Chapter 38: Returning to Steinbeck Fief Part 2

Ximengsi Continent’s southern part, the central area of Steinbeck Fief, Stanley City

Along with Clyde’s return, the palace became lively once more. Needham Plain’s exploration had been successful, but the issue of the Demon Realm and Ghost Realm gates had not yet resolved. Clyde wanted to summon Valkyrie Cynthia to deal with this issue, but after Cynthia had advanced to be a Legendary Rank Valkyrie, she had had to deal with many matters of the Divine Realm, so she was temporarily unable to respond to Clyde’s summons.

The other nations in the vicinity of Steinbeck Fief didn’t attack immediately. Kruft Kingdom’s expeditionary force had been totally defeated. They had lost over 3,000 soldiers. In addition, the heirs to the throne, Prince Gruz and Princess Natalie, had also become casualties. Despite Kruft Kingdom’s all-out effort to cover up this completely defeated military excursion, the intelligence networks of other nations were extremely efficient. They all already knew of Kruft Kingdom’s disastrous defeat. Merely, they all tacitly understood to not announce it.

Before Steinbeck Fief’s actual situation was clear, none among those nations desired to be the next Kruft Kingdom and test the waters. In the short term, their large-scale plans to attack Steinbeck Fief were temporarily put aside. Instead, they decided to send small squads to explore and raid the fief. This allowed Clyde to relax. As long as those small squads didn’t approach Stanley City, they could explore the other places as they wished. In any case, all the other places were barren. At present, Steinbeck Fief was still in a developing state. They had funds and manpower, but no residents.

The Kruft Kingdom mistakenly believed that Princess Natalie had died in action at Needham Plains, which benefitted Clyde. Like this, the trouble of the Kruft Kingdom engaging in an all-out war was avoided. Although Bloodkin familiars summoned by Lucifer were not a bad choice, they were a bit troublesome to employ, so he suffered from a severe manpower deficiency. Moreover, if they attracted Light Church’s attention and became declared heretics chased by punitive forces, it would be even more troublesome.

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At present, the pressing troubles of Steinbeck Fief were bandit groups. After Clyde had cleaned up all the nearby bandit groups, they had re-appeared not long after as if they couldn’t be truly eradicated. When all was said and done, Clyde was just a single person. It was almost impossible for him to clean up every nook and cranny. The best method would be to establish a suitable guard regiment as quickly as possible. Handing this task over to loyal armed forces would be  the best way to deal with this issue. Fortunately, Clyde had enough funds for this.

“Big Brother Clyde, no need to worry. Not having residents is not an issue; there are many refugees within this human continent. When the time comes, we can recruit them, and it will all be fine. If we count the nearby Needham Plains, the area of our territory will definitely exceed all others within Adrian Empire.”

“Younger sister Lucifer, although there are many refugees, they are very troublesome to manage. In addition, those scurrying bandit groups nearby are truly difficult to deal with. Whenever I resolve one, another group pops up.”

In the Suzerain-exclusive pool in the palace’s back garden, Clyde enjoyed some rare leisure time, relaxing his mind and body in a swimming pool together with young girls. Other than Valkyrie Cynthia and Princess Olia, all the beauties who had a connection with him were present. Currently, there was no other man beside Clyde in the palace.

Clyde sat on the periphery of the swimming pool, surrounded by beautiful women wearing sexy bikinis. He himself wore just black swimming trunks. His brawny stature was especially eye-catching in the swimming pool. When he had signed a special contract with Valkyrie Cynthia, the human body he had obtained matched the God Race’s male standard. To sum it up, he had almost no flaws.

On her knees behind Clyde, Princess Saras wore a golden bikini while giving Clyde a shoulder massage. She looked very concentrated as if she were an exclusive maid serving her master. On the left and right sides of Clyde, Princess Natalie wore a fiery red bikini and Princess Sigrid wore a pink bikini. They had chosen their bikini colors in accordance to their hair colors.

Saras and the other two were somewhat bashful when they looked toward Clyde. Unfortunately for them, despite their desperate wishes, their blushes were completely unconcealed to even a casual observer. Clyde had seen their entire bodies, so they had no secrets before him. It was as if the bikinis they wore were transparent. Saras had been in bed with Clyde while Natalie and Sigrid had kissed Clyde in shameful states, giving him their first kisses.

Clyde seriously wondered whether if he had forbade them from wearing anything, they might have acted accordingly without any hesitation. Although Natalie and Sigrid were not making any movements, they were very close to Clyde. He could feel the elastic and soft feeling of their legs. Both sides were stuck close underwater,this was  truly no big difference from real skinship.

The witch Ista wore a black bikini sat on the opposite side of Clyde. She watched Clyde’s side with curious eyes. It seemed that she was interested to know why Natalie and Sigrid were taking initiative toward Clyde like this. Ista had also had contact with him since the jade heel of her extended legs brushed Clyde’s.

The only one who had no contact with him was his younger sister Lucifer wearing a pure white bikini. She was at one side drinking a fruit juice as if nothing were happening. Even though the white color was a symbol of purity, among the beauties on the scene, the most black-bellied person was definitely Lucifer. Clyde could guess that Princess Natalie had never even guessed that this harmless looking silver-haired Bloodkin Lolita was the black hand behind the scene that had led her to exile.

Carrying silver platters, several maids served snacks and drinks around the swimming pool. In a bare state, those beautiful maids all bore a conspicuous red leather collar around their necks. Under Lucifer’s various kinds of influence, Saras and others had tacitly approved those beauties’ slave status. Even Princess Saras and Princess Sigrid who were princesses of “Victor Alliance” nations also had no objections. As for the other beauties, they naturally had no questions.

Clyde was regarded as the great master. With completely bare beautiful maids who would let their master do whatever he liked and beauties in sexy bikinis, he was going all-out to control himself, enduring their black **. Lucifer was good, but she had a small problem. It seemed like she wanted to assist Clyde with all her strength to let this Great Old One form an imperial harem.

Those maids were the best example. If Clyde hadn’t stopped her, Lucifer might have poured some strange liquid into their drinks before tying everyone up and sending them to Clyde’s bed. Under Lucifer’s discipline, these beauties had once been proud mercenaries and adventurers were most willing, giving tacit consent to their own statuses as slave maids.

“Big Brother Clyde, what are you thinking?”

“No… nothing. Lucifer, I was just remembering some of your ideas.”

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