Chapter 430: Don’t Come Anymore. I’m Tired!

On the first day of class, Ye Ying also had a good talk with Jiao Hai. After all, she was the first in the first-grade final exam. After finding out that Jiao Hai’s parents were just ordinary workers, she immediately became disdainful towards him and wasn’t as friendly towards him like she was on the first day.

Prioritizing status when making friends was a lesson taught by Ye Zifan to Ye Ying.

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“I can’t participate in military training. I’ll watch you guys when I’m there then. I’ll prepare some water. If you are thirsty, you can come and look for me,” said Ye Ying with a smile. She was gentle and generous. “If you are tired, I can also massage your shoulders for you.”

Some girls laughed. “No, no, I’m afraid you-know-who will beat me. How was it? Did you accept him? Yang Heng knows how to play basketball, he’s handsome, his grades are good, and his family is wealthy. What are you waiting for?”

After listening to this, Ye Jian couldn’t help but laugh. It couldn’t be that this was how she would spend her high school life, right? It would just be the same as her junior high school life.

She had to keep her eyes on Yang Heng, and not let him become the second Gao Yiyang. No, Gao Yiyang couldn’t identify others’ intentions. Anyway, he had changed his mind and mended his wrongs it in the end.

Ye Jian quickened her pace, and Ye Ying’s voice was gone with it so fast so that it could no longer poison her ears. The sun was scorching hot as it shone through the green shrubs. Soon enough, Ye Jian arrived at the canteen.

The first thing that came into her ears was matters regarding military training. Some people were interested while others frowned. Everyone had their thoughts about military training.

“I don’t want to go, and I want to take time off. The sun is too hot. I will be so brown.”

“It would be a waste if you don’t go. I heard that the soldiers in the army would be our instructors. As long as they’re handsome, I’m satisfied. Even if that means I’ll be tanned, I’m still happy.”

In the queue, the two high school seniors discussed this in whispers. An Jiaxin gathered with them, and they started talking about military training again.

As she sat down, Yang Yi, who was in the same dormitory, asked her, “Do you want to go? The whole high school is participating. I heard that we have to sleep in the field. We’ll be bitten by mosquitoes every day.”

“If we want the results to be included in our student status file, everyone has to go. There are no special exceptions.” Ye Jian didn’t oppose the military training at all. She just thought that the military training was a piece of cake to her, so she said to An Jiaxin, “It’s a chance to exercise. You should be fine to try it out.”

“Moreover, we will be spending the holidays together for seven days. I think it will be exciting.”

An Jiaxin, who had been burying her head in her food, sighed heavily. “military training is nothing; my dad asked me to take some test for military school, … Darn it. I just checked, for a person like me, how am I able to take tests to get into military school? It’s more feasible if I become a female soldier after graduation.”

“My dad asked me to go to police school. Your dad asked you to go to military school. Great minds think alike.” The people sitting at the last few tables were done eating. They picked up their trays and walked over. One of the kids, Zhang Bin, laughed, “I think that for a tomboy like you, you should go to military school. Then you’d be able to beat all those male soldiers!”

An Jiaxin growled, “You say that I’m a boy? How dare you!”

“Zhang Bin is quite right. I think what your dad said is right. You should go to military school.” Ye Jian chirped in. After she left Fujun Town, she had never contacted her classmates. What was An Jiaxin’s future going to be? She wasn’t sure

But if she was also taking the entry exam for military school, it was quite a good idea.

She had the height, good character, good quality and functional physical fitness. So as long as she took the test, she would pass.

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