Chapter 39: The First New Duty of Steinbeck Fief’s Suzerain Part 1

Ximengsi Continent’s southern part, the central area of Steinbeck Fief, Stanley City’s suzerain palace

While arranging the future matters of the fief, Clyde felt as if he were arranging the position of NPCs in a game. To maintain the fief’s day-to-day operations, plans for each of the various kinds of personnel had to be made. Nevertheless, it wasn’t too difficult since everyone, including the many beauties, had no objections toward Clyde’s arrangements. 

All the matters concerning the day-to-day administration of the fief fell under Princess Saras’s responsibility. When Saras had lived in Owles Kingdom, she had been responsible for such administrative tasks, so she was comparatively skilled at these types of matters. Considering the military, all the matters concerning the preparation of the Guard Regiment and so on were handed over to Princess Natalie. Since she had a military background, she was even more suitable than Clyde to take the position of Guard Regiment Commander. As for Clyde, he belonged to a single-person combat unit.

After Princess Natalie had sought refuge with Clyde, she had changed her weapon to a single-handed sword, which could be regarded as parting with her former profession. This was to avoid being recognized as Kruft Kingdom’s princess.

The Witch Ista accepted Clyde’s appointment and became Steinbeck Fief’s Commerce Association Head. Hereafter, she would be responsible for matters concerning commerce. She herself was skilled at making magic items, so she had no objections to this light and cushy job of being the head of the Commerce Association.

Princess Sigrid was responsible for matters concerning magical research. Clyde arranged a relatively leisurely post for her, making her the fief’s official historian. This post didn’t require one to appear in public frequently since it was fine for her to just reside in a large library. It was quite suitable for Princess Sigrid. Since she was a princess from over two hundred years ago, if others saw her, that might give rise to a big wave.

As for the faith of Steinbeck Fief, Clyde changed it into the faith of Valkyrie Cynthia, ignoring Light Church and directly enshrining Valkyrie Cynthia’s Valkyrie Idol. Of course, this was a necessary course because every human nation, regardless of which camp, believed in Light Church. Although this course was somewhat wrong, Light Church would find it hard to say anything even if they found out. Believing in a Valkyrie could be regarded as believing in the Light God.

Of course, Valkyrie Cynthia’s Valkyrie idol was also just for appearance’s sake. In fact, when one considered the higher-ups of Steinbeck Fief, Clyde was an Evil God with the background of a Great Old One, Lucifer was of the Blood Race, and Ista and Sigrid were witches. Basically, it was impossible for them to believe in the Light Church. Choosing Valkyrie Cynthia was purely because Cynthia was a person on their side, nothing more. As for other valkyries, Clyde had not come into contact with them yet, and he didn’t want to invite any trouble.

Finally, Lucifer, as Clyde’s younger sister and the sole Lolita of the fief, held the post of internal affairs officer. She was responsible for managing the humans within the palace. Speaking frankly, she was the person who helped Clyde manage the girls around him. At present, only Lucifer could take up this post because she was quite good at this type of matter. Under her secret assistance, both Valkyrie Cynthia and Princess Saras’s relationship with Clyde had proceeded a step further.

Regarding Lucifer’s arrangements, Clyde didn’t know how he should comment. That Lolita seemed to fear that her big brother wouldn’t do bad deeds. His room was completely furnished with indulging factors. Patterned with a pink color tone, it resembled a special interest room in a love hotel. There was a big circular bed with a gauze curtain, and the room was illuminated by red candles that only increased the ambiguous atmosphere.

What made Clyde most speechless was the existence of an X-shaped frame, wooden horse, various kinds of leather-thronged whips, small balls, and leather collars. Lucifer must have the bloodline of a succubus. Although Clyde had admittedly considered it, he temporarily didn’t plan to make the beauties around him experience those shameful plays.

Lucifer probably guessed Clyde’s thoughts because near those wicked erotic props, she had specially arranged some beautiful maids for him to choose from. Stark-naked, they obediently knelt on the floor with their hands bound behind their backs. They also wore black blindfolds and red leather collars around their snowy white necks. A long iron chain was attached to each of their collars, and the other end of those iron chains were tied to an iron hoop not far away.

In addition, these maids were bound with red rope to force them into shameful postures through the tortoise-shell binding method, and their little mouths were clogged with small balls. They were like snowy white lambs, waiting for their master to enjoy. With blushes on their faces, their entire bodies trembled due to shyness. After undergoing Lucifer’s various wicked means, these beauties who had once been mercenaries and adventurers had already accepted their maid status and were ready to offer everything. They would serve and satisfy any requirements of their master at all times even if it was a wicked hobby.

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If not for the other beauties around him, Clyde might have truly put his hands on those maids. Their current postures were too alluring. If he didn’t do anything, he would feel physically unwell. However, Princess Saras, Natalie, and Sigrid all accompanied Clyde on the big bed. Lucifer had directly arranged their sleeping quarters to be in Clyde’s room.

Princess Saras and the other two wore sexy transparent garments. Beneath, they were bare. That obscured feeling was comparatively more alluring that wearing nothing at all; that scenery lured people to commit a crime. When Lucifer had made these arrangements for them, they had probably thought that since they had already been completely seen by Clyde, it was all fine. Thus, they had accepted Lucifer’s wicked arrangements with a clear conscience.

Princess Saras sat cross-legged and acted as a lap pillow for Clyde, making Clyde’s head directly rest on her elastic and soft, snowy-white legs. Princess Natalie and Princess Sigrid lay down on the left and right sides of Clyde and hugged his left and right arms respectively in their bosoms. Clyde could feel the amazing elasticity of their plump bosoms. These beauties truly didn’t fear that he might lose control and pierce them on the spot.

The complexions of both Princess Natalie and Princess Saras had hints of redness. Princess Sigrid fared better. Her experience of over two hundred years allowed her to calmly face this kind of wicked serving scene. Compared to those maids, the princesses were in a much better condition. At least, they weren’t in such a shameful position and could sleep on the bed. In terms of strength, Lucifer was the strongest below Clyde, so she also had absolute authority over the other beauties.

“Princess Saras, if you all don’t like these kinds of matters, you don’t need to listen to Lucifer.”

“Lord Clyde, don’t mind this. We are doing this voluntarily. Can it be that you don’t like…”

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“Saras, if you say it like that, I can’t respond…”

“Oh, that’s right! Lord Clyde, there is a matter I want you to handle. Natalie will take care of the matter of eliminating the bandits. Can you go to the Light Church and request a priest to come and build a new church? A new fief must have a Light Church church; otherwise, the fief would be regarded as heretic.”

“Okay, let me go to Light Church and invite someone…”


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