who was great at everything.

“That’s fine. Now let’s have an appetizer, we’ll let little lass Jian check this out.” Regimental Commander Liu finished his speech and walked up to a battalion commander. After speaking a few words to him, the battalion commander nodded, and replied with three simple words, “Yes, right now!”

Soon after, Ye Jian noticed an unsuspecting sedan suddenly charging into her field of vision. She was also clueless as to what tricks the soldier inside the car was using, because the car, which should have landed with four wheels, had suddenly landed with just two. While the car was rushing away on its sides, rows upon rows of bullets swept out like a rain of bullets from the back of its trunk.

After the rain of bullets and a few loud bangs from the car, numerous targets broke into halves.

“This standard, can you achieve it?” Regimental Commander Liu, who had walked over, said this while in a slightly suspicious tone. The gaze that was placed on Ye Jian seemed to harbor an ounce of expectation, “If you can do that, then I’ll bring you to a really wonderful place. How about it, do you want to try?”

Xia Jinyuan’s complexion turned slightly more serious. What type of place could possibly require a small girl with such driving skills?

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“Regimental Commander, Political Commissar, if you want her to achieve this standard with only one month of training, that’ll be difficult. Besides, to allow a little girl like her to take such a big risk, only to get a tiny advantage of having bonus political marks when enrolling into Military School… the risk is just too huge.”

The thing he was more worried about was that if they needed this standard to go there, even though the place they were going to might be a good place, it was evidently also a place filled with danger.

That thought had also crossed Ye Jian’s mind, but she did not refuse it immediately. Instead, she smiled, “Regimental Commander, Political Commissar, may I know what divisions these motorized infantry are going to be sent to?”

She didn’t want to refuse them, but she also wanted to know how much danger she would be put into, so she could only judge how much danger she would face by finding out where they were headed. She would base her judgement on that.

After all, people would flock to places according to their talents.

Her words caused Regimental Commander Liu and Political Commissar Yan to restrain their smiles, this lass… although honest, she was also quite sharp. She was thinking of ways to gather information from them.

They were not worried by her doing that. They were more afraid that she wouldn’t!

The two ‘tigers’ in the military snuck glances at each other. Both of them revealed profound smiles. Little lass Jian was smart, but there was no way she could fend against the ‘temptations’ they tossed out, one after the other.

Xia Jinyuan’s expression also changed. He even raised his hand to grab onto Ye Jian’s shoulder, and whispered, “Little fox, you’re overstepping boundaries, also…” As if realizing something, the light in his pupils darkened, “Regimental Commander…”

He wanted to stop them, but surprisingly, Regimental Commander Liu also acted quickly. He grabbed onto Xia Jinyuan’s wrist and laughed, “I say, Captain Xia, you shouldn’t make a move on such a young lass in front of us.”

In that moment of wrestling, Political Commissar Yan chuckled and said something that had nothing to do with the current topic, “Have you watched the Bodyguard of Beijing? It’s not bad, you should take a look, it’s educational.”

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All those who were present and heard this immediately understood everything.

Ye Jian also understood it. Her facial expression became serious, and she immediately said, “I apologize, Regimental Commander Liu, Political Commissar Yan, I have been too talkative.” After a quick pause, she continued, “I will do my best, and try to become one among them!”

Regimental Commander Liu, who had deliberately caused an interruption midway, started chuckling. He whispered to Xia Jinyuan, who had tried to stop this after realizing it, “It’s too late, Major Xia. The political commissar and I are well aware of the abilities of Major Xia, so we can only strike first to gain the upper hand.”

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