Chapter 428: Are You In Pain?

“Because of Ye Zifan?” Xia Jinyuan immediately understood what she meant when she said “chips”. His slim brows gently knitted together, “Did they…”

Ye Jian didn’t want to think about these things. Her dark abyssal gaze stared at the man, who was driving, and she gently interrupted him with a question, “Did it hurt? Back then, it did.”

What a deep and wide scar. Even now, when Ye Jian looked at it, she could feel her back twitching in pain.

“It wasn’t painful at that time, because I had already lost consciousness.” He used a casual tone to brush over the dangers he had faced. The red light shone, and Xia Jinyuan, who had stopped the car, elegantly held the steering wheel with one hand while his other hand was on the rolled-down window. After seeing her knitted eyebrows, he laughed, “I don’t have any memories about what had happened. Even if it hurt, I don’t feel anything. The next time I get hurt, I’ll tell you whether it’s painful.”

Ye Jian’s complexion changed drastically. She immediately spat out, “Don’t talk nonsense! Children’s words carry no harm; children’s words carry no harm!”

Children’s words carry no harm?

Xia Jinyuan laughed carefreely. It seemed like there was a halo of light spreading in his depthless eyes. It dazzled Ye Jian until her heart was thumping loud against her chest. She pursed her lips and averted her gaze.

She was internally conflicted, but her gaze was always unintentionally captivated by him, a man that was like a ray of light. No matter how dangerous he was, it would still cause those who had lived in the darkness for too long to want to get close to him.

By the time they had reached the back gate of the school, it was already 1 in the morning. Xia Jinyuan stood under the streetlight; he stared at Ye Jian, who was walking towards the back gate step by step. Both of his hands tucked in his pockets. He stood there with a casual stance and watched her until she entered school. The black pupils that had a smile on them were starting to become chilly.

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Chips, the little fox was very certain that the person she needs to be on guard against was Ye Zifan. Having realized that fact, her method of trying to win her chips over was the correct way to do. But his heart ached because she needed to face people like Ye Zifan at a young age, and she had to live more strictly compared to her peers.

Who was the person behind Ye Zifan? It seemed like he had to start digging around.

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The car was travelling at a fast speed, and he sped towards the hotel. His phone vibrated for a couple of times. Only after he had returned to the hotel did he return the call.

“Q King, your holiday ends tomorrow. What time are you going to return? We’re all waiting for you at the capital.” J5, who was wearing solid short sleeves and shorts, was standing on the balcony of the military hostel. His mouth held a cigarette, and he teased, “I’ve heard someone mention that little fox of yours in the meeting I had earlier. Not bad, even the leaderships are paying attention to her. Her future is bright.”

Xia Jinyuan turned on the lights in his room and turned on the speakers of his phone. He lazily spoke while taking off his shirt, “That’s only natural, she’s the little fox that I have my eyes on. And here I still want to help her fight for that position. It’s a pity that I have no opportunity to display my talents.”

“Are you trying to act cocky?” J5 disliked that. All of their brothers were all single, and he was the only one who had set his eyes on a high schooler. “Don’t forget, the marriages of us brothers are still up to you, so don’t you only care about going on dates while pushing your brothers aside.”

None of the soldiers of the Elite Platoon knew that Q King had set his eyes on a high schooler named Ye Jian, and even Z7, a man of few words, said that girl was excellent!

It was just that she was slightly younger, and she was also still in high school.

But it was also fortunate that she was young. Otherwise, how would this group of ‘old’ twenty-six-year-olds comrades endure this!

They could only let Q King look at her; they would not allow him to have any physical contact with her!

“Just ask our brothers to wait, wait until my revolution succeeds.” Walking past the bathroom, Xia Jinyuan turned around. It was the first time he was paying close attention to the scar that was on his lower back. The mirror clearly showed his scar; it was still okay; it didn’t seem too horrifying, but it seemed like the little fox was shocked by it.

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