Chapter 44: Light Church’s Saintesses Fleeing the Holy Land Part 2

Ximengsi Continent’s southern region, outside Steinbeck Fief, in the vicinity of Lawrence River

Clyde’s carriage with two of Light Church’s saintesses, “Punishment Saintess” Tiffany and “Radiance Saintess” Maria, left for his own territory to arrange for the new church. After learning that Clyde’s territory was Steinbeck Fief, a bleak and desolate area, Maria and Tiffany’s hearts turned cold. 

According to Light Church’s usual practices, the price of any churches built by dispatched priests should be entirely borne by the territory. The church also had stipulations according to the dispatched priest’s rank. In the Light Church, saintesses were only inferior to the Light Pope, and equal to those Red-Robed Archbishops and White-Robed Bishops, at least on the surface. They absolutely belonged to the higher levels, so the church’s specifications would be quite tedious. 

If a church befitting the saintess’s status were not built within a month, then the dispatched saintess had to return to Light Church’s headquarters in Holy Land Bloomfield and wait for a later appointment. With the financial resources of Steinbeck Fief, even after a year, they feared that a high-standard church couldn’t be built; moreover, since two saintesses had been dispatched here, they had to build two high-standard churches with differing architectural styles.

Although it was possible to apply for financial assistance from Light Church’s headquarters, since Maria and Tiffany had escaped against the wishes of the Church, Light Church would definitely intentionally delay any financial assistance, and after a month it would already be too late. At that time, an inspector would examine the fief to assure it met the Church’s specifications. If it passed this examination stage, then the dispatched member of Light Church would have a tenure of ten years unless something major happened in Light Church’s headquarters.

Once a saintess passed the age of thirty, their rank would be lifelong. They could stay in Light Church throughout their life without worrying about being forced into a political marriage. Generally, the imperial families and aristocrats of every human nation wouldn’t marry a beauty above thirty. Not just Maria and Tiffany, but also the other five saintesses had made similar calculations, thinking of ways to delay their returns until they reached thirty years of age.

“You two don’t need to despair like this. There is no problem with funds. Please believe in my words.”

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“Eh, Clyde, is there really no problem? I feel like we are increasing your troubles.”

“Steinbeck Fief seems to have no residents. Even if you truly have enough funding, where can we find people?”

“When the moment comes, I will arrange everything. Don’t think too much.”

In the carriage, Clyde helplessly comforted Maria and Tiffany. Since these two saintesses had sought refuge with him, he was not cruel enough to chase them away. If he had received another priest, the examination and approval process would definitely not have been as quick as it had been with these two saintesses; moreover, with the current situation of Steinbeck Fief, the rank of the dispatched personnel would have been below even a trainee. Looking at the matter in this way, it was comparatively better to have these two saintesses.

In Needham Plain, there was still the matter concerning the sealed Demon Realm and Ghost Realm gates that Princess Sigrid had unintentionally summoned in those long years past. He needed the help of these two saintesses to deal with it. Had Valkyrie Cynthia still been here, he would have relied on her and escaped these troubles, but alas, she was entangled in the politics of the Divine Realm. Although Clyde and Lucifer could also seal those gates, they belonged to dark camp, so if they took the initiative to seal them, they would have to awkwardly act against people on the same side. Therefore, they had to entrust this task to Light Church’s saintesses or Divine Realm’s Valkyries.

After being constantly riding in a cramped space for several days, Maria and Tiffany were rather tired and directly slept by leaning against Clyde without ever considering that he was an unknown man. Clyde didn’t know whether it was deliberate or not, but the buttons at the tops of their collars were opened, allowing him to observe the scenery inside their clothes via that gap.

The underwear of Maria and Tiffany was unexpectedly bold. Following an unrestrained and sexy fashion, it seriously contradicted their saintess identities. Originally, Clyde had thought that they would choose conservative underwear and had never expected that these two belonged to such a forbidden class. If they had not unintentionally exposed this, Clyde would have never guessed this fact.

Maria wore a golden openwork lace style, and Tiffany wore a purple version, both of which were  practically transparent. Clyde’s gaze moved down, and he was able to make out those alluring red cherries. Nevertheless, deliberate action or not, Clyde wasn’t affected by these hidden temptations. He reached out and fastened their buttons, ending this beneficial scene.

It was not like Clyde had never such sights; he had experienced even more stimulating scenes. The experience of lying in bed together with Valkyrie Cynthia and Princess Saras was far more taboo than the current situation. After arranging for the saintesses to lie on the carriage’s couch, Clyde went outside to check the situation. Not long after he had left, Maria and Tiffany pretended to wake up since they had just been pretending to sleep before.

“Mister Clyde truly is… We wanted to give him a little reward, but he didn’t want it. He isn’t like Prince Elvis, is he? Thinking about it, I actually heard that he had once made an appointment with Prince Elvis.”

“Tiffany, didn’t you say we would just probe him? What, do you want to play for real?”

“Maria, I was joking just now. Please forget it! But, if Clyde truly helped us build the churches, I guess I could consider…”

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“Tiffany, your thoughts are dangerous! You need to read the Light Holy Scriptures more.”

Outside the carriage, Clyde was entirely unaware of this small drama. Now, the carriage was stopped at Lawrence River’s bank, and he was preparing to use a newly constructed floating bridge to continue onward to Steinbeck Fief. Fortunately, no one from Light Church had been sent to pursue them. Apparently, they expected the saintesses to return on their own after a month upon failing to build a church. Originally, when Clyde had left, the floating bridge had been destroyed, but the neighboring nations wanted to attract Witch Ista’s attention, so every now and then, they would come and help Steinbeck repair the floating bridge free of charge. This saved Clyde a lot of money, so he noted their contributions.

On the other side of Lawrence River, many unoccupied camps were gradually falling apart beneath the elements. They were the remains left behind by the small-scale investigative units various nations had sent out to investigate Steinbeck Fief. As for those troops, nine times out of ten, they had never returned. Those who had intruded into Steinbeck Fief without authorization were treated as bandit groups, and Princess Natalie, who was responsible for the defense of the fief, was not soft-hearted.

Not far away from the carriage, Clyde saw a familiar figure wearing a black gothic Lolita dress. This silver-haired Bloodkin Lolita was his younger sister Lucifer. With a leisurely smile on her face, she didn’t seem to care about the carriage where her two old enemies, Light Church’s saintesses, rode.

“Big Brother Clyde, do you want to consider signing up with the headquarters of Clark Alliance’s Slave Guild? In such a short time, you actually kidnapped two beautiful big sisters. Even Light Church’s saintesses weren’t spared! Don’t… don’t hit my head!”

“Younger sister Lucifer, don’t say such things randomly! They took the initiative… Wait, why should I explain myself to you!”



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