Chapter 238 – Servant 

The Necromancer smiled. Although an agreement had been established just now, there was no cost paid during the establishment of the deal. This meant that either party could break the agreement without paying the price.

And the reason why the Necromancer did this was to make the Wang Family Head feel safe so that the latter would absorb the emerald green liquid without holding back.

That was the blood of an undead creature that was of a higher grade than the Gem Armored Lizard; therefore, it could indeed allow Wang Family Head to promote to Rank 4.

The blood belonged to the Undead Creature, Headless Ghost Lizard, ranked four hundred and seven on the Beast-Type Earth Rankings. An adult Headless Ghost Lizard possesses a fighting power of Rank 5 to Rank 6 and its bloodline was also higher than the Gem Armor Lizard.

The limbs that the Necromancer bestowed to the Wang Family Head were the limbs of an Undead Creature, the limbs would passively change the physique of the Wang Family Head and turn him into an Undead. If the Wang Family Head successfully absorbed the blood of the Headless Ghost Lizard and promote, he would also get one step closer to becoming an Undead Creature.

Not long after the Wang Family Head has entered seclusion, a new Insect Wave occurred. This time, the insects were mostly Rank 2 and Early Rank 3, with few high-rank insects.

Yang Tian was also glad that the Insect Wave this time was relatively weak, else the newly established Ji Family would have suffered a destructive blow. The Cheetah Squadron near the Ji Family Base Camp had taken half the burden of the Insect Wave for the Ji Family.

“As expected, there is still a Peak Rank 3.”

After the Insect Wave retreated, a Peak Rank 3 insect appeared, but Yang Tian did not take action and got Huo Pao to fight instead.

With Hou Pao’s fighting power, he managed to successfully kill the Peak Rank 3 insect after paying the price of being lightly injured.

The energy crystal was naturally taken by Huo Pao, but the Brain-Eating Terror Hog took the brain.

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Wang Family

The Wang Family also encountered a Peak Rank 3 insect, but they did not disturb their Family Head as they knew that he entered seclusion. Unfortunately, their strongest fighter was only a High Rank 3, it was impossible to fight against a Peak Rank 3.

Just as they were feeling some despair, a weak figure appeared.

“A bunch of trash.” The Necromancer said.

However, none of the Wang Family metahumans dared to rebut because there were two Corpse Demons beside the Necromancer.

They watched with shock in their eyes as the Corpse Demons charged towards the Peak Rank 3 insect and tore it into shreds in a minute.

The Corpse Demons were humanoids and were much more massive than humans. Moreover, their entire body was covered in rotting flesh which were emitting a foul stench.

As for the Peak Rank 3 energy crystal, the Necromancer tossed it to Wang Yi.

“How terrifying.”

Wang Yi could strongly sense that the Necromancer was much stronger than his father. If he could obtain that power as well…

Wang Yi’s lower body part was crippled. He believes that since the Necromancer could regenerate limbs, his member could be restored by the Necromancer as well. The period before the Dark Elves came to the Wang Estate was the time when Wang Yi suffered the most, although he avoided being sick due to his condition, no man would want to be crippled at that part.

Wang Yi mustered his courage and approached the Necromancer.

“Why are you here?”

“I wish to sign the same agreement as my father as well.”

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“You are too weak, not worthy of being my follower.”

The Necromancer glanced at Wang Yi before ignoring him; this made Wang Yi felt anxious.

“I beg you, please help me!”

Wang Yi kneeled in front of the Necromancer and cried while hugging the latter’s leg.

“You really want to?” a glint flashed through the Necromancer’s eyes, this was the first time he had a human begging him.

“I am extremely willing.”

“Good, then follow me from now on! Tell me what help you required?”

Wang Yi did not hold back and told the Necromancer his current situation. The latter was speechless for a long time.

“Can it be done?”

Wang Yi thought the difficulty was much greater than regenerating limbs when he saw the Necromancer turning silent.


The Necromancer pointed at Wang Yi’s lower body, a ray of light shot out from his finger.


Wang Yi took a big breath before feeling excited. From the sensation from his lower body, he felt that it has become at least eighteen centimeters.

“Thank you Sir, I will use all my heart to follow Sir’s arrangements.”

Wang Yi kneeled in front of the Necromancer and respectfully said.

“You are too weak, I will need to change you slightly.”

Wang Yi was instantly felt joy when he heard the Necromancer would also increase his fighting ability.

“Don’t be too happy, the process will be excruciating.”

The Necromancer’s cold voice instantly halved Wang Yi’s excitement, judging from the Necromancer’s tone, he could sense that it would not be simple.

Cold energy wrapped around Wang Yi, the energy of Death started devouring the ability within Wang Yi. Wang Yi could sense that his meta-ability was disappearing and he started to fluster but he was unable to move due to the control of the Necromancer.

As the meta-ability slowly fades, another feeling started to replace it. The energy of death started coming out from Wang Yi’s heart; his eyes looked listless but the power coming from his body was slowly increasing.

Every Necromancer would have a servant beside them, this Necromancer’s previous servant was killed by the Radiant Pope. When the Necromancer saw the servile look of Wang Yi, the thought of turning Wamg Yi into his servant surfaced in his mind.

Wang Yi’s meta-ability was devoured by the Undead Energy, the Necromancer used the energy and planted a new ability inside Wang Yi; Specter Corpse. The Undead Creature, Specter Corpse, did not have high fighting power, but it has an exceptional trait, a stubborn life force. Even when what remained of it is its finger, the Specter Corpse could also slowly regenerate itself completely.

The servant of a Necromancer did not require excellent fighting power, their only mission is to serve the Necromancer. That was why the Specter Corpse’s ability was the best choice.

As long as Wang Yi did not encounter a Light Attribute metahuman, he would be able to safely escape by using the Specter Corpse’s ability.

After the Necromancer finished casting, Wang Yi looked at his body that was devoid of life solemnly, this change was completely different from his expectation.

The power he currently has seemed even weaker than the one he had before.

When Wang Yi looked at the Necromancer, he felt a powerful oppression coming from the depths of his heart. He could no longer lift his head to look at the Necromancer and acted even more servile towards the latter.

Wang Yi kneeled in front of the Necromancer and could not believe the words he spoke next.

“Master, do you have any orders?”

“How obedient.”

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