Chapter 42: The Skirmish between Arch-rival Princesses Part 2

Ximengsi Continent’s central region, Light Church’s headquarters, Holy Land Bloomfield

In Meredith Coffee House, “Extreme Night Princess” Ophelia and her younger sister Olia clashed for an open seat with their arch-rival “Pure White Princess” Claudia and her younger sister Fenix. Each side stood their ground. Although there were seats available in the vicinity of this coffee house, these two groups were clearly resolute in beginning a dispute. Looking at their postures, it seemed that they wouldn’t rest before victory or defeat was decided.

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Clyde saw that their dispute wouldn’t resolve in a short time, so he decided to accept Romandinov’s Prince Elvis’s invention and visit to the winery. However, when he began to move, Olia grabbed his sleeve, not letting Clyde leave. Although Princess Fenix didn’t reach to grab him, she also took a position blocking Clyde’s path.

“Clyde, don’t go with him! Just wait a moment.”

“Elvis, is your chronic illness breaking out?”

“Women are so… Clyde, if you have time later, I welcome you to come look for me at any time.’

Elvis turned around and left alone with an unnatural complexion. At this moment, Clyde noticed something was wrong. Despite Prince Elvis’s attractiveness index, no aristocratic families’ Misses or other empire’s princesses had taken the initiative to greet him. Instead, handsome Young Masters and princes had often interacted with him.

“Clyde, that big brother is very dangerous. Unless you…”

Princess Olia moved closer to Clyde and whispered something in his ears. It turned out that Prince Elvis was a philosophy enthusiast and didn’t like women. Just a moment ago, if Princess Olia had not stopped him, Clyde might have fallen into a trap. Previously, he had thought that Prince Elvis was Princess Claudia’s boyfriend, but from Princess Fenix’s words, he learned that her big sister had merely been discussing trade between their two empires with Prince Elvis, nothing more. They absolutely had no other relations.

“Princess Olia, that… many thanks for your warning.”

“It’s fine. I can see that you are not that kind of man> naturally, if you regret, you can make an appointment. Prince Elvis has a long-term private room in the wine house; the address is…”

“Stop! Princess Olia, say no more!”

“What, not thanking me? In any case, I also helped you!”

The relations between Princess Olia and Princess Fenix were not as irreconcilable as their big sisters’ were. After Prince Elvis left, these two Lolita princess stood beside Clyde. Upon seeing their younger sisters’ actions, Ophelia and Claudia, these two big sisters felt like they were losing their faces. They somewhat lost control of their feelings and pulled their respective younger sisters away.

“Next time, on the battlefield, I will teach you what the rules are.”

“Who will teach who is still unknown. Wait and see.”

Princess Ophelia and Princess Claudia mutually taunted the other before parting. Soon after their parting, Ophelia chose a newly vacated seat. She completely ignored that seat she had snatched from Princess Claudia. These two princesses had truly quarreled over a personal grudge, nothing more. Contending for a seat was a pretense.

“Excuse me. My actions must have made you laugh, Mister Clyde. My younger sister mentioned you before. At that time, she defeated Saxton Empire’s expeditionary army with your help. That girl doesn’t know how to reward others, so please accept these.”

Princess Ophelia was truly generous. She took out a ten thousand gold coin debit card issued by the Magician Guild, an Augusta Empire’s honorary citizen medal, and a big case of jewelry, which should be a present for Lucifer. Princess Olia must have also mentioned Lucifer to her big sister.

Although Clyde was somewhat conscience-stricken in his heart, in order to cover up the truth, he maintained his composure and accepted the rewards. Before that time, he, however, had killed a lot of Augusta Empire’s black knights, but now, he was being awarded an honorary citizen medal. If Princess Ophelia ever learned the truth, he wondered how she would feel.

“Mister Clyde, I want to recruit talents that can change the world beside me. I wonder if you have any plans like this?”

“No, no. Princess Ophelia, you are speaking too highly of me. I am just working for a small Suzerain now; it’s already very good like this.”

“Really? Mister Clyde, if your thoughts ever change, feel free to come look for me. As for Light Church’s reception hall, it’s over there.”

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After Princess Ophelia settled her sister’s accounts, she pulled her younger sister Princess Olia and left. Before leaving, she gave Clyde a meaningful glance as if she had seen through his secrets. At that instant, Clyde almost thought that the other party had recognized him; fortunately, Princess Ophelia said nothing. It seemed to be a false alarm.

Princess Ophelia was very ambitious. She wanted to unify all the human nations by relying on her own strength. Like that, they would be united and able to focus on external threats. Because of its internal divisions, the Human Race had been bullied by other races. Once they were unified and unanimously resisted the external threats, they would not be bullied like this.

Princess Claudia, in fact, also wanted to unify the nations, but she didn’t approve of slavery. She opposed Princess Ophelia and refused to give in for this reason. Thus, it was quite difficult to achieve Princess Ophelia’s dream. The Human Race had been divided for over a thousand years, proving that no empire had any wishes to allow a human hegemony.

All the Human Race nations’ various political schemes and feelings had little or even nothing to do with Clyde. Now, he was only responsible for his own territory, Steinbeck Fief. After bidding farewell to the Augusta Empire princess sisters, Clyde finally found Light Church’s reception hall. Many people dispatched by the suzerains of various fiefs awaited Light Church to appoint them a priest.

The suzerain had no power to choose who would go to their territory. Everything was entirely beneath Light Church’s authority. The suzerains simply dispatched people after sorting out their fief’s circumstances and compiling the data to be reported to the Light Church. After Light Church examined and verified that data, Light Church would decide what ranked priest to appoint to the post. The better the fief’s conditions, the higher the rank of the priest appointed. If the fief’s condition were mediocre, Light Church would appoint a relatively lower-ranked priest; they might even appoint a trainee member.

Clyde looked at the sparse numbers in his hand. Compared to the thick data files in other peoples’ hands, it was quite embarrassing. With the condition of his territory, Steinbeck Fief, there was no doubt that Light Church would appoint a trainee priest to him. Bribing would not work because Light Church didn’t lack money. The huge amount of money Clyde had brought was useless because the other party couldn’t be bought.

Just when Clyde was preparing to accept his fate and futilely deliver the application data, a figure flashed by him and attempted to snatch the application data in his hand without any hesitation. What’s more, more than one individual wanted to snatch his application data. Practically at the same time, another figure also flashed by Clyde and aimed for his papers.



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