Chapter 43: Light Church’s Saintesses Fleeing the Holy Land Part 1

Ximengsi Continent’s central region, Light Church’s headquarters Holy Land Bloomfield

In the suzerain data-checking hall of Light Church, Clyde, with a thin application data in his hands, was guessing that Light Church might not even dispatch a trainee priest to his mediocre fief. Unexpectedly, just after stepping into the data checking hall, someone took the initiative to snatch the application data from his hands.

As an Evil God with the background of a Great Old One, Clyde was very sensitive to light-attributed existences. It was the special instinct of a hostile camp. In addition, the holy auras around the two people that were fighting for the application data in his hands were too obvious, practically undisguised. Although they couldn’t hold a candle to Valkyrie Cynthia, they far exceeded average humans in strength. The auras of all other members of Light Church in the hall were completely suppressed by them.

Clyde almost thought that his Evil God attribute had been seen through by the other party. Fortunately, after he saw their appearances clearly, he temporarily didn’t make a move. He had truly encountered many beauties today. Not to mention the previous princesses, the attractiveness indexes of these Light Church beauties didn’t lose to those princesses. In addition, because they cultivated Light Magic, they had a sacred air around them, which made people unable to bear destroying that holiness. Of course, this didn’t include Clyde. As a person from the hostile camp, he was not affected by the sacred aura of Light God.

To the left of Clyde, a beauty with golden wavy-styled beautiful hair. She wore a Light Church’s white priest outfit. Her figure belonged to the well-developed category, looking especially voluptuous. Compared to those beautiful companions normally around Clyde, this beautiful priest’s figure had a clear contrast. Nevertheless, what made Clyde have a deep impression of her were her beautiful golden eyes, which focused on Clyde’s application data as if she feared that the other party would snatch it away.

To the right of Clyde was a purple-haired beauty. She also wore Light Church’s white priest outfit. Her figure, however, belonged to the fiery-hot category, and her pure-purple eyes swirled with a wild nature. This beauty seemed to be the rebellious type. The top collar button of her priest outfit was deliberately unfastened, and because of Clyde’s height advantage, he could see her snowy white skin behind that wide open collar.

“Maria, let go. I will accept this application data.”

“Tiffany, you let go. I have obviously taken a fancy to it first. Pay attention to your image! You, are the Church’s saintess.”

“Maria, don’t give me that crap. You make it sound like you are not a saintess.”

It was only at this moment that Clyde realized that the two beauties entangled with him were unexpectedly Light Church’s saintesses, “Punishment Saintess” Tiffany and “Radiant Saintess” Maria. Light Church had seven saintesses, corresponding to the Divine Realm’s seven Great Valkyries who were enshrined and worshipped by the Church. Generally speaking, Light Church’s saintesses wouldn’t involve themselves in these types of dispatching tasks, but according to the rules, they also belonged to the group of personnel who could be dispatched to other places. After all, Light Church’s canon was that all members had the duty to receive a dispatching task. It didn’t explicitly mention that saintesses were privileged to escape participating in these dispatching tasks.

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Maria was the one with long golden wavy hair and mainly cultivated traditional light magic, being regarded as a master of light class magic. Her rank was equivalent to a Magic Tutor of Magician Guild, a high rank. The purple-haired Tiffany belonged to a different category among saintesses. She had been responsible for the job of eradicating all kinds of heretics for a long time. Compared to the other Light Church saintesses, she most disliked these tedious canons.

From the scattered gossip emanating from those on-looking Light Church members, Clyde finally figured out why these two saintesses wanted to accept his application data. As it turned out, Light Church had recently planned to form an alliance with the respective strongest empires of both “Victor Alliance” and “Clark Alliance” by marriage; thus, there was a need to appoint two saintesses to those two empire’s imperial palaces as exclusive palace priests, but who would actually be marrying those empires’ crown princes.

Light Church had seven saintesses altogether, but at present, only “Punishment Saintess” Tiffany and “Radiance Saintess” Maria were in Holy Land Bloomfield. The other five happened to be outside undergoing tasks. After learning this news, they had sought various reasons to not return to the headquarters. Clearly, Maria and Tiffany also didn’t want to be trapped in this arrangement, so they strongly desired a reason to flee from Light Church’s headquarters. The best way for that was the dispatching task.

The reason they chose Clyde was not because the other party was a handsome young man. Although Maria and Tiffany admitted that the attractiveness indexes of the other delegates were not as high as Clyde, the most important matter was Clyde’s application data. It was very thin, so it would be easy to check. The application data of other people was simply too thick, so it would take a long time to check, but they had no time to delay. If Light Church’s higher-ups intentionally interfered, they wouldn’t be able to leave.

“I say, you two! I want to follow the formal procedure…”

“Don’t, I don’t have any requirements. Just take me away!”

“Maria, don’t dawdle! We don’t have time. Let’s get out of the city first!”

Maria and Tiffany quickly reached a temporary agreement. They then respectively grabbed Clyde’s left and right hand and pulled him to an examination hall. There, they ignored the stunned examination staff, snatched the seal, and stamped on Clyde’s application data. Afterward, they quickly left. Throughout the entire course of this procedure, Clyde awkwardly felt that he had been captured by these two saintesses.

When he was being pulled around, the soft bosoms of these two saintesses accidentally came into contact with Clyde’s hands many times. Being able to take cheap advantage for free, Clyde tactfully didn’t speak. Clearly, Maria and Tiffany had planned this beforehand. After pulling Clyde out the gate, they quickly found a carriage. If they used teleportation magic array, then Light Church could ask the Magician Guild who controlled teleportation magic arrays about their teleportation route. Like that, they wouldn’t be able to shake off their pursuers. Therefore, they chose a comparatively slower carriage to flee from the city first and then use a random teleportation scroll to run away.

“If you two want to flee an arranged marriage, can’t you find someone else?”

“Mister, help us once. Furthermore, everything is already stamped.”

“You don’t need to worry. We are leaving through a discrete course, so the Church might not find out. Even if it does, you followed the official procedure, so you’ll be fine.”

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In the carriage, facing Clyde’s question, Maria and Tiffany explained while brightly smiling as they cutely sat on his left and right side while pulling his arms, requesting him to understand. Clyde felt hopeless. Most of the higher-ups of his territory, Steinbeck Fief, were from dark camp. Now, he was bringing along two Light Church saintesses to open a cathedral. He didn’t dare to imagine the beautiful scene that would later ensue.

When the carriage left the city gate of Light Church’s Holy Land Bloomfield, the higher-ups of Light Church learned the news. The Pope Hall immediately exploded. The higher-ups had never expected that those two saintesses would sneak away so quickly. They took advantage of the moment when their order had not yet been transmitted to sneak away.

“Lord Pope, should we send someone to pursue?”

“How can we justify it? There was no issue with their procedures. However, Steinbeck Fief is a land lying in waste. Don’t allocate them any funds. When they cannot build a church in the future, they will have to return.”



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