Chapter 173: Third Old Master Shi’s Words

Sang Wan relented, and held her hands as she sighed softly and said, “Enough, I know that you feel indignant for me, but there are some words that even I cannot say. Do you understand? Besides, other than making your mouth feel better by complaining, what good does that do? Everything has a cause, this matter——” 

Liu Ya’s eyes glimmered and was about to speak, but Shi Fengju pushed open the door and came in, “Sang Wan!” 

Liu Ya tactfully bowed and took her leave quietly. 

“Sang Wan, are you okay?” Shi Fengju went forward to hold Sang Wan’s hands, and asked with concern. 

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Sang Wan smiled and shook her head as she pulled him to sit together. While at it, she poured a cup of tea for him and asked with a smile, “Why are you back so quickly? What’d Big Sister find you for?” 

“Only to speak some words to me, it wasn’t anything major,” Shi Fengju took the tea but left it aside and said, “I went over Mother’s place to find you and heard all about it from Mother. Sang Wan, I’m sure you’re feeling wronged!” 

Sang Wan felt a sense of warmth in her heart and shook her head gently before saying, “Maybe I was careless and did something that Third Aunt dislikes. As someone of a younger generation, it’s okay if she criticizes me a little. Anyway, Mother did not blame me at all, so already I’m very happy at heart.” As Sang Wan spoke with a smile, her eyes shimmered. 

“That is true,” Shi Fengju laughed and pulled Sang Wan close. Smiling at her, he said, “It’s clear that Mother is reasonable and still treats you dearly! I feel less worried knowing that you won’t take it to heart.” 

Of course Shi Fengju knew the real reason why his mother did not blame Sang Wan. However, as a son, he was not foolish enough to make clear of that fact to Sang Wan. It was better to be foolish for some things in order for everyone to be happy. What was the point of making clear of the fact only to find trouble for himself. 

“Still, I’m afraid that Third Aunt still has some unhappiness towards me. We should still have someone investigate this properly to find out what really happened! That way, I can prevent the same mistake from happening again.” Sang Wan said again. 

Shi Fengju smiled and said, “I’ve already done that. The moment I came back, I’ve already informed Nanny to do so. I believe she will be able to find out about it very soon.” 

Sang Wan felt more relieved in an instant and smiled gratefully towards him, “With Nanny personally doing the investigation, then there really isn’t anything to worry about. Third Aunt also mentioned that she wants to convert one of the side rooms into a small kitchen. Let’s wait for Nanny to be back before making the decision, what do you think?” 

Shi Fengju nodded his head, “The kitchen isn’t very urgent at the moment!” 

At Peony Park2Peony ParkGu Fangzi's place of residence, Gu Fangzi ordered Lan Xiang to ask around carefully while she waited excitedly for a storm to engulf Sang Wan. Just from a glance, she could tell that Third Old Mistress Shi was intolerant and someone who would not suffer in silence. After yesterday’s anger-inducing incident, as well as all the things Third Old Mistress Shi had spilled to her, she did not believe that Third Old Mistress Shi would not take any actions today. 

However, half a day went by and Lan Xiang returned without any news. 

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“Did you really went to ask around?” Gu Fangzi asked suspiciously, “Didn’t you say that Third Aunt went to visit Aunt Wang today morning? Did they only just sit down for a small talk?” 

“This servant isn’t very sure too,” Lan Xiang was in a difficult situation and shook her head, “This servant did not dare to be too obvious when asking around in the main courtyard, but this servant feels that something must have happened.” 

“Out with it!” Gu Fangzi’s excitement was aroused. 

Lan Xiang did not want to say it at first, but seeing how her owner seemed to be suspicious of her, she could not help but spill whatever she could gather even though she was unsure in order to display her loyalty, “Just that, when this servant was trying to find out more, the servants there seemed to be stammering and hiding something. This servant thinks that something must’ve happened, just that—— this servant cannot be sure…” 

“No need to say anymore!” Gu Fangzi’s face turned pale and her excitement sunk. Even though Lan Xiang did not understand, she had already understood. 

Something definitely happened in the main courtyard and the servants were ordered to keep their lips sealed. Hehe, in the main courtyard, other than Aunt Wang, who else can make the servants seal their lips? 

Aunt Wang, how dare she protect that vixen too! 

Gu Fangzi was so upset and jealous that she almost went crazy. Sang Wan, that vixen! First she stole away Big Cousin, and now she went and stole Aunt Wang away!. 

Turning her head, her hateful glare was fixed in the direction of the side room where Gu Jin’s tablet was placed. It was him, it was all because of him! When he was still alive, she had already suffered much humiliation, yet he was still blocking her from her happiness even now! Why was there such a father in this world!

“Missy, are you alright…” At one side, Lan Xiang saw Gu Fangzi’s twisted face and vicious glare, and became uneasy. 

“Lan Xiang,” Gu Fangzi’s gazed hardened and she turned to stare coldly at the servant, “Don’t ever betray me, don’t ever betray me in your entire life. Otherwise, I will never let you off! You know my temper!” 

Lan Xiang’s face turned pale in an instant. Never had she dreamt that her concern would cause her missy to react in such a way. She quickly fell on both her knees and said, “Missy, this servant is completely loyal only to missy, and have never had any thoughts about betraying Missy! Whether dead or alive, this servant will always belong to Missy and will never do anything to betray Missy! If not, this servant swears to heaven above that lightning will strike and end this servant in a horrible death if this servant ever does so!” 

“It better be that way.” Gu Fangzi sneered and said, “If not, dying a horrible death is for certain, and it will be even worse than being struck by lightning!” 

Lan Xiang’s body stiffened and she did not dare to speak as her head remained lowered. 

At night, Nanny Li returned with news, “This old servant isn’t very close with the servants from the Third family and did not find out many things. However, this old servant heard that last night, Nanny Gui fell down and twisted her waist as she was walking back from here. The noodles that she was carrying back ended up spilling all over. After that, Miss Gu visited Ji Cui Tower and brought desserts. She then instructed Lan Xiang to cook a bowl of noodles for the third family. When she left, it was Third Old Mistress who saw her off!” 

Nanny Li pouted her lips and was even more disgusted. She took an instant dislike towards Third Old Mistress Shi. From how she saw it, birds of a feather flock together; Third Old Mistress Shi was definitely not a good person! 

Of course, unlike Liu Ya, she would never criticize the masters, and even if she did, she would only do so in her heart. 

Sang Wan immediately took notice of what Nanny Li said, “So what Nanny is saying is that Miss Gu went to Ji Cui Tower last night?” 

“Right!” Nanny Li lips twitched and she said, “I don’t know what she’s playing at! But whatever it is, Miss Gu’s existence inherently clashes with yours. Nothing good comes when it involves her! This old servant is really curious about what Miss Gu told Third Old Mistress. Just how did she —— how did she manage to make use of Third Old Mistress!” 

Not only was Nanny Li bewildered, even Sang Wan was too. Although there was not much interaction between them, it was enough for Sang Wan to tell that Third Old Mistress Shi was not someone who could be easily fooled, or easily made use of by others, and must have given much thought before doing anything. Even with all that, she was still unhappy towards Sang Wan. It was clear that Sang Wan must have offended her in some way!

But she did not know what it was that she did to offend her. 

“Young Mistress, since Third Old Mistress wants a small kitchen, then let’s have it arranged for her quickly! This would save a lot of our effort, and avoid Young Mistress’s efforts going unappreciated!” Nanny Li sighed softly. 

Sang Wan nodded, “Alright then! But who would have thought that such a thing had happened last night? Have it arranged immediately and bring someone there with you tomorrow morning!” 

Nanny Li accepted and the night went by peacefully. 

Third Old Mistress Shi thought that Sang Wan would come over and apologize to her, but who knew that night came and still no one came. Third Old Mistress Shi became even more infuriated and she scolded Sang Wan for being rude! Little did she know that her actions had offended her big sister-in-law, and her big sister-in-law had instructed Sang Wan to ignore this matter. Sang Wan naturally did so as there was no point in clashing with her direct mother-in-law to please her aunt. 

Third Old Mistress Shi was so angry that she went and complained to Third Old Master Shi, “For all these years that we weren’t home, who knows how much the household is earning every year. Lord, should we talk to Fengju about this, and ask to have a look at the finances?” 

“What are you up to?” Third Old Master Shi’s tone sunk and his face became cold. 

Third Old Mistress Shi said rudely, “What else? Of course to check on them! We were so far apart, who knew if they’ve done anything behind our backs! Our hearts will be more at ease if we check those books and that will also remind them of our presence!” 

Third Old Master Shi stared at his wife and remained silent for a long while. 

Seeing his weird stare, Third Old Mistress Shi felt unnerved by his penetrative gaze and could not help but glare back at him, “What? Why are you looking at me like that? Did I say something wrong? Don’t we have the right to check the household’s finances! If they don’t allow us to do so, then something must definitely be wrong!” 

“Wait for me here, I have something to show you.” Shi Third Old Master went into his small study room and took out two pieces of folded yellow paper before passing it to Third Old Mistress Shi. 

Third Old Mistress Shi took them with a look of suspicion. When she saw the mortgages of two shops, one a silk shop and the other a cosmetic shop, she quickly went to look at their address. They were both located at the heart of the city and were not small in size. She immediately became elated and smiled at Third Old Master Shi, “When did you buy them? This is great! I was thinking of getting them. Since we are going to be staying for a long while, there’s no way we can spend our days depending on just the portion of the household funds that we get. With these two properties to bring us an income, we will be able to live more comfortably!” 

If not, there would not be enough money to reward the servants on normal days! Won’t they be laughed at for being poor?

“Ai!” Shi Third Old Master let out a long sigh unwittingly, and looked at her as he said, “You know, these two days, us three men have been drinking and talking at Second Brother’s place. Fengju already said that we can check the finance books anytime, and if there’s anything unclear, we can just ask the accountant or him! As for these two shops, Fengju gave them to me privately. He said that the First family and Second family both have their own private properties outside, and we don’t have that because we weren’t at home. As such, he gave us two of his own shops, and said that it will let us use our money more comfortably in the future! Dear, when we were in Sichuan, which year did the household not send us thousands of silvers? But what have we done for the household? There are some words you can say to my face, but never say it outside. If word reaches Fengju, think of how hurt he would be! Fengju, that child, is very honest, just like Big Brother. We, as their elders, should be more understanding and treat them better!” 

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