Chapter 427: I’ll Wager My Life As A Gamble

Xia Jinyuan raised his brows, the corners of his thin lips curved upwards. He exclaimed with a smile, “No matter how competent I am, it’s still challenging to stand against the traps set by two senior officials. Ye Jian still believes that because she knows too much, and she isn’t able to easily free herself from this, so she has to face this head-on. But unbeknownst to her, this was all calculated by the two senior officials.”

“Regimental Commander Liu, you and the political commissar are truly a pair of ‘tigers’ who devour people whole. I’m convinced.”

“Flattery, flattery, it’s always difficult the first time around, but you’ll get used to it, the more you do it, the more natural it gets. Why, Major Xia, you’re so protective of the little lass.” Regimental Commander Liu was just in his 40s, and he had a daughter who was about the same age as Ye Jian, so the way he treated Ye Jian was also that of a father to a daughter.

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He clapped Xia Jinyuan’s shoulder and exclaimed, “I’ve done my research on the little lass Jian’s background. Her mother was a soldier who graduated from our team. Although I have no clue how competent the late Sun Xueqing was back in the day, I can estimate it from Ye Jian. A daughter inherits her mother’s talents. There’s a possibility that she’ll become even better than her mother.”

“During the national day celebrations, our country’s leader will going abroad. The political climate there is quite sensitive, so little lass Jian will act as the student representative and will follow us there. The military has already considered for quite a while. Her English is quite good, and her adaptability is also great. More importantly, not only can she can defend herself, but she is capable of protecting the VIPs around her. During the meeting, little lass Jian’s name will be at the top of the list.”

“I cannot tell you which leaders will go, but I’m certain that you’re also aware of which country we’re going to. Therefore, my consideration of bringing little lass Jian along isn’t without reason.” Events like this when the leaders exited the country to make visits personally to strengthen the relationship between two countries then, the military would always be notified beforehand. Xia Jinyuan was also included, so what Regimental Commander Liu had just said didn’t count as leaking confidential information.

Ye Jian was serious to the point that her face was devoid of any other emotion, and was very calmly listening to the orders of the political commissar.

Once she agreed, then everything else would be more comfortable. Political Commissar Yan said warmly, “There’s no need to be anxious. To be truthful, the military here has had this intention some time ago, some approved it, and others objected to it. But Regimental Commander Liu and I were hoping that you would agree to this.”

“Not for others, but for yourself.”

“I know that you and Regimental Commander Liu always take care of me, so I must do my best not to let your hopes down. However, if I can only come here every night for training, I’m worried…” Ye Jian was worried, not because she wasn’t capable of learning this, but because she was afraid that there wasn’t enough time for her to do so.

As long as she agreed to it, time wouldn’t be a problem. Political Commissar Yan chuckled, “We will arrange that, but for now, you should ask Major Xia to send you home. It’s already some time past midnight, and you should go back and rest.”

The military would resolve the constraints of time, so there was no need for Ye Jian to worry about that.

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“This does seem like a good opportunity. I would also like to agree to this on your behalf. But I was considering much more at that time, and I didn’t expect you to walk right into the pit that those two tigers dug. You can’t climb out even if you want to.” When they got in the car, Xia Jinyuan started teasing her, “I wanted to help you out, but Regimental Commander Liu stopped me.”

Ye Jian rubbed her temples and smiled bitterly, “Actually, I realized that I had overstepped my boundaries after I voiced out my question, and I also realized I had walked right into their ‘trap’. But it indeed is an opportunity. At the very least, I can directly contact the leaders. That could also be counted as adding chips to my hand.”

If she becomes noticed by the leaders, and she completes the mission the military had assigned to her, ha, no matter how powerful the person behind Ye Zifan was, they would have to evaluate their abilities before trying anything.

Therefore, this was also an opportunity where she had to wager her life.

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