Chapter 237 – Corpse Demon

It was because you will be facing a slave of the Abyss World and not a human from Earth.

They have inherited the cruelty of Abyss Creatures and will never treat another metahuman as their own race.

Most Necromancers would become a slave of the Abyss World, only a handful were able to maintain their faith and continue to stay in the human faction.

“Is it tough to deal with?”

“Very tough.”

Yang Tian left after speaking two words.

“The Wang Family? Then I shall go have a look!”

The dark figure disappeared from the vision of the Rank 2 metahuman, just as the latter was about to heave a breath of relief, the Death Knight slapped his head, and a crushing sound was heard. Only a headless corpse was left behind within the dark street.

Within the Wang Family, the Wang Family Head had lost an arm and leg due to the Dark Elves and experienced a sharp drop in his fighting power while becoming a cripple. How could he endure the anger?


Wang Family Head threw the cup in his hand onto the ground, the rage on his face was insuppressible, he now needs to hop to travel. The psychology of the Wang Family Head was developing many problems, none of the Wang Family’s people dare to look at him. An Early Rank 3 metahuman had only glanced at the Wang Family Head’s broken limbs last time and was executed on the spot.

The Wang Family Head possessed the High-Grade Beast, Gem Armored Lizard. His ability possessed a limb regeneration ability but was impeded by the corrosive traits of the Dark Elves’ Dark Energy.

“Father.” Wang Yi cautiously called out.


Within a dark street of A City, a Death Knight made from bones was lifting a Rank 2 metahuman with a hand. A dark figure was standing beside the Death Knight.

“Tell me, other than the Radiant Church, what is the strongest organization here?”

“The… Wang Family is the strongest.”

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The terrified Rank 2 metahuman replied. This was the first time he felt so much fear that it colored his voice was with it.

The vicious gaze of the Wang Family Head caused Wang Yi to feel fearful, but he must say what needed to be said.

“Why not we go to the Radiant Church, the Radiant Pope might know a method to fix the problem of your regenerative ability.”

“B*******, that place is extremely dangerous, you might be affected in a moment of carelessness.”

The Radiant Pope was undoubtedly a taboo to the Wang Family Head, even though the latter was crippled, he still did not want to visit the Radiant Church.

“I have a way to heal your injuries.”

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A cold energy suddenly appeared behind the Wang Family Head, causing him and Wang Yi to quickly back away from the energy. A figure emitting a death and sinister energy appeared in front of them.

“Who are you?”

“You do not need to bother with who I am, just know that I can heal your injuries, but you will have to listen to me.”

“You can cure my injuries? Then why did you not heal your own injury first?”

Wang Family Head looked at the figure’s empty left arm and replied with cold mockery.

“What did you know? This is something my enemy gave me, I will not regenerate it until I kill him.”

“Then why don’t you deal with your enemy first before we have a discussion! Goodbye!”

“It… is not for you to decide.”

Wang Family Head suddenly sensed a lethal threat as two Corpse Demons appeared near him and Wang Yi. The Corpse Demons were emitting energy no less weak than the Wang Family Head, causing the latter to feel afraid.

“How about now?”

The cold voice from that dark figure made the Wang Family Head felt even more terror, it seemed as though a wrong word would result in him and Wang Yi being turned into shreds by the Corpse Demon.

“Fine, but you must guarantee the success of the healing.”

“Of course.”

The Wang Family Head saw the person returning a faint grin, but the smile only made the father and son dup felt even more terrified, as it felt no different than the grin of a death god.

“Focus your mind.” the Necromancer said to Wang Family Head.

Two grey halos shot out from the forefinger of the Necromancer. The halos that were emitting the energy of death gave the Wang Family Head doubts about the truthfulness of the Necromancer’s words.


The two grey halos headed towards the injuries of the Wang Family Head.


The Wang Family Head felt a sharp pain from the area of his injuries and emitted a cold groan unconsciously. The pain did not last for long and the Wang Family Head soon recovered.

The missing limbs were starting to grow; a greyish arm and leg appeared. The Wang Family Head could sense energy, similar to the Necromancer, from his new limbs; the energy of death. His limbs were regenerated and blood started to flow through them, but the Wang Family Head’s face turned pale after the blood cycled through his body once.

The Wang Family Head was starting to emit the energy of death, causing Wang Yi to retreat a few steps back as he felt that his father now was no longer the same as before.

Wang Family Head sensed his body and discovered that his strength had significantly increased.

“Show me your ability.”


The Wang Family Head did not resist the request this time and quickly displayed his ability to the necromancer.

“So it is the Gem Armor Lizard, I have a method to promote you to Rank 4.”


The Wang Family Head had tried several times to promote but was unable to reach Rank 4, there seemed to be a wide valley in front of him that blocked him from crossing over.

“It’s naturally true, however! There is a small price to be paid.”

There is no free lunch in this world, the Wang Family Head gritted his teeth and accepted.

“Okay. Tell me what you need me to do?”

“Look at this agreement first.”

The Necromancer passed an agreement to the Wang Family Head, the Wang Family Head had seen a Territory Agreement when A City’s territory was divided between the Four Great Clans and the zombies, but the Wang Family Head could not help but be curious about the agreement from the Necromancer.

In summary, the agreement requires the Wang Family Head to listen to the Necromancer’s orders, but the Wang Family Head could also seek aid from the Necromancer. On the surface, the deal seems to be slightly advantageous to the Necromancer. However, this was an Undead Agreement, and the person leading the agreement was the Necromancer himself.



The Wang Family Head very happily accepted the Necromancer’s request, he pierced his fingertip and placed a drop of his blood onto the agreement, the Necromancer did the same.

After the agreement was complete, the Necromancer took out a container holding some emerald green liquid.

“Drink it, and you will be able to promote to Rank 4.”

“Thank you.”

The Wang Family Head excitedly kept the container and went back to his room immediately. Wang Yi left together with him.

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