Chapter 431: You Make Us So Scared

“Do you also think so? Then, I have to consider it.” An Jiaxin was also pretending to be angry, and she lightly kicked Zhang Bin, who was laughing out loud, then she sat down, “I have also thought about it. It’s difficult. I’ll decide when the time comes. It’s still early anyway.”

The school announced that participation in military training had indeed caused some people to have the intention to report to the military academy. But that was just a thought. Getting into military school was not easy.

As Ye Jian and her friends were discussing the military training, Teacher Tong sat in Principal Cao’s office and smiled, “Since it is your arrangement, there is no problem. Student Ye Jian has a strong self-learning ability and is one of my least worries. She leaves school in the afternoon, and I have no interest in that.”

“Very well, I want to inform you. Ye Jian’s situation is special. If a student or teacher or classmate asks why she did she take leave from school, you say that she has to go to the hospital to take care of her relative who’s sick.” Principal Cao had put much thought into this arrangement that Teacher Tong had no opinions, and that letting Ye Jian not be ostracized by her classmates because of her particular circumstances.

Ye Jian found out after the first class in the afternoon that she could take leave from school. She knew that the political commissars had already helped her arrange everything.

“Principal Cao told me that your aspirations are big and you are already preparing now. I am very relieved to know that you are a very self-disciplined student. Work hard, and I hope to hear your good news next year.”

Teacher Tong told Ye Jian this in the corridor outside the classroom after class. She looked at the strong girl before her. When she learned that she aspired to get into the military school, and had already made preparations, she suddenly realized why Ye Jian had a temperament different from that of others.

Ye Jian was a soldier who had a heroic attitude, a pine-like pride, a coldness like that of the Chinese quince, and was not comparable to those who still want to play.

Ye Ying, on the other hand, would not participate. On National Day, she was going to participate in an English contest. As for the words she had said to the senior officials and vibrant children, it was all just for show.

After the teacher acknowledged this, she wrote in her file: Due to environmental reasons, it is not appropriate for her to participate in military training. Remarks: Congenital heart disease, attached is the hospital’s memo.

There was also an additional copy for archiving purposes.

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After school, Ye Jian carried her bag and followed the other students as she left school. After avoiding the students, she sat on a jeep waiting for her at the side of the road. Before 6:30, she rushed to the training grounds to start a month of life-and-death-like training.

The motorized infantry were skilled soldiers. Not only did you have to learn to drive, but you also had to learn how to repair cars!

Ye Jian’s first day was spent learning about a bunch of car parts! How many parts did a car have? It was a hundred times more than a sniper rifle, as small as a screw, as thin as a circuit. She had to know all this.

She received a book, a bunch of parts, some photos, and a soldier car. Under the Political Commissar Yan’s smiley gaze, Ye Jian began to recognize the car parts.

Ye Jian was able to calm down, and once she calmed down, she would not be distracted, even if bomb explosions resounded around her.

Her job right now was merely to recognize the part She could remember the guns and ammunition from various countries, how difficult could identifying parts of a car be?

As Liu’s group had said, the speed of Ye Jian’s progress made the soldiers around her afraid.

The first day was excellent. The battalion commander came for the assessment the next day. She listed all the car parts one by one and even said which position they were to be installed in the car. Afterward, when it was time to teach Ye Jian how to drive the vehicle, the motorized infantry was filled with fear.

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