Chapter 236 – Setting Up Camp

The temperature of Burst Flame Fire also dropped slightly, becoming 410℃.

“It became weaker.”

Huo Pao revealed an unwilling expression, but losing some power for the sake of his brothers’ lives was something he accepted.

Someone from the Cheetah Squadron quickly came to support Huo Pao; they did not know what happened to their leader but it was certainly nothing good.

“Let’s go.”

Huo Pao waved his hand and was about to leave with his team.

“Wait, I did not say that you can leave yet.”

Yang Tian’s cold voice rang in Huo Pao’s ears and caused the latter to stop in his tracks.

“What else do you want?”

Yang Tian has the initiative, as Huo Pao was out of ideas.

“Construct a small camp beside our base, I will call for you guys in the future.”


Huo Pao displayed a surprised expression, they welcomed the idea of constructing their camp within the Liu Family’s territory as it was much better than having to continually face against the underground threats.

“Do I need to deceive you?”

Yang Tian naturally has his plans. The overall fighting power of the Cheetah Squadron was quite high, they can become their middle pillar force in the next Insect Wave.


Huo Pao brought his team a hundred meters west of the Ji Family’s base and set up camp.

Although the Water Attribute Violent Corpse Worm was unable to affect Huo Pao’s character to its best ability, Yang Tian was still able to control Huo Pao through the Violent Corpse Worm. This aspect was something Yang Tian was still confident about.

“Brother Yang, we are letting them go just like that?” Brother Powerless said hesitantly.

In Brother Poweress’s point of view, the Cheetah Squadron was akin to a ticking time bomb that would explode anytime.

“It is hard for us to survive the Insect Wave with our current fighting force, we need to tie them to our boat.”

Putting aside Yang Tian’s strength, the Ji Family only has the Early Rank 3 Brother Powerless while the rest were all low-rank metahumans, it would be hard for them to defend against the Insect Wave.

“I understand.”

A trace of unwillingness was deep within Brother Powerless’s eyes but he did not know why this unwillingness came about.

Radiant Church

After being injured by the Dark Elves, the Radiant Pope entered seclusion to recuperate. However, the cross within the great hall would occasionally emit Death Energy, causing terror to the followers of the Radiant Church.

During midnight today, the Death Energy on the cross was at its thickest, it caused all the followers within the great hall to run away in fear.

Rumble Rumble

The sounds of ramming were heard coming from within the cross, the Light Energy embedded within the cross was on the verge of dissipating.


A tearing sound was heard.

A faint crack appeared on the top end of the cross and the sounds of ramming significantly increased. The crack extended to the midsection of the cross and released even more Death Energy, nearly covering the entire great hall with Death Energy.


Two Death Knights suddenly appeared in front of the cross, they pointed their spears at the cross and charged.


The first attack did not destroy the cross, but the crack enlarged.

Ding Ding

As the crack became more extensive, more Undead Creatures were freed.

There were now five High Rank 3 Death Knights, as well as two Peak Rank 3 Corpse Demons.


The Light Energy on the cross shattered, Death Energy encased the entire Radiant Church. At the same time, all the metahumans within A City detected the Death Energy coming from the Radiant Church.

However, it was only for an instant as the Radiant Church returned to normal the next moment. The Undead Creatures within the great hall have disappeared; only a frail body was seen, the pale expression revealed a burst of crazed laughter.

“Hahahaha, I am finally free. I will let you off for now, but I will certainly teach you a lesson that you will remember eternally,”

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Only his right arm was intact, which he used to cast a strange Undead Magic that caused him to disappear from the great hall the next second.

Undead Magic? Within A City, it was not Yang Tian who was most sensitive to Undead Magic but the Wu Family Head instead.

He had once been affected by Death Mark and was very sensitive to the energy of Undead Magic because of that. When the Death Energy erupted from the Radiant Church, the Wu Family Head unconsciously shuddered.

Yang Tian revealed a pondering expression when he sensed that energy.

“It is somewhat familiar.”

Yang Tian would have recognized that person had he had a glimpse of that person in the flesh. His left arm had been hacked off by Yang Tian.

The next day, a small camp set up by the Cheetah Squadron appeared beside the Ji Family Camp.

The Cheetah Squadron was currently having a meeting to discuss a way to return to their headquarters.

“Captain, we have sent four people, including Xiao Gang, but there has been no news till now.”

“There should be no problems with the fighting power of the four of them.”

Huo Pao’s Cheetah Squadron had a hundred men, in the beginning; there were only over a dozen of them now. Most of them were killed by the insects and tamed beasts; some were ordered by Huo Pao to return to headquarters to request for support, yet there was no news till now. Xiao Gang’s team of four was not the first batch, there were a few batches before them, but the final results were all the same.

“If we really cannot do it, we should retreat from A City!”

The one who spoke was the vice-captain of the squadron, a High Rank 3 called Lu Kang.

“No, the higher-ups have said that we cannot move out of A City, we will stay here even if only one of us is left. This is an order.” Huo Pao’s tone was resolute, not given the rest any opportunity to debate.

However, none of them knew how dangerous was the area surrounding A City, sending more men would only be sending them to their deaths.

“Captain, that person called Yang Tian came over.”

“Okay, I will go out now.”

When Huo Pao heard that Yang Tian had arrived, he immediately went out to meet the latter.

Yang Tian was outside the camp when Huo Pao came to his side and said:

“I believe you wanted me to do something?”

“Did you feel the energy coming from the Radiant Church last night?”

Every metahuman within A City should have sensed the burst of energy last night.

“Yes. It is some terrifying energy. Fortunately, it only appeared for a moment.”

Huo Pao said with some rejoice, it was apparent he did not put what happened last night to heart.

“It is not that simple, I am here to remind you to be careful.”

Yang Tian was sure about something from last night, it was undoubtedly the aura of that Necromancer. The Necromancer is a unique profession, the uniqueness of the profession will make them betray the human race and become slaves of the Abyss World when they want to obtain stronger power.

A common metahuman must be extremely cautious if they encounter a Necromancer.

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