Chapter 40: The First New Duty of Steinbeck Fief’s Suzerain Part 2

Ximengsi Continent’s central region, Light Church’s headquarters: Holy Land Bloomfield

Following Princess Saras’s commission, Clyde made a trip to request Light Church to arrange for personnel to return with him to Steinbeck Fief and establish a church for missionary works. Light Church didn’t intervene in wars between human nations, so the warring sides didn’t take the initiative to attack Light Church. The church area was regarded as a formidable neutral zone and served as a refugee center during wars between human nations.

Using teleportation magic arrays, Clyde quickly arrived in Holy Land Bloomfield. There were teleportation magic arrays built between every human nation, but their prices were too expensive. Average people never used them, only the aristocrats and the rich. It was even more expensive than airplanes on earth. Teleportation magic arrays charged a fee per head. To travel one way cost each person many gold coins paid directly to the Magician guild. 

Clyde spent more than a hundred gold coins before finally being teleported to Light Church’s headquarters, Holy Land Bloomfield. One had to say that the efficiency of the Magician Guild’s teleportation magic array was too low. The teleportation distances they were capable of were simply too short, and the lacked the skill to build long-distance teleportation magic arrays. Clyde had had to pass through many small towns before he had finally arrived.

However, this still saved a lot of time. Traveling from Ximengi Continent’s southern part, Steinbeck Fief, to the continent’s central region, Light Church’s headquarters Holy Land Bloomfield, took just under half an hour. Clyde felt the cost was worth it. In any case, his payment had come from the gold coins he had obtained in the Suzerain residence’s basement at Needham Plains, not to mention that he still had a lot left.

This Light Church of this different world’s human continent held a religious authority that rivaled the supreme authority of imperial families. Moreover, Magician Guild and other magic-type guilds were all in league with Light Church. The human nations’ emperors had little motivation to have a head-on confrontation with Light Church, so all gave tacit consent to Light Church’s position.

In each of Light Church’s branches, the construction costs of every cathedral were borne by the respective fief’s suzerain. In addition, the suzerain was obligated to protect said cathedral. However, even after all that, Light Church didn’t need to pay any taxes, and the fief wouldn’t receive a penny from them. As Clyde saw it, this was simply spending money on something unsatisfactory or even disastrous. However, this was an inevitable process for the establishment of a fief. 

Those beauties following him were unsuitable to come to Holy Land Bloomfield and invite a priest. Lucifer’s bloodkin aura was too dense. Sigrid and Ista were witches; it was also inconvenient for them to come. As for Princess Saras and Princess Natalie, their statuses were too sensitive. One was a princess of a perished nation, and the other was a princess who was supposed to be dead. In Holy Land Bloomfield, there were many aristocrats from various human nations. If they came, they might be recognized, which would be even more troublesome.

Therefore, Clyde had set out by himself. Although he was an Evil God with the background of a Great Old One, after the contract with Valkyrie Cynthia, Clyde could completely disguise as a regular human. Light Church had no way to detect him. Clyde had the blessing of Valkyrie Cynthia, and Light Church would never think that a Valkyrie of the Divine Realm who hated evil would give a blessing to an Evil God even in their worst nightmares. What’s more, they would never have expected that after accepting a Valkyrie’s blessing, there would be such a transformation.

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Holy Land Bloomfield had magnificent golden-jade buildings everywhere. Towering cathedrals could be found on every street. This place unintentionally leaked a nouveau riche air. Light Church had wealth equivalent to many nations and didn’t need to pay any taxes. In addition, they owned a large expanse of exclusive land. Other than dispatching patrol squads in Ximengsi Continent to hunt for heretics, Light Church had no losses.

Clyde wore a relatively formal white ceremony outfit. Because of his attractiveness index, he could pass off as an aristocratic without incongruent feeling. Holy Land Bloomfield also had fountains everywhere, worthy of its name as the Garden City. On the streets, he could see many illustrious aristocrat families’ Misses and Young Masters. It was like a social venue for aristocrats and other privileged classes. If one were fortunate enough, meeting a princess or duchess was not impossible.

Holy Land Bloomfield was a neutral area over which Light Church had full authority. Aristocrats had to give Light Church face here. No matter how you played outside, all had to be polite and amiable after coming here, at least on the surface. “Victor Alliance” and “Clark Alliance”’s aristocrats maintained a rare peace here. Naturally, many dark political deals were also completed here in Holy Land Bloomfield, this symbolic sacred place.

Generally, Light Church never intervened in the politics of human nations. They totally turned a blind eye on the mean and petty actions committed here. Only when a certain nation suffered a great calamity like an undead calamity and so on would Light Church intervene. After all, the Light Church, while a supreme religious authority, still gave face to imperial authority. This tacit agreement had been maintained for several thousand years.

On the street of Holy Land Bloomfield, Clyde saw beautiful illustrious aristocratic families’ Young Misses everywhere. If he could get along with them, romantic affairs could happen at any time in one of the countless luxurious inns. However, Clyde had come here for proper business, not to date. Although there were many noble Misses who gave him hints along the way, Clyde chose to politely turn them down.

If it were before, Clyde might have given them a try, but now, he had Princess Saras and other beauties whose attractiveness indexes were very high. Honestly speaking, even the above-average Misses of aristocrat families couldn’t reach the point where Clyde’s interest was triggered. After walking for a while, Clyde discovered that he couldn’t find Light Church’s reception hall. He also didn’t want to ask people he didn’t know because that would destroy the aristocratic mask he had assumed with great difficulty.

Just when Clyde felt inwardly anxious, he noticed his acquaintances from “Extremely Dark Empire,” Augusta Empire’s Princess Ophelia and her younger sister Princess Olia strolling down the streets. That “Extreme Night Princess” title of Ophelia’s was too formidable. Coupled with her baleful aura and aloof manner, no Young Master of any aristocratic family dared to go over and fool around with them. The princes of other nations also retreated ninety li, even the princes of other nations belonging to “Clark Alliance” didn’t dare to even look straight at Princess Ophelia.

Clyde, however, didn’t care so much. His current appearance had already changed. Princess Ophelia would not recognize him; otherwise, she would certainly settle the account of him killing several hundred black knights. When Ophelia and Olia, these princess sisters, one with long black straight hair and the other with a black twin-tail, walked about, the space around them automatically opened up. Basically, no one dared to try to fool around with them.

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Clyde fearlessly approached towards Princess Ophelia and Princess Olia. The other princes and Young Masters in the vicinity crazily warned him, but he chose to ignore them. Those gentlemen could only turn around and face other directions while silently mourning for this “brave hero” in advance.



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