Chapter 429: Bathing in the Middle of the Night, Dirty!

After taking a look, he walked out of the bathroom and picked up some pajamas. Wearing the standardized athletic short-sleeved shirt and shorts given to him by the military, he walked into the bathroom and said, “Go back to Beijing tomorrow afternoon. How many of you have arrived?”

“There are five, and another five have set off in advance.” September in Beijing was much colder than September in the south. Standing on the balcony with the night wind blowing, J5, who had yet to sleep, felt even more sleepless. “There is also a conference meeting in the evening, with those from the Zhongnanhai side. You must come back.”

Xia Jinyuan, who was preparing to take a shower, turned the shower on. Amidst the sounds of water, he whispered, “Well, see you tomorrow afternoon. I’ll hang up.”

“Wait, your little fox appeared at the meeting, why aren’t you asking about it?” Before hanging up, J5 probed, “You don’t care about it? Hey! Wow, you hung up!”

It wasn’t right, why didn’t he care? That was quite unlike his “wolf” style. Something had been going on behind the scenes that he did not know of!

Wait… He just heard the sound of water!

I picked up the phone very late at night, and then, there’s the sound of water in the middle of the night. J5 seemed to have discovered something big, and his expression immediately tightened… Q King couldn’t have possibly gotten the little fox in his bed, right?

That was probably not the case, but he still felt quite uneasy about it! No, he had to tell someone about this, or he wouldn’t be able to sleep peacefully at night! This was one of the traces left behind by his history of being an instructor. If he didn’t understand it completely, he would have a sleepless night!

G3, who had already fallen asleep, only had one reaction after being awoken; he threw J5, who had yet to sleep despite it being the middle of the night, onto the floor of the hallway, before closing the door and resuming his sleep. He heard him reply coldly across the door, “I haven’t slept for three nights, and today, I barely stayed awake during the meeting after rushing to the capital. If you hit my door again, I will throw you three storeys down!”

The next day, J5, who had not gotten any sleep, waited for Xia Jinyuan to enter Beijing. In the provincial capital, Ye Jian received a call from Xia Jinyuan from the teachers’ office.

It turned out that he was already at the airport, and he made a phone call just to inform her. Heaving a sigh of relief internally, Ye Jian pursed her lips and smiled, “Well, see you next time.”

Perhaps seeing him lesser was better for her. She had resolved to meet him lesser than before. 

Xia Jinyuan, who was sitting in the waiting room, seemed to hear her long breath of relief. This little lass… was only afraid of having to meet him eventually. However, how could he let her feel that way? His thin lips formed a smirk, “What you say is different from what you feel. You don’t want to see me next time, right?”

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“No, you’ve misunderstood me.” Ye Jian said. However, he was still able to detect her lie through the telephone line. He lowered his voice and said, “So you hope that I come often. In the future, as long as I have a holiday, I will come to see you, and be a good girl, wait at school for me to return.”

It was very gentle, like a feather brushing her heart and causing it to tremble…, it was just a sentence, but it always triggered her emotions so easily, almost as if she could feel his romanticism trailing along with it.

“Go and have dinner. I am going to check in now. Goodbye, Ye Jian.” Believe me, little fox, we will meet again soon, this is something that cannot be avoided.

The plane rushed into the clouds, and there was a rumble coming from the blue sky. Ye Jian, who headed to the cafeteria, stood in the shade of the tree, watching a long white trail smoke, an airplane as small as a matchbox, … flying towards the north. Could it be the plane he was sitting in?

Ye Ying’s voice resounded from behind her. During these first few days of school, she did not forget to forge friendships with both her new and old classmates.

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Moreover, it didn’t matter whether their performance was good or bad; the only thing that mattered was whether their family background was prestigious.

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