Chapter 41: The Skirmish between Arch-rival Princesses Part 1

Ximengsi Continent’s central region, Light Church’s headquarters, Holy Land Bloomfield

Just as Clyde felt anxious about not being able to ask anyone for directions without attracting suspicion, beyond his expectations, he happened to meet “Extremely Dark Empire” Augusta Empire’s Princess Ophelia and her younger sister Princess Olia. He was barely an acquaintance with Princess Olia; in fact, they had never even seen his true face.

“What do you want? Nothing? Then, don’t block…”

“This is! Big sister, lower your head a little…”

“What? It turns out you’re… Mister, do you have time now?”

When Clyde went up to strike a conversation with these two princesses, other gentlemen in the vicinity broke out into a cold sweat for this “brave hero.” Princess Ophelia’s cold indifference was very well-known. Even when her empire’s princes saw these sisters, they all subconsciously retreated. Because this pair had massacred too many, no one had yet dared to make moves on them. This issue was a most headache-inducing matter for Augusta Empire’s emperor.

However, the scene everybody had expected didn’t appear. Before Princess Ophelia finished speaking, her younger sister Princess Olia suddenly pulled her sleeve and made her lower her head before whispering something into her big sister’s ears. No one knew what Princess Olia said, but Princess Ophelia’s originally cold indifferent expression eased. After that, she used the gentlest tone she could produce to inquire whether Clyde had free time.

The onlooking crowd all had looks of disbelief. They had seen something impossible: “Extreme Night Princess” Ophelia had actually taken the initiative to invite a man. There must be some kind of scheme here. Many people had already begun to calculate how to help this handsome young man bury his corpse.

Clyde was entirely unaware of the onlookers designing a custom coffin for him. Before, he had quietly shown Princess Olia the black iron token that she had previously given him. This had made Princess Olia recall who he was. After all, Clyde’s main target was Princess Olia, this black twin-tailed Lolita who seemed easy to get along with. As for Princess Ophelia, he temporarily ignored her. He was not particularly good at dealing with this kind of cold, indifferent beauty.

Under Princess Ophelia’s lead, Clyde followed the princess sisters into a luxurious coffee house. These two princesses didn’t like to discuss in public. This move, however, increased the ambiguous element. With so many people present, this matter turned into gossip and rapidly spread throughout the watching nobles back to Augusta Empire.

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Always full, Meredith Coffee House was a luxurious coffee house that was second to none in Holy Land Bloomfield. Generally, those who came late wouldn’t have any seat. When Clyde’s party arrived, there just happened to be one seat free. If they had come a little later, they might not have found any seats.

“We will take that seat.”

“Princess Ophelia, someone has already reserved that seat. Can you…”

“Who reserved it? Let them wait for the next seat!”


The waiters and maids responsible for welcoming the guests wore awkward expressions. Other aristocrats didn’t dare to fight for a seat with Princess Ophelia even if they were the first person to reserve it. If they knew it was fancied by Princess Ophelia, those aristocrats would definitely give in. However, the person who had reserved this seat today was quite tricky and comparable to Princess Ophelia. They both were someone that couldn’t be offended, so these servants and maids fell into a dilemma.

“You are still the same, so uncivilized, always liking to snatch things. Why don’t you abide by the rules?”

“Rules, those kinds of things are meant to be broken. Only destruction leads to rebirth; it’s you who is too conservative.”

“These rules have been maintained for several thousands of  years. Can’t you show a little bit of respect?”

“What you said makes sense, but I am decided!”

At the coffee house’s service desk, Clyde encountered another group of princesses. Augusta Empire’s arch-rival’s princesses had arrived: “Pure White Empire” Winifred Empire’s Princess Claudia and her younger sister Princess Fenix. Princess Claudia’s combat power, commanding ability, and attractiveness equally matched Princess Ophelia’s. Her alias was “Pure White Princess.” She was good at defensive warfare and a natural arch-rival of Princess Ophelia who was good at quick raids. They had clashed many times on the battlefield, but so far, victory and defeat had never been truly decided. Bickering with each other was routine for them.

Light Church’s Holy Land Bloomfield was an absolute neutral area. No matter how unpleasant these two princesses felt the other party was, considering Light Church’s face, they exercised restraint. Wearing a mithril knight armor, Princess Claudia was a silver-haired beauty with light-purple eyes. Gazing at Clyde, she was very curious about this man who actually sat together with Princess Ophelia.

Unlike the cold, indifferent Princess Ophelia, Princess Claudia’s temperament was far more graceful. Nevertheless, both of them had slender figures, and Clyde couldn’t distinguish who was more perfect. Fortunately, they didn’t pose this question to him.

Princess Claudia’s younger sister, Princess Fenix, was a relatively small-framed, standard Lolita. Like her sister, she had beautiful silver hair tied in a ponytail, and she wore a knightly silver armor. At this moment, her blue eyes innocently communicated with Princess Olia. These two Lolita princesses made funny faces at each other. They looked very cute. In contrast to their big sister’s fight for mastery, they alleviated this tense atmosphere.

“We have already reserved this seat. Ophelia, you want to try to snatch even this?”

“I don’t care about others, but you, Claudia, I will definitely snatch your seat.”

Clyde honestly didn’t know how to persuade these two princesses. According to reason, Princess Claudia was correct, but the issue was that he wasn’t familiar with Princess Claudia. To ask for directions, he had to depend on Princess Ophelia and Princess Olia. Thus, it was comparatively better to stay silent this time. He would leave this difficult problem to the waiters and maids of the coffee house.

There was a silver-haired, handsome guy accompanying Princess Claudia and Princess Fenix. This prince also had long silver hair, and his attractiveness index was the highest among the people Clyde had encountered. Merely, his silver hair was too long. When looking at his back view from some distance, one might mistake him for a princess of some nation.

“How about we go to the wine house? There should be sufficient seats.”

“Prince Elvis, you can go if you want to go. How can we give our seat to this uncivilized princess who doesn’t even place the law in her eyes!”

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“No, what I meant was that I was inviting this brother. You all can continue.”

The one Prince Elvis had invited was Clyde. Clyde also guessed that the bickering between these two princesses wouldn’t end in a short time, so he decided to go with this prince first. Prince Elvis was not hostile; in addition, his nation, Romandinov Empire, belonged to the neutral camp and was in neither “Clark Alliance” or “Victor Alliance”.

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